10 Games to Watch from E3 2015

Gabby Nuovo from SheAttack discusses 10 titles at E3 2015 that gamers should be keeping tabs on. From long-awaited new entries into cult favorite series such as Kingdom Hearts and Mirror's Edge, to new IPs like Horizon Zero Dawn and No Man's Sky, there's at least one game on this list sure to excite any fan.

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Jaqen_Hghar1405d ago

Would replace Star Ocean with Dreams and Tomb Raider with Shenmue 3 personally

Abash1405d ago

Dreams looks like one of the most ambitious games ever attempted, it could have a huge impact on gaming

medman1405d ago

That's a damn solid list of games to look forward to playing...of that list I see six at minimum for sure I'll be buying.

PlayableGamez1405d ago

Where is Cuphead and ReCore?