Star Wars Battlefront E3 2015 Hands-On Multiplayer Preview | Twinfinite

The hype is real, if you’re a Star Wars fan or just a fan of great shooters, you should be very VERY excited about Star Wars Battlefront.

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ThichQuangDuck1218d ago

No beta or gameplay shown besides trailers and 4-5 months from release ? Ehhhh

elazz1218d ago

It's playable at E3 and that's where these hands on previews come from. So that is gameplay and most people that have played found it a blast to play

Freeball1218d ago

What part of "actual gameplay" is difficult to understand?

ThichQuangDuck1217d ago

I am not talking about second hand through journalist. I am saying I would prefer to see more off screen footage than just read words about it. I remember the evolve and titanfall previews

venom061218d ago

All these articles are from actual gameplay bro.. and we love that they have VASTLY been positive from that hands on gameplay. cant wait for this to come out!

GigawattConduit1218d ago

Didn't they say something about a beta in September or October? If they aren't doing that, then they should, because I NEED my hands on this thing.