Xbox One And PS4 Share The Crown At E3 2015

E3 isn’t over yet, but there are likely few surprises still to come, and all of the major press events are long past. Every year, there’s always a mad scramble to figure out who “won” E3, and some outlets go to the trouble of assigning letter grades to everyone who showed up.

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Muerte24941310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

Umm e3 awards?

Horizon: Zero Dawn

"Gamespot Best of E3 2015"

New IP also

StrayaKNT1310d ago

Just remember. Evolve won last year's best of e3 awards as well and yep look how that turned out lol

MasterCornholio1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )


And Uncharted won a ton of awards and look how that turned out?

It works both ways buddy.

So much for your scare tactic.

Zepherite1310d ago


No scare tactic.

He simply pointed out that the awards given bear no relationship to the final game.

The fact that it works both ways proves his point.

Gonna have to wait till we've seen something that isn't pre-alpha (or better yet when the game comes out) to know if it's any good.

It looks cool but I'll reserve judgement.

morganfell1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )


True, but that game was being slammed by some smart people right off the bat. They announced DLC for Evolve before we had even seen the game. You can try to compare the games by ignoring everything you know about both titles if you want but new IP and winning an E3 award is where the similarity ends.

freshslicepizza1310d ago

xbox one and ps4 share? look within the forums, they don't like to share, they LOVE to compete with each other. sad but true.

medman1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

@aussiegamer @morganfell

The Evolve point is well taken, but I can say this for a certainty....I never was interested in Evolve. Not for one second. I saw it was a multiplayer dominant game, and I checked out. Just as I did with Titanfall, and much as I did with Destiny. Now, that isn't to suggest my interest waned only because of that, because I will for sure be playing Star Wars Battlefront, but those titles I mentioned just didn't seem interesting enough in addition to only being multiplayer focused.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a completely different animal, no pun intended. The lore looks incredible, the visuals are stunning...and considering it's open world, with a day/night cycle with weather, phenomenal...the post post apocalyptic setting is extremely interesting, and the main character Aloy is presented in such a way as to suggest there is much to learn about the tribes and history of the world and what happened there. Evolve had absolutely none of that. Neither did Titanfall or Destiny. Hence my disinterest in those titles. Horizon Zero Dawn appears to be everything I could ask for in a game world, I just hope it turns out to be as interesting as it appears to be.

Muerte24941309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

People rushing to disagree. IGN gave Cuphead best Xbox One game. This game looks amazing btw. Not Tomb Raider, not Forza 6, not Halo 5, and not Gears 4.

I'm just saying, there are more ps4 exclusives on that list than xbox one. Unfortunately Backwards compatibility is not an actual game.

The whole concept behind awards is to separate the games that stood out from the rest.

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fermcr1310d ago

Mobile won with Fallout Shelter. /s

starchild1310d ago

Sony's conference made me glad that I own a PS4. Microsoft's conference made me want to get an Xbox One. I think they both achieved what they wanted.

Personally the big publishers like Square Enix and Ubisoft had quite a lot of games I'm looking forward to as well.

emilijo7771310d ago

This is Wii U:

the worst online
the worst third party support
the worst hardware
the cheapest home console
the worst selling home console

Sly-Lupin1310d ago Show
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Rimeskeem1310d ago

Something you don't need a clear winner and loser. Props to both for being for the player.

Rimeskeem1310d ago


I hate auto correct something

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remixx1161310d ago

I thought both were excellent, each side has a reason to be excited regardless of people tryna downplay the hype....

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