Microsoft Is Expecting Huge Xbox One Sales This Holiday--Here's Why

The Xbox One may be trailing behind the PlayStation 4 in the current-generation sales race, but Microsoft has high hopes for its console this holiday. Speaking with GameSpot this week at E3 2015, Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg said a string of blockbuster exclusive games and new backward compatibility functionality will lead to a "massive migration" of Xbox 360 owners moving to Xbox One.

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Septic1402d ago

I cannot foresee this massive migration from 360 --> X1 owners at all. If anything, a lot fo 360 owners moved to PS4 and the sales figures confirm that.

Well, we'll see anyway. Its the games that will make the biggest difference imo.

Nineball21121402d ago

I agree with you. It is about the games. I do think BC will have an impact. How big that will be is anyone's guess, however.

Dewitt1402d ago

MS has a killer lineup this holiday and the early part of next year, would be way more enticing then what Sony has coming up for the end of 2015 early 2016.

SoapShoes1402d ago

^ Not really, it's all preference. MS's only popular game this holiday is Halo. TR isn't super popular and neither is Forza. Sony's exclusives aren't mega hits but that doesn't make them any worse.

_-EDMIX-_1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

I don't think the impact will be as huge as many think. Consider the fastest selling console of all time has no BC ie the PS4. People ultimately want next gen consoles for next gen games.

BC is great for those who currently own a XONE, but I don't see much buying an XONE solely for that as that just makes very little sense. Halo 5 will be the big unit mover as it historically always is for MS.

@Soap- I disagree. Halo 5 will move huge units along with Tomb Raider as that combo will be very much attractive for 360 fans moving over to XONE, Forza likely not so much as the series doesn't move huge units, but its still something to get when you first get a XONE this fall. I think they will be fine as they have taught their crowd to expect those games in the fall.

Pogmathoin1402d ago

TR may not be a Halo, or CoD, but it does sell millions, and the only place to get it for the foreseeable future is X1. I think many will go from 360 to X1, there are many great trade in deals.... Makes sense to jump now.

Nirvana315911401d ago

To the people saying PS4 has big no games this year

Fall 2015 PS4 exclusives and console exclusives

Persona 5
Tales of Zesteria
Disgaea 5
Dragon Quest Heroes

Action / Adventure
Uncharted collection

Exploration / Adventure
No man's sky
Everybody's gone to the rapture

Platforming games
Tearaway Unfolded

Until Dawn

Action / Strategy
Dungeon defenders 2

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JoeReno1402d ago

Seems like MS is trying to do all the right things, but has done them all a bit too late. BC would have been great at launch. But instead consumers were told to keep their 360.

And MS did lose a ton of die hard 360 supporters that were fed up the couple of years leading up to the X1 reveal with the Kinect focus, and then the reveal happened, and well, we all know the rest.

stuna11402d ago

That the real kick in the nuts! "For all those with limited or, no Internet connectively, We have a wonderful system called the Xbox 360!", If I haven't gone senile since that statement was made. An although Xbox1 has got on the right track and definitely gained a enormous amount of momentum, it's statements like the one I quoted that have held the Xbox1 back.

ger23961401d ago

They're going all out this holiday, which should result in good sales. But what are they going to do next holiday? Unless they're going to put out halo gears and forza every year.

TheGreatGamer1402d ago

I think you underestimate how many people who have been holding off upgrading because lack of bc, won't be massive increase in migration but it'll be big

Minato-Namikaze1402d ago

But itz not true BC. Only 18 titles are supported right now.

MasterCornholio1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

So they waited two years for BC?

I don't buy that.

Most of them would have bought a new system at launch of they were trurly looking to upgrade especially with the dwindling support of last gen systems.

Grown Folks Talk1402d ago

It's 18 because it's being tested by preview members. It doesn't launch officially until fall, where they announced around 100 titles, with more added monthly. Comprehension is really not that hard.

iamnsuperman1402d ago

I think you overestimate it. People have been banging on about how these consoles are selling a ludicrous rates (breaking records....). The reasons is because people have already made the jump. The long life cycle of the last generation made people jump earlier this time. BC should have been done at launch.

Pogmathoin1402d ago

Can people not comprehend simple english? Its not even launched yet, its at preview stage....

Fez1402d ago

I'm not sure I agree with this.

Considering the vast majority of console sales come from casuals who only buy Fifa and CoD year in year out, moving on to the next in the series when it arrives they don't have a games collection that makes BC valuable.

Just look at the stats of ps3/360/wii games per console. Roughly 10 games for every console. And then consider that the median is undoubtedly less than this. I don't think BC is all that important to the majority of the gaming market w.r.t upgrading. For gamers with big collections (the minority of the market) it's a brilliant feature.

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kneon1402d ago

It may not be massive but surely there are 10's of millions that have not moved to either platform and that are now more willing to move to the XB1.

But regardless I'm sure we'll see the XB1 come out on top for the last quarter in the US, they usually do, what with the price slashing and bundling everything but the kitchen sink. But it never lasts, the new year always see them back to normal sales levels.

NeoGamer2321402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )


80+ Million 360 consoles were sold. You can talk about RRoD, slims, etc. but the fact is there is over 80 million 360's out there.

Also, on any given night I log into my X1/360 and I will see at least 1/2 to 1/3 of my friends online with a 360. Some are playing their 360 and already have an X1 but probably about 80% of 360 gamers on my friends list haven't got a next gen console yet.

Yes, a lot of core gamers moved to PS4 quickly. But, I also saw a lot of them move back in the past year because of the shifts MS has made. PS4 in lots of ways was a rebound relationship to gamers punishing MS.

So, I think that as long as the exclusives rate well and the BC list grows quickly and includes great games (Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect, Dead Space, CoD, etc) we will see a strong showing by MS this holiday.

Will they outsell PS4 worldwide? I doubt it, but they will make market share progress.

Will they outsell PS4 in North America this holiday? I think so easily. They had a solid run last year, and this year they are looking stronger.

Will they outsell PS4 in Europe? I doubt it, but they should make market share progress.

Will they outsell PS4 in Asia. Not a hope! Ever...

343_Guilty_Spark1402d ago

The saltiness astounds me. What is up with this site?

NeoGamer2321402d ago

I don't understand how it was so "salty".

I'm just saying there are a lot of 360 owners MS can tap into.

And that realistically I don't think the X1 can outsell PS4 in anywhere except North America.

That isn't salty. That is being realistic.

Fez1402d ago

What games are the 1/3 to 1/2 playing on 360 though? CoD? Fifa?

I think you have to remember that a large percentage of 360s are in the hands of casuals. Just like the PS3 and even more so the Wii. By your argument, the Wii U is just a late bloomer since there are over 100m Wii's out there... especially considering the Wii U had BC from the start.
The comparison between 360 and Wii's casual audience is a little unbalanced but I think it illustrates the point quite nicely.

The 360 was the popular console for teens and adults who played the occasional game but it seems that this has switched somewhat to the PS4 this gen. Sometimes it's not logical why this happens so even though MS has turned things around PR wise, has a good lineup this year and announced BC... does not necessarily mean the sales will start flooding in.

Momentum plays a big part in where the casuals will end up so in that regard MS's job in regaining market share is very tough.

i3eyond the Circle1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Simply combining the 2 install bases and comparing it to last gens 160million+ consoles sold shows there's plenty of xbox 360 owners who haven't jumped ship.

Didnt 360 sell the most copies of Destiny and CoD? Showing that a powerful market resides still on 360.

So unless you're saying more than 2/4 of ps4 gamers are 360 say you are wrong and even if that could be true you're talking only 12 million out of 75+

Immorals1402d ago

Sony have said 40% of their sales were owners of 360/wii.

Thats probably around 10m people.

Say 20m 360s were repurchases due to rrod etc

That still leaves 50m/84m still left to upgrade (not sure how many have already moved to the one!)

tinynuggins1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

20 million repurchases!? More like 2-4 million at most. MS extended all warranties for rrod consoles. They were replaced for free. Those aren't repurchases.

zekk1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Tiny ms didnt do that to begin with though and considering 360 had the one of highest defective rate ever for electronics the time between launch and when the warrenty change happened many people had to re-buy a 360 since ms wouldn't cover it. Also the whole reason they brought out the arcade version in the first place was to sale to people that had a rrod 360 which increased unit sales. And after ms
changed they warrenty policy many people were trying to do that but found it was faster to just buy an arcade version and use their old HD. I personally had to wait a little over 6 months to get my first one sent back only to have it rrod again 2 weeks latter and was told they wouldn't do anything about it. So I might be a singular case I don't know but I do know that a lot of people bought multiple consoles to replace defective ones which inflated the console sales. This went well passed the time when ms extended the warrenty. If I remember correctly they didn't have the problem "solved" till the model just before the slim came out making that what 3 years ish of possible inflated console sales? I am pretty sure that is more than 2-4 mil especially when they were people who bought and replaced multiple 360.

Didn't realize I typed that much

joab7771402d ago

Is halo and tomb raider enough for ppl to fully invest in a console. There are plenty of multiplats to hold ppl over.

Now, I can see a ton of parents grabbing one as presents b/c of its reputation....or younger gamers who just want the new xbox. Interesting to see how CoD exclusivity plays out now too. I have 3 friends that have already switched to PS4 just for that.

geddesmond1402d ago

There plans seems to be based off having backwards compatibility. Sorry MS but I had the original PS3 and guess what? BC was only good when the PS3 had very little games. I didn't care about PS2 games once games like MGS4 and Uncharted 1 started coming out.

But hey if they do then more power to them

JoeReno1401d ago

Agreed. I used BC on my 60gb PS3 a handful of times. Resistance FOM took up a ton of my time, campaign and multiplayer.

blackblades1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

The games makes difference eh it's kinda balanced. The playstation brand has games I want like disgaea and tales etc... I like playstation because I just do not just because of the games. Even if ms has a lot of those games I like I still wouldn't buy one. My friend bought a xb one for $80 if it was me I still wouldn't buy it but then again I might will but doubt I play it.

vinniects1402d ago

What about people who bought a ps4 two years ago now buying a xb1. Most gamers will eventually have both even though they might only invest in one at launch. Only on n4g you have to only choose one and bash the other

AngelicIceDiamond1402d ago

I still think MS had a more well rounded conference. They announced AAA exclusives for this holiday, new Ip's. They announced lots of great indies at the show. New hardware and service capabilities.

The only surprise factor was BC but everything else MS evened out very nicely. A little of everything.

JimmyDM901402d ago

What AAAs did they announce for this holiday? We'd already known about Tomb Raider, Halo 5 and Forza 6 for months (in some cases, years).

DanzoSAMA1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )


Rare Replay collection <3
Tomb Raider
Halo 5
Forza 6
Gears Remaster
Fable legends
New Dash

and some new MMO and indie games.

iamnsuperman1402d ago

Also they are going to struggle with the games. Apart from Halo the biggest games are third party and they have been selling better/selling more console units for Sony not Microsoft. The third party games a huge (much bigger than last falls) and I don't see many exclusive games making any real headway this year

Erik73571402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Since 3rd party is really strong this year sony got lucky and they can ride off of them without having to strong of a first party line up. They do have tons of titles for 2016 though. Last guardian, Horizon, Uncharted,and more.....

Sony know's there 1st party line up for 2015 is weak so they were eager to show 2016 line up and to have strong marketing deals with Call of Duty AND battlefront...which is very impressive. They are hoping the mass advertisement of Call of duty on ps4 and Battlefront on ps4 will help them stay ahead of Xbox in the holidays....which it will in my opinion.

They even showed off timed exclusivity for FF7 which will launch probably 2017 and even shenmue 3 only for ps4 and pc.....this is just to remind gamers that have not bought a next gen console what titles will not be playable on Xbox one....and those titles are pretty legendary.

Microsoft though is doing great for 2015 but are having trouble having 3rd party marketing rights and exclusivity due to ps4 having majority of gamers. That's why xbox has such a strong first party line up for 2015 and possibly 2016. They are determend to to change this though by making it easy to port games from PC to Xbox one and integrate the gaming community of PC with Xbox. I think they have a change of getting more sales in North America but in Europe and Asia I think Sony will do much better and overall worldwide Sony's console will be more successful.

kbozz711402d ago


Let's not forget there are a decent amount of double dippers out there as well. I own both systems and I'm sure many early PS4 adapters may be open to buying an X1 at this point if the offering is right.

Magicite1402d ago

With windows10 around the corner I see myself playing X1 games on my PC soon.

Bigpappy1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

The U.S alone had 45Million 360's sold. Knowing that you may want to retract that statement: " a lot fo 360 owners moved to PS4 and the sales figures confirm that." PS4 and 360 sales are neck and neck in the U.S. PS4 margin is because mostly due to X1 not selling well outside of U.S and U.K. PS4 is strong everywhere. Many, many 360 owners have yet to upgrade.

Seems to me a lot of people are underestimating what M$ has on offer. Lots of people here and in the media got nostalgia over Shemue, FF7 and the Last guardian. I have seen anything gameplay wise to make me thing any of them will sell on a massive scale. FF7 has the best chance, but it will but sell 1/3 of what it did years ago. Most of what Sony has shown aren't even close to releasing, LOl. On the flip side, M$ is releasing Halo, Forza, Fable, Tomb Raider, Smite, plaus all the big 3rd party that Sony is releasing, this year. Add to that they have BC and cross play and cross purchase with PC.

MelvinTheGreat1401d ago

idk how sales numbers alone indicate 360 owners going to ps4.

JoeMcCallister1401d ago

I see your point but I also think we haven't seen that massive shift or even a reason for those previous gen users to move over. MS is shooting for that with the backwards compatibility and trying to give that "no reason not to" approach. I also think sometimes on sites and in forums we tend to think a majority of gamers are like us and follow these things, care about system specs and where games run better - when for the average consumer (who makes up a much larger market share than the 'core gamer') it's about where their friends play.

All said and done though the backwards compatibility is great, but losing COD in terms of DLC first will be interesting - it should be cool to see play out.

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Jedislayer1402d ago

I own both consoles, but I see myself playing xbox this holiday. Definitely will fire up the ps4 when UC4 rolls into town. I've been drooling over that game for a while!

joab7771402d ago

So, you have a PS4 and you are gonna play Fallout 4, Battlefront and CoD on xbone? If your friends are there I understand. I'm actually glad U4 isn't coming b/c there's just too many gigantic open world games coming.

meche3341402d ago

Maybe he likes the controller better or xbox live? u dont know

CEOSteveBallmer1402d ago

BC is excellent but it is not a big deal when you look at it. Orig xbox to xbox 360 BC was not even that good because only select games were compatible and yet did gamers not enjoy their console?? Actually Wii-U has excellent BC with Wii. So i don't know why BC on xbone is the "BEST EVER" announcement on E3. I look up on articles and the Xboners are saying the same thing. FF7?? nah I hated that game anyway. pathetic.

LoveSpuds1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Ultimately MS are releasing the same titles again and while ever popular, for me, it shows that MS havent changed that much from the 360 generation.

I dont care about Halo or Forza and only have a passing interest in Fable so for me the 3rd party games this Christmas are much more enticing.

The only title I genuinely am gutted to miss out on is Tomb Raider but given the mixed messages about its exclusivity I am not too concerned at this point.

Despite having a few more AAA exclusives come Christmas I cannot see MS ever gaining on PS4 over this short holiday window.

Immorals1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Same old stuff again?

Scalebound, Ori, Screamride, Sunset Overdrive, a completely different Fable, Cuphead and there's plenty more. What does that make these?

Spotie1402d ago

Games the Xbox community barely cares about, according to sales. Or, according to the Xbox community here, indies that don't count.

LoveSpuds1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

I am referring to the holiday period where MS are hoping to gain on Sony.

I know exactly what is coming out when, if you care to check my comment history you will notice I have been pretty glowing in my admiration of Ori and Sunset Overdrive.

I am not blindly bashing MS, they have really turned things around an I am slowly starting to think that Phil Spencer might be the real deal. We were discussing the holiday period here, nothing more, relax.

n4rc1402d ago

except only one is an actual indie game.

and if games that arent huge successes arent worth mentioning then there goes half of those "megatons" everyone has been screaming about


AngelicIceDiamond1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Next year they have Scalebound, Recore, Quantum Break, Crackdown and Gears Of War 4, Sea Of Pirates. That's AAA's only not including indies. Plus at Gamescom they're revealing more 2016 titles. MS has 2016 on lockdown as well.

@Spotie Your generalizing is ridiculous.

LoveSpuds1402d ago

Again, this article is discussing this coming holiday period.

MS definately has some great looking titles next year but so does Sony so I dont see MS making any ground up in 2016.

The thing is, even when they have stong titles and back it up with millions in advertising it hasnt stopped PS from dominating. You only need to look at TitanFall to see that MS are facing a tough challenge if the really are hoping to overtake Sony.

If it makes you feel any better, I will be adding to MS's sales figures next week, cannot wait to try Sunset Overdrive and Dead Rising 3.

strickers1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Did you see PlayStation list for 2016? You think that list is close? Crackdown is not a big hitter( and I loved first one), Scalebound isn't either. Even Quantum Break is unproven, and comes off the back of Alan Wake not shifting units. Sea of Pirates won't do well with the narrow minded Xbox fans. This year's XB exclusives may pay for a strong 3rd party Q4. Big Hitters.

meche3341402d ago

They always win holidays. They also have more games coming gamescom

Whitey2k1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

I cant see ms shifting more units then ps4 most x1 owners are slowly switching to ps4 with battlefront with early DLC then u have black ops 3 with early DLC not only that u have street fighter 5 with FF7 remake and you have Shenmue 3 and last guardian

Chanogram1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Most x1 owners are slowly switching to PS4? What are you talking about?

I cant even...

Also, tell me again when FF7 remake (timed exclusive), shenmue 3 and last guardian are coming out. Oh thats right, not for a LONG time. I doubt people ran out to buy a PS4 for any of those 3 games knowing they are nowhere near close to coming out.

strickers1402d ago

I remember the Phantom Dust excitement from Xbox fans. ANY Xbox exclusive gets heralded as the 2nd coming, then doesn't sell that many. Just Halo/ Gears and 3rd party

OldDude1402d ago

You really make no sense here... switching to PS4 because of early DLC? Who cares about early DLC? Also you list a bunch of games that aren't anywhere even close to coming out and I could really care less about the 247th version of Street Fighter. Trust me SFV is one of its eventual 19 carnations will be on X1, plus I can play it on my PC along with FF7 (which I have now on PC). No way TLG will make next year (just like DC, TO1886, UC4 and more all missed their dates)so I doubt people are going to buy a system because of games years away. Sony has already said they have other games they want to Kickstart, so that's great, a major publisher kickstarting games. Personally I sold my PS4 in June of last year and see absolutely no reason on the horizon to repurchase it until at least after UC4 and Horizon comes out, if its any good.