The Division's companion app cancelled

The companion app for Ubisoft’s highly anticipated RPG shooter The Division has been cancelled. Remember the awesome drone that supplied air support, tactical information and much more to the team of agents that featured in the very first gameplay video for The Division? Well, you’re no longer going to have the option to pilot it via your mobile devices.

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JsonHenry1309d ago

Anyone else get the feeling this game is gonna suck?

JsonHenry1309d ago

Typical Ubisoft bait and switch. That is why.

Sir_Simba1309d ago

I dont think its gonna suck, but personally the hype I had faded, could be because I've seen better looking and more interesting games.

Cra2yey31309d ago

I agree, that new gameplay video betraying my buddies kinda of killed it for me too.

trenso11309d ago

that and with delay and up until that video there has been no information on the game at all. And then the whole concept of "survival" is butchered from what theyve shown. The other team of players seemed like they couldn't communicate with voice chat and that just makes everything so much less appealing.

OUROSMAG1309d ago

Because of a companion app?.. um... not really?

CerebralAssassin1309d ago

No not at all. I think the division is following the same road watchdogs did. Great concept but was shown WAY too early in development. It seems like their original idea didn't pan out so they had to adjust. I think a lot of people think that adjustment may have killed this game. Like a lot of other people, I too have hopped off the hype train. I just hope I'm wrong.

jv19911309d ago

You just dont have faith in ubisoft thats it

BongSmack1309d ago

I think lately, a lot of people haven't had faith in Ubisoft. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not one of the haters.

jv19911308d ago

@bongsmack. We got what? 2 bad games from them? And everybody is crying. People think a game must be perfect but you cant get a perfect game. Every game has its flaws.

slate911309d ago

Hopes are high, expectations are low lol. Like you said the vintage bait and switch ha.

Zenith4k1309d ago

Unfortunately I am and I really wish I wasn't!! Though I'd like to keep optimistic until I at least see some reviews

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DillyDilly1309d ago

This game will probably get delayed again & be at yet another E3

Azurite1309d ago

Ah, was looking forward to that feature.

SourtreeDing1309d ago

good it got cancelled.. companion apps suck

stavrami1309d ago

I love my companion apps but in fairness they were a flash in the pan and are nearly extinct already so not really surprised

RobLoPR1305d ago

Maybe they will use the smart glass instead.