Does Sony Need To Take Note Of Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility Success?

During the Microsoft E3 2015 conference on Monday, fans of the console were ecstatic to hear that the Xbox One would offer backwards compatibility on Xbox 360. While there are only a handful of games available right now, most noticeably is fan favorite Mass Effect, Microsoft plans to have hundreds of titles available by the end of the year. With the games that will be backwards compatible, not only will they be free unlike Playstation Now, will receive a graphic upscale and smoother frame rate. With all the positive acceptance that has been garnered by this announcement, has Sony really looked at how well this has been received?

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yarbie10001308d ago

Not sure there's anything they can do but watch. PS3's cell architecture would be hard to bring over.

And it may be to early to call it a 'success'. We'll find out later this year when it actually rolls out and has more games.

But I have heard several of my friends on the 360 say they haven't jumped to next-gen because their library of games on the 360 is so large and a lot of those games aren't on XBO or PS4.

I cleared out my 360 library so I won't use it, but I'm sure there are going to be those who do. It's a win for MS. PS Now wasn't very appealing before, and it certainly isn't now.

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Christopher1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

yarbie's post is 100% how I feel on this. Great comment and covers every angle of my thoughts.

- PS3 BC is nigh impossible on PS4
- Too early to call it a success
- This is great news for 360 owners
- This also won't be something for everyone
- PS Now doesn't solve for the lack of BC

Great post.

iamnsuperman1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

To be fair PS Now has not and has never been about BC compatibility. It is more about making gaming accessible to as many people as possible. The same way cable providers pushed consumers away so has high game/ console prices. PS Now hasn't got it totally right yet but a Netflix style service on any device for gaming is where gaming is somewhat heading.

Christopher1308d ago

That's my point, iamnsuperman.

Mrtemper1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

All it would take is an investment, something Sony has taken for granted with its customers. If they can get The Last of Us, Beyond, Heavy Rain and God of War 3 onto the PS4 then why not try getting a PS3 VM on there as well?

Now im not saying it will be a success but I do know(I'm in Preview) that its already more legit then OG xbox to X360 and can only get better from here on out.

Plus there's a reason why Steam is the number one platform in the world.

EDIT: The Cell and Xenon aren't all that much different. They both have PowerPC chips, the former uses PowerPC to communicate with the SPE's

kneon1308d ago

I doubt that bringing PS3 BC to the PS4 is impossible, it's probably just not worth it. Newcomers to PlayStation don't have the old games and I expect most people that had a PS3 still have it.

One of my PS3s has BC, I've used it for exactly one game. If my PS4 had BC I'd never use it as I still have all my PS3s.

Christopher1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

***I doubt that bringing PS3 BC to the PS4 is impossible, it's probably just not worth it. ***

I said nigh impossible, which means very close to. I think it closely borders on impossible considering you'd have to perfectly simulate the SPU system, which is extremely intensive to do, while running the game itself. Games like GoW 3 and Uncharted series push those SPUs to their limits with raw data processing and expert memory manipulation.

I do not know if PS1/PS2 game BC is possible on PS4, but those would be very nice.

I do know that Sony has cited that they have not gone the way of software emulation in the past for fears of piracy. I think MS is proving that you can do it while greatly preventing any such piracy.

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SpaceRanger1308d ago

Wii U has had this feature since day 1. Believe me, as awesome as it is it's not a huge game changer. It's a nice feature, but it's not needed.

And I'd honestly love to hear the reasoning behind Gears Remaster if this is such a game changing feature? Im pretty sure MS said that they wouldn't want to make you pay for games you already own, or was I just hearing things?

And in regards to PSNow, how is it not appealing? I don't see MS bringing games to people who can't afford a console. It's not meant as a direct answer to BC, or to people who play games constantly. It brings great games to those who might not have gotten to play them and who might not want to spend the money to buy an old console with those games. Considering most games you can finish in a day, I don't see why people see it as bad. People said the same about Netflix when it had old movies you can find for a $1, and look how popular that has become. It defined itself over the years the same way PSNow will.

hades071308d ago

The problem with WII U BC and having it on the XBOX or PS Now is that Wii games have not aged well at all and look bad. Xbox 360/PS3 have some fantastic looking and playing games that still look great today, hence why your not seeing Wii remasters like we are with the other systems.

JackStraw1308d ago

Finally someone who understands what PSNow is.

Spid3r61308d ago

I personally cant wait for this feature. I missed out on so many games because of the whole RROD thing. Xbox 360 has an incredible established library, I was literally before this announcement going to buy a Xbox 360 to play Alan Wake, Red Redemption, Bio shock series, Mass Effect series, Dead Space series ect. I jumped up off my sit when it was announced and loved that the Developers are using as a tool to add more value to the new games, such is the case with Fallout 4 including Fallout 3. I never played that!! So to compare a Wii U offering to what Xbox One is not even close. And BTW their are at least 80 Million Xbox 360 owners that where looking for an excuse to buy the Xbox one. Also I have many PS4 owner friends that are expressing interest because of that news.

Highlife1308d ago

I agree that ps3 to ps4 is probably impossible and would take way too much effort. I still have my ps3 hooked up but only play rock Smith. If ps4 had bc not sure how much I would actually use it. I always tell myself I need to go back and play TLOU or uncharted but never do. I have moved on I guess.

Saying that MS did a great move weather you think you will use it or not it's there and doesn't cost anything.

Whitey2k1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Who needs bc when sony is bringing the games ms might be good enough to bring bc but I still believe psnow still hold the better value if it was a fair amount each month I b happily to pay unlike x1 that can play 360 games but I get to play my childhood games from ps1 and ps2 and ps3 games and no doubt when ps5 releases it will include ps4 games

OhMyGandhi1308d ago

I never understood people trading in their old system to get a new one. People are making quite the assumption that they will magically be able to play their old games on the new system...

parkesy781308d ago

People are over thinking things it might of been a bigger selling point when the console launched but not 2 years in after most hardcore gamers have already bought a console ,even if xbox one becomes a bit more popular because of this feature all sony needs to do is allow free unlimited rental on playstation now for games prevously bought digital or if ps3 disc is detected ,i bought the first 60gb fat ps3 because i knew it could play ps2 games but after a week or 2 never even used the feature, 95% of people who buy a new console want to play new games with better graphics on it ,it doesnt matter to mass market sony knows this or they wouldnt or got rid of the feature on the ps3 slim 2 years later

kneon1308d ago

I agree that the usefulness of BC would have been much higher at launch, now there are just too many games coming out to bother playing the old ones.

But it's not so simple for Sony to give free or even cheap access to games on PS Now, it's up to the publishers as to what they want to charge.

Sure Sony can do it for their first party games but I doubt that is a good idea. It costs them money every time you play a game on PS Now due to the cost of owning and maintaining all the infrastructure.

Summons751308d ago

Yet the PS4 has NO PROBLEM playing Ps3 games through PsNow nor does the Ps4 have any trouble reading a Ps3 disc. Hell we've even see companies do current gen upgrades by PUTTING IN THE LAST GEN DISC AND DOWNLOADING THE CURRENT GEN COPY. Simple solution: let us go into PsNow, put in a ps3 disc and download the Ps3 game for use in PsNow totally free as long as we have the disc. Your excuses are completely unthought out because it wasn't long ago said the SAME THING Sony is saying about the Ps4 "The Xbone is too different from the 360 and CAN NOT do backward compatibility, there is no way possible" and now they figured it out. What's the excuse that they can't at least give us our digital downloads on Ps4 because once again none of them have a problem playing on Psnow and turn around to remaster it is only a few months without rebuilding it from the ground up so they can't be radically different if it takes just a few months to bring over major titles.

Sunny_D1308d ago

It's not the same because PSNOW is streaming the games not playing it off a disc. It's based off a internet connection. The reason it can recognize a PS3 disc is because both PS3 and PS4 use a blu ray format. But, the cell isn't there to play it.

ABizzel11308d ago

Honestly there's an easy way IMO.

Allow PSNow games to download to the HDD, and if the PS3 disc in inserted to the PS4 drive, then allow that game to be playable.

It's how games are handled now anyway. If the disc isn't in the game can't be played, but just do that.

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iamnsuperman1308d ago

No? I think BC is great but I don't think it is going to convince consumers to buy these consoles now as BC is really important in the early stages not in the middle to later stages of a cycle. Especially for the case of the PS3 where emulation would be difficult on a PS4 I do not think the need truly out ways the difficulty and the outcome of such a move. However, they should definitely do it with the PS5

Kingthrash3601308d ago

Lol no. They have psnow. While Xbox has a better deal with not making you pay for the games you already own....there is a lot of small details being the fact that they need permission from developers in order to make the game free...which sounds ok but when you think of it if that dev is making a remaster of the game...I doubt they will allow this....a lot of games will be BC but I don't know if it will be big games.
PSnow costs too much, there for Xbox's deal is better...but is it something we will need...or use.
That's my take on it at least....I was ps4 games...not PS3....I want Xbox one games...not 360.

blackblades1308d ago

Ps now you can use on tv and vita devices as well and future mobile so yeah imagine playing ps1, ps2, ps3, psp, vita, ps4 on tv without a console or with a console. Sony thinking of the present and mostly future.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

You're BACKWARDS about "there is a lot of small details being forgotten".

I think PS Now, not back-compat, is the service that will have the most trouble getting developers to allow their games on the service... Onlive had trouble getting desired developers to allow them to stream their games.

360 back-compat could allow developers to digitally sell their 360 titles for XO at a reduced price... every XO owner is now a potential customer of the developer's 360 games, thus motivation to allow it.

360 back-compat may also allow Microsoft to include 360 games as part of Games with Gold on XO, thus improving Microsoft's monthly benefits versus PSN.

Also, I expect developers of major Xbox titles will give away their previous 360 titles as part of what people get with the new XO games of their series, such as Fallout 4 is doing,


I said it would IMPROVE benefits versus PSN, not outclass PSN on that alone.

What does "permissions from devs" have to do with anything... isn't their permission\licensing required for any 3rd party GwG games already?

The games are not free to begin with... you have to OWN a copy, either digitally or on disc.

You don't seem to be comprehending that BC allows people to BUY used 360 games that increases visibility for the developer far into the future, after 360 consoles aren't around, and BC allows digital BC 360 games to be sold that work with XO, and that means the developer could get more money when allowing BC.

If Ms allows people to buy BC digital games online (I can't imagine that they wouldn't), I think some people will prefer to buy digital BC copies of games rather than find a used copy for a similar price, because that way they don't have to load the disc, keep track of it, and the game stays with them forever, likely through every future generation of Xbox.

As for wait and see... if your points are anything to go by being nearly 100% wrong, I'd guess near 100% of WORTHY 360 games will support BC, especially since that allows them to be sold as new digital 360 titles that work on XO and likely work on the future Xbox platform, for possibly 100+ years into the future.

Kingthrash3601308d ago

Why? Devs stand to get paid for using ps now...where BC on Xbox they do not.
Also adding 360 games to gwg will not improve gwg to meet up with ps+ ...u still ignoring the fact that permission from devs are required...and these game are free to begin with so putting them with gwg is meaningless and would damage the service...gwg is supposed to give you games that cost money...not give you games that are free. If it's bc it's free if you own it. Not all games will be BC...just wait and see....this feature is a long way off....and the more aged the games become the less appeal there will be for them. I don't want to use my Xbox 1 to play 360 games...and I want gwg to be xb1 games that's on xb1 not 360 games....

Eonjay1308d ago

Its about as relevant as the Wii U's backwards compatibility.

N0TaB0T1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

The Xbox One's BC might just simmer down the remakes and remasters.

As a matter of fact games that struggled to run on the 360 will have some notable improvements.

OrangePowerz1308d ago

When they showed Mass Effect 1 the framerate looked like it did originally on the 360.

Unlike PC games console games are specifically designed for one hardware configuration. Playing them on a hardware that has more power doesn't mean it will run better like it's the case on the PC because of how they are coded especially since the game is emulated and doesn't run natively on the hardware.