Where Were Nintendo’s Big Games at E3?

Nintendo’s big reveal this year was Star Fox Zero. But where was Zelda and Metroid? And where does the lack of big games leave the Wii U?

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Neonridr1270d ago

Well Nintendo stated right from the start that this E3 was 2015 games only. Since we know that Zelda isn't until 2016 and still have yet to hear anything official about Metroid why would you expect them to be at the show?

I will admit it would have been nice to see a new trailer for Zelda or an announcement of sorts for the next console Metroid.

Moonman1270d ago

Exactly. I am glad to hear they are considering another proper Metroid Prime for NX. I want it done right with love and time. So I was happy to hear the producer talk about it...he even hinted at the story.

jcnba281270d ago

Yup and it was nice of him to clarify that the ship at the end on Prime 3's 100% ending was in fact Sylux! lol

Cindy-rella1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I love the spinning. Ive got my glass slippers ready and you know i love a proper ball. Fanatics will never learn and theyll spin silly decisions made by Nintendo all day. Gaming drought for nes wii u for 7 months or so then the people desperate to play something ran out to buy splatoon. People sees splatoons sales as a sign of the game being amazing but its mostly because its the first game available to the system for months. The wii u is over and a new system will take its place soon by Nintendo. Nes fanatics will run out to buy the new system and itll suffer from game droughts, bad third party support, lack of online for a lot of games, archaic practices etc

To each their own. Majority of the fans of Nintendo are fanatics who have barely any complaints about the company and its silly practices. Im glad im not a nes fanatic and that a bad system like wii u suffers from low sales. I dont want bad decisions by gaming companies be rewarded and be successful

Moonman1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago ) You need to stop supporting broken first day games and overhyped garbage. How about that? :)

superchiller1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

@ Neonridr - So where were Devil's Third and Fatal Frame? And why were things different in previous E3 conferences, where Nintendo was happy to showcase games that were NOT coming out in those same years?

Always the same old, same old from the diehard Nintendo fans: excuses, excuses. You must get tired of constantly having to spin things to try to make Nintendo look good?

Neonridr1270d ago

I probably play my PS4 more than my Wii U lately superchiller, so stop in your tracks before you make yourself look stupid (which might be too late)

I have no clue why Devil's Third was absent, it was shown at last E3 and it has a fall release date.

I can't wait to get Fatal Frame V, ever since the gamepad was introduced everyone immediately said that this was the game it was best suited for.

They cut out a lot of stuff from their show so they could focus on Amiibos and stuff, which was pointless. Great that they sell and they are unique, but they didn't need to devote minutes upon minutes for them.

MS for the most part did the same thing, aside from a few trailers for 2016 the games they focused on were ones that were all releasing this fall.

Sony was the only one who basically showed very little for the Fall/Holiday and instead focused on games that will release in 2016 or beyond (Last Guardian, FFVII, Shenmue 3).

Canary1270d ago

If Sony and Microsoft had done similarly, the only big games at all would have been Uncharted, Fallout and Starfox.

Madock1270d ago

Nope, uncharted is much later next year
The only games wld have been Halo, Forza, Mario maker, Starfox
Nothing 1st party coming to PS this year

Canary1269d ago

That so? I thought Uncharted was dated for November. Oh well.

As you can guess, I don't pay much attention to games that don't interest me. Oh well.

gameboy11270d ago

I'm going to enjoy my wiiu then trade it in for NX end of i mean we still have lots of amazing games yet to enjoy,and I'm sure there are lots of unannounced games as well like that Tantalus AAA port ect...I'm looking forward to Devils Third,Fast Racing,Starfox,and Mariomaker and what else comes up,Ive already got enough games i play all the time so the WiiU is doing it's job in my eyes.

Moonman1270d ago

Hopefully NX is fully backwards compatible with Wii U software...

Ark_1270d ago

Hopefully not. They should go the x86 rout to acquire easy third party support. That would also fit to there statement, that NX will be a dedicated gaming platform, but not replace the WiiU.

Canary1269d ago

Unless Nintendo has backtracked on their commitment, it should be. The better thing to hope for is that it also be Wii B/C, simply because (now that we're all using discs) there's no (legitimate) reason not to.


@Ark_ the two are not mutually exclusive.

Though I think rather than cater to the same third-parties making games for every other platform, Nintendo would be better served catering to--and expanding--their own demographic. They're the only gaming company out there targeting the "all ages" demo, and they really haven't managed to capitalize on that (at all). Mobile gaming integration could certainly help there, since cellphones are more or less the "gateway" into gaming for kids these days.

Travis37081270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I wanted to see Zelda U so badly :(

Maybay1270d ago

Check this out.

Everything one needs to know.

jcnba281270d ago

That's a cool website!

Brunire1270d ago

Where was Devil's Third this year? Still no release date for US and not even a peep about it at E3... Really does not make any sense to me.

XXXL1270d ago

As a Wii U owner I can't believe how awful that E3 showing was. The Wii U console has been nothing short of a complete failure. Nintendo can't even get the VC right.

jcnba281270d ago

I don't understand why they can't just transfer every game from the Wii's VC to Wii U VC.

Neonridr1270d ago

I would imagine it takes a little bit more than copy+paste to move them over.

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