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Twinfinite writes:

Sony showed off God of War III Remastered at this year's E3. Check out our impressions of the game here.

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GigawattConduit1270d ago

It's still really weird that they're only remastering the third game and not all four-six of them, right? It isn't just me?

I-Hate-usernames1270d ago

Yeah i would love god of war complete edition with all god of war games for ps4 but i think that wont happen :( anyway i have them all for ps3 :)

DarkOcelet1270d ago

They should have put the whole collection of the God Of War Saga for the PS4. That was not a good idea at all.

WeAreLegion1270d ago

It would require a massive budget, more time, and a bigger team to do that. They'd have to rebuild 1/2 from the ground up.

ThichQuangDuck1270d ago

People are not excited to rebuy one game that was just on ps3. This is a situation where just being backwards compatible with ps3 would help

Erik73571270d ago

Yea it would actually reiqure effort and wouldn't be a easy way to make money..

WeAreLegion1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

I don't think you're getting it, Fries. You think porting a game from PS3 to PS4 doesn't take effort? Jesus. You people. They would have to divert resources from God of War IV to completely remake 1 and 2 again. It makes absolutely no sense.

oasdada1269d ago

I think gow3 was a master piece and id be grabbing this when its around 30$s

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Xavior_Reigns1270d ago

This is good for people who missed out and dont own a PS3. However IMO it should've been GOW 1 & 2 remake.

Dramacydal1270d ago

Do you really want a remaster of a remaster? GoW Collection was a remaster of the 1 & 2 for PS3. At this point, it's already been done. I'd prefer a rebuilt game with new art/assets rather than uprezed. I love GoW, but Sony pisses me off. They can remaster a PS3, but not make that same PS3 game playable on the PS4? Whatever. If they can port PS3 code and uprez, they can do BC.

Erik73571270d ago

Might as well have em all on remaster do you mean a glorified HD port or a actual remaster when your talking about god of war 1 and 2?

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Rookie_Monster1270d ago

Backward compatibility would been a better choice if this $40 GOW remaster is all we get. With proper BC, all the GOW games can be played on PS4.

Unreal011270d ago

This isn't even about backwards compatibility. Microsoft is supposedly offering backwards compatibility but that isn't stopping them releasing a remaster of just the first Gears Of War.

MasterCornholio1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Pretty much not to mention they released a collection of XB1 and Xbox 360 games called the MasterChief Collection. And they knew they were going to deliver backwards compatibility to the system in the future.

Why do they do this?

Because fans demand it and they know they can sell it.

I really have nothing against this but in my opinion Microsoft should have released the XB1 with BC at launch.

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