GTA V: The North Yankton Massacre is the Single Player DLC We All Need in Our Lives

Check out the teaser trailer for The North Yankton Massacre, a fan-made GTA expansion.

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aco2716d ago

This is a joke right... ??

chrish19902716d ago

It says in the description - fan-made...

Hoffmann2716d ago

Should have been in the Headline that it is fan made.

chrish19902716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Also, I've messaged the guy who made the trailer to see if the trailer is just a for-fun kind of thing or if he's actually planning some sort of expansion mod.

mafiahajeri2716d ago

R*, and Blizzard I love their games but damn do they like to take their time releasing content for them...

chrish19902716d ago

Usually means better content... I'd rather wait a while for decent content worthy of my money rather than some botched job dlc that I'll look at once and write off as a bad investment. Assassin's Creed maps spring to mind

mafiahajeri2716d ago

Obviously, but damn sometimes its just too long that you lose interest, heists being a main example.

Lionsguard2716d ago

Gonna have to wait longer because this is fan-made.

WeAreLegion2716d ago

Love horror. Love Christmas. Bring it on.

wakeNbake2716d ago

North Yankton = North Dakota Im guessing?

Iceball20002716d ago

Actually it's somewhere in Canada, Trever says this in the game.

Skate-AK2716d ago

Actually the Wiki says North Dakota so he was right. I for some reason thought it was Canada also.

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