Project Morpheus (Loading Human) E3 2015 Hands-On Impressions | Twinfinite

Project Morpheus is the real deal and is the most impressive piece of VR technology I’ve used to date. How great is the Project Morpheus Headset? Let’s count the ways.

First, Project Morpheus is incredibly slick looking and more importantly, functional and comfortable. I wear glasses 24/7 and I’m blinder than Velma from Scooby Doo if I’m without them for any period of time. Thankfully, the headset was able to be adjusted to accommodate glasses with ease and sat on my face VERY comfortably. It didn’t press my glasses into my face, nor did it hurt the bridge of my nose or slip off. It felt 100% natural.

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Deathdeliverer1217d ago

All I need is a release date. I've been sold ever since they started showing two player games.

Cindy-rella1217d ago

Buying this day one. Ive been sold on this since The Matrix

morganfell1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Buying this day one. I've been sold on this since I first read Neuromancer...he he.

amiga-man1217d ago

Yes all I need is a release date, I'll be there

captainexplosion1217d ago

I have been sold on this since Jessica Fletcher used it in an episode of Murder She Wrote in like 1989.

EdMcGlone1217d ago

As long as it's priced reasonably I'm there too!

G20WLY1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

This is one of the sites I expected to be, let's say, negative about this new kit from Sony...great to hear that even they loved it!

What next? Gamingbolt, Polygon and Dealspwn give great write ups?! Either that or hell will freeze over lol..

It does sound like it's going down well with the press. I read about how great an experience the horror game, 'Kitchen' was, how well 'Rigs' works as a multiplayer experience and heard more general mentions of about 10 other games that are available for the press to try out.

Only a RIDICULOUS price to stop me from purchasing Morpheus at this point. Gimme dat!!

memots1217d ago

I really want one. I will spend on it.
But only if they don't restrict it to only the PS4.

mayberry1217d ago

After reading everything I can find about Sonys VR Morpheous, I found articles like "why morpheous will fail" etc. I don't necessarily disagree with the negative articles that have legit reasons for the negativity, it's just that the positive articles always come from after someone has really tried the thing and not just speculating. Even the occulus folks said it will not fail(hardware wise), and said Sony and occulus share ideas so the branch of vr doesn't fail.

AgentSmithPS41217d ago

Like I always say, at the very least, Sony's VR will be "good enough" just like a console is good enough for a lot of people. People can always spend more to get more. Even imperfect VR is better than what I have now. I just hope they get the price right...

mayberry1217d ago

Well said. And as it stands with the Sony first party titles being so great for so long, and after the amazing E3 reveal of new, unrivalled ip's like Guerrilla's "Horizon", all most gamers need is support for Morpheus and that be good enough for me too.