Lovely Planet's Like A Shooter In A Kid's Coloring Book


In Lovely Planet, I think I might’ve died and gone to heaven – a six-year-old’s heaven, splattered in crazy colors and crayon monsters. Or was it hell?

That’s the gist of QUICKTEQUILA’s eccentric first-person-shooter, a rainbow of all shapes and sizes that live in one big, lovely planet. That is, until you the shoot the living bejeezus out of ’em. It might all seem a bit grim in any other context, but Lovely Planet does it with a smile on its face. This is basically all of your pre-school doodles that used to hang on your parent’s fridge come to life, but beneath the kindergarten spectrum, there’s more here than meets the eye.

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Ajoyshop1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Very unique looking. I used to say Borderlands looked Cartoonish. But I will take that back after seeing this lol.

8BitProof1220d ago

I can't get enough hand drawn animation games. Love 'em.

lockedongamer11220d ago

Reminds me of Drawn to Death but in a children's book.