Steam Summer Sale: Fallout Games Up To 75% Off

If you've never played the Fallout classics on PC, now's your chance!

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generalwinter1242d ago

Yeah I have been playing Fallout 1 lately. It's different, but cool. Takes getting used to!

NukaCola1242d ago

Controls are archaic. But if you can learn to play it, the experience of a lifetime with classic Fallouts

generalwinter1242d ago

Yes - exactly, the controls are what I am struggling with. I'll stick with it though, hey, it's Fallout!

barb_wire1242d ago

Nice prices, if I didn't already own the GOTY/UE editons of FO3 & FO:NV I might've bitten.

I picked up FO1, FO2 and Tactics on disc from Target for $3.14 a couple of years ago.

JamesBroski1242d ago

Too bad F3 is not really optimized for W7 and GFWL

_-EDMIX-_1242d ago

Just coming on here to warn em lol.

...your a good kid.

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