Nintendo to increase Wii shipments this year

Nintendo Co. this week said that it intends to increase shipments of the popular Wii home video game system to the U.S. amid a constant sell-out status of the device in the nation.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told this week the company will try to supply retail stores but can't give a 100 percent commitment that buyers will find a Wii this holiday season.

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SpaZaA3765d ago

They will increase shipments slightly, but still maintain the Wii's "hard to obtain" factor, so it still falls within the realm of hip gadget that you must have.
Nintendo have been very wise to limit the availability of their console. It drives demand and "it" factor up, even when it has very little AAA software and is nothing more than last gen hardware with short term "hip" peripherals.

ChickeyCantor3765d ago

Its selling so fast...why put a limit on it?
If what you say is true, and they get rid of this limit they would sell more millions in a month...and it still be a "hip" thing to have.
Because than people be saying: ITS SELLING REALLLLY FAST PEOPLE MUST LOVE IT( not like if thats the case now)