World of Final Fantasy uses a modified ATB system

New details on World of Final Fantasy has come out of a GamesBeat E3 interview with producer Hiroki Chiba.

The game was first announced at Sony’s E3 press conference for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, and was later detailed at Square Enix’s press conference.

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NukaCola1218d ago

Cross Buy? Not spending money to buy it twice like they tried to pull with X HD

Sly-Lupin1218d ago

You misspelled "thrice."

Anyway, modified ATB? You mean a combat system that's actually... decent? Why couldn't we get that for FFXIIIs or XV? Oh well. Here's hoping they don't muck up the ATB for the inevitably disappointing remake.

1218d ago
Sly-Lupin1217d ago

Tiny nothing game?

Looks like Dissidia, but with a lighter tone and more traditional gameplay to me. Which is AWESOME in my book. This is literally the first Final Fantasy game I've been excited for in more than a decade.

Quirkyee1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Kalkano is just trolling, ignore and move on, nothing to see here... -.-

Quirkyee1217d ago

@Kalkano If it is not for you then don't buy it.. No need to act like a elitist ass and stop HATING.... :/