PS4 Media Player review - Wololo reviews the PS4 Media Player, including file format support, options, UI, Media Server connectivity, and general functionality.

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SynGamer1405d ago

Agreed. Each file I've tried so far has worked with no issues and it picks up my Plex servers (two computers) perfectly.

ChronoJoe1405d ago

I've been liking it a lot so far but had a couple of problems regarding music.

For some reason sometimes it won't play outside of the media server app. It's supposed to play in other games / the menu, but sometimes it stops. Unfortunately while you can control it via the quick menu in other games and apps, you cannot use the media servers full functionality (you can't seem to find a new artist / pick a new album), and to do so, you have to suspend your current game session.

Kind of a pain as, as a result of requiring to be suspended to operate the media player during gameplay, online games require you to disconnect from matches just to switch album. That's resulted in me using usb drives instead, as the default usb media app on the PS4 can do what this new application cannot.

That aside, it's been great for my movies especially.

Master of Unlocking1405d ago

"That's resulted in me using usb drives instead, as the default usb media app on the PS4 can do what this new application cannot"


There used to be an app to play your media on the PS4 before? I don't get it.
Well anyway, I'm glad to know that when I buy the PS4, I'll be able to connect my external hdd and play all my music, movies, and tv episodes that mainly come in .mkv format. It was exactly what I wanted from Sony, and now we got it.

ChronoJoe1404d ago

You could play USB music but that was it, before. Not movies and no DLNA.

Hope that clarifies :)

uth111405d ago

XBMC is a better DLNA media player than this. I'll continue to use that for most things. This will be good for ingame playlists though.

Eonjay1405d ago

For anyone who wants to maximize their DLNA experience on PS4:

I recommend Serviio.

Skate-AK1405d ago

Thanks for the link. Looked at the features and I am going to give it a try. Bubz.

Pogmathoin1405d ago

I just set up an phantom Mx4 instabox with Kodi...What MS and Sony have to offer are nice, but still miles behind....

PeaSFor1405d ago

meh, i already have the ps4 working like a charm with Ps3 Media Server 1.90.1, so the android tv box is straight up futile and a waste of 100$

PhoenixUp1405d ago

I'm glad the Sony remembered that people do like the multimedia features consumers expect from PlayStation platforms. I just wish they added more features on a more frequent basis like they did last gen

WeAreLegion1405d ago

The Sony? I feel like we should all start calling them that now.

PeaSFor1405d ago

you know..., THE Sony.

mayberry1405d ago

and thats how it starts my friend...

soljah1405d ago

hey guys on my ps3 i installed the ps3 media server on my laptop and have access to everything thats on my laptop thru my ps3. what should i use for the ps4 the ps3 media server program isn't working on the ps4

Pogmathoin1405d ago

I dunno, I used to think PS or Xbox could solve all my media issues, but was never the case, hence my Kodi, Instabox comment above....

kneon1405d ago

Not sure why it wouldn't work, I don't use the PS3 media server and only played with the PS4 media app to see how it works, I don't plan to use it. But it saw my NAS, every PC, phone and tablet in the house and Volumio running on a Rasperry Pi.

sharkk1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Search for Universal Media Server. I think it was made by the people that made PS3 Media Server because it is near identical but gets updated regularly. It works for PS3, PS4 and anything else I've tried including TVs and iPads.

HmongAmerican1405d ago

What is universal media server? Is it a ps4 features?

sharkk1405d ago

Universal Media Server is a program you put on your PC to allow media devices to access your media. It is free to use if you want to try it.

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