Horizon Devs Speak Graphics, Aloy, Exploration and More

Guerrilla Games speaks about some elements from Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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ThichQuangDuck1309d ago

Naming the main character aloy is one of the most campy corny thigs I have seen. I am mildly excited though. Hope the robots are climbable or ridable

chrish19901309d ago

I know what you mean about the name... And despite the disagrees your getting, I think it's right to keep excitement levels in check so long before a game is actually out.

ThichQuangDuck1309d ago

I honestly don't care about N4G disagrees. 11 people who can click a button but not reply do not bother me. I hope the game has a coop or multiplayer component. I keep hype in check at reveal trailers that is just me personally. I am probably going to buy it ,but want to see more first

Unreal011309d ago

I for one think Aloy is a good name.

iSLiCK1309d ago

You took the time to complain about the name of the character? Facepalm.

ThichQuangDuck1309d ago

I joked that the name was campy. You took the time to complain about my opinion?

DragonDDark1309d ago

People hate unique names these days.

Angeljuice1309d ago

She collects machine parts and scrap metal and her name is Alloy (sorry Aloy).

It's more of a cheesey pun than an original name. A bit like calling a lumberjack "Woody".

DragonDDark1309d ago

Better than having a generic name.

FunAndGun1309d ago

If that is one of the most campy corny things you have seen, you need more experiences.

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ps4fanboy1309d ago

Only mildly? Best game of show , and only mildly excited?
I personally cannot fkin wait.

jv19911309d ago

Its mildly because of the name? Then he is a freaking idiot if he thinks that

ThichQuangDuck1309d ago

Calling me an idiot without replying to my post look at this internet tough guy


I respect your hype. I didn't say no one should be hyped I just said me personally. Glad people are hyped for a new IP. I like to wait and see more than a reveal trailer before I get too hyped anymore. Best Game of Show awards are just barometers of hype generaly since titanfall and evolve won. Wish this game had coop or multiplayer component,but understand the focus on SP will be worth it

ipach1309d ago

i really do hope this sells like crazy. the studios (and publishers) willing to put 4-5 years of work and funding into a unique and huge idea like this is an ever shrinking list. sony is one of the few bastions of this sort of scale and originality, and have to hope their bet pays off so they can keep doing it!

Thatguy-3101309d ago

Exactly this is following the same footsteps that ND did when they announced that they were working on The Last of Us which turned out to be one of the best games. I'm glad Sony is allowing their studios to take risks and letting them dip their toes on different genres where they might excel at. I can't wait to see more.

1309d ago
22CobraKing1309d ago

This game is what stole the show for me a unique story with multiple ways of approaching your enemies.

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