R2-D2 Added In Soul Calibur IV

A Japanese magazine scan has revealed that R2-D2 from Starwars will be a playable character in the upcoming Soul Calibur IV.
It is unclear from the scan whether R2-D2 will be a system specific character like Darth Vader and Yoda.

Here's a Translation of the Profile of R2-D2 according to the scan.
Age: Unknown
Race: Astromech Droid
Place of Birth: Industrial Automation
Height: 96cm
Weight: Depends on add on gear
Birth Date: Unknown
Blood Type: None
Weapon: Stun Arm, Saber Launcher
Style: J Type Defense Program
Family: Many Others of the same type


Contributor "NDN_Shadow" has pointed out that this magazine scan might have been Fake.

"This is a fake character. It was photoshopped, original picture is here:"

Update 2:
Since the poster from the Chinese gaming site also seems unsure of this pic, this is most likely a Fake.

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pwnsause3765d ago

ok, this is becoming ridiculous.

Ogrekiller3765d ago

if brawl had ROB then i think this is acceptable

grashopper3765d ago

This is a joke.....right?

sonarus3765d ago

lol wow. Well they might as well throw in C3PO and meesa from phantom menace. Fvk it throw in jabba the hut too

Dir_en_grey3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I didn't click on that disagree but afraid not. I've been getting news from that site and they've all been fast and legit. Image is added to the Story Image so you can take a closer look of R2-D2 fighting Ivy with "Light Saber made by Luke".

Dunno how else to validate this, but I'm pretty sure it's accurate since everything from that site so far has been accurate. I've always heard that there are more Starwars characters coming.

Peekay3765d ago

and chewbacca - might as well!

killax35633765d ago

I'm still waiting for Jarjar binks to be included.

NDN_Shadow3765d ago

That picture that R2 is in? The one where he's fighting Ivy? That looks mighty similar to this:

killax35633765d ago

Wow, great catch.

You have sharp eyes.

Dir_en_grey3765d ago

Wow, thanks for the heads up!!!

ChampIDC3765d ago

Nice catch. Bubbles for you.

Nevers3765d ago

R2-D2 is gonna be the Wii exclusive char ;]

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slapsta723765d ago

lol is all i have to say

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The story is too old to be commented.