Accessories Update: New Xbox One Wireless Controller and Xbox Wireless Adapter for PC

MCV takes a look at the best accessories heading to UK retail. This week, it’s a double showing for Microsoft as its new Xbox One Controller and Wireless Adaptor for Windows prepare for launch.

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Shineon1405d ago

I have a bunch of xbox 360 controllers that work just fine, do I really need an X1 controller? I want to try a different controller for my PC, but is their really a huge difference between the two? I like how the Ps4 controller feels but the need for constant charging defeats the reason fo having a wireless controller.#decisions

n4rc1405d ago

umm... huge over time i would say..

it feels refined.. a tighter package.. if that makes any sense..

holding the 360 pad now feels so bulky and cheap.. which is really weird since i loved it for so long.. but i didnt really feel like it was a massive change at first but i cant go back now

SteamPowered1405d ago

I use X1 and 360 controllers, depending on what room I'm in. I like the X1 controller, but seriously, give the Wii U pro controller a try sometime. I use it with a Bluetooth dongle on my PC. It's a light and pretty sturdy controller. Just another option anyways.

Shineon1404d ago

Thanks for the comments to the both of you, Maybe I should try the Wii U Pro.Do you have to do anything extra for the will u controller to work?

SteamPowered1404d ago

Your PC need either Bluetooth support or a Bluetooth dongle and the software. The dongles are cheap. I got one for $12.
For software, you can use either Wiinusoft, vjoy, x360ce. Do a bit of research because it isn't exactly plug n play, but I love it for fighters.
Pm me if you want links to the software.