Witcher 3 Patch 1.07 Will Fix Many Issues,Dev Defends Against Claims That They Prefer PC Over PS4/X1

CD Projekt's Marcin Momot on upcoming patches for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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SaveFerris1244d ago

I would think the bias would be the other way around since The Witcher 1 & 2 started out on PC?

Cindy-rella1244d ago

This game launched with all sorts of issues and was given high praises by reviewers. Cant trust reviews at all

LostDjinn1244d ago

There's them problem. The "gaming press" think they control the industry because they see themselves as gatekeepers for both groups. They realize that the gravy-train stops is Dev's/Pub's cut them off though. Sometimes it not even the Pub/Dev responsible for the game they're reviewing (among other things) they take the kickback from.

When gamers find out the truth both aforementioned parties turn on them (gamers). It's a crazy situation considering gamers provide the entire industry with life/income. Either directly or by proxy.

skulz71244d ago

The issues aren't that bad. I'm playing on the PS4 and apart from rare framerate drops and me having to restart a mission, I haven't had any issues

HammadTheBeast1244d ago

The game itself is amazing, personally I've barely run into issues aside from frame-dropping in a couple cutscenes and in a few areas.

AndrewLB1244d ago

The game has been great for me on PC. Only had a couple CTD's due to it having an issue with Chrome. Most everything else I encountered was user error and easily fixed.

Anyone who claims this game was near unplayable is either lying, hasn't played an Ubisoft game, or both.

TheHaloGuy1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

Dont ignore a good game cause of some flaws, pleb. Red Dead had flaws and amazing reviews. Buuuut i guess with your logic its a terrible game and no one should play it.
People these days.

mav8051244d ago

Only bug or issue of any kind that I've experienced was falling through the map after playing 14 hours straight.

wsoutlaw871244d ago

Great game = high praise and who cares about reviews. People who play it enjoy it. People who don't, read a few articles and get the idea it has a ton of issues. Besides some frame drops in certain situations it played great from day 1. Of course with a game this size there were some glitches a few people had but that doesn't mean its not a great game. They have done a great job getting patches out too.

starchild1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

It's been a very solid experience for me. I've actually had fewer glitches in this game than in many other open world game.

Paulino301243d ago

I agree with that. I love the games played them all. But the game has a lot of glitches, no one should have given the game a 10. I have it on PC and have stop playing completely because of the random crashes I experience in cutscenes and menu screen. Sometimes after an hour of play and other times every 5-15 minutes.

maelstromb1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

You've gotta be kidding me with a comment like that... let's put things into perspective. Witcher 3 is a massive world - a scope the likes of which have never been achieved in a game before and it was made so by a team less than half the size of Bethesda's which worked on Skyrim. Skyrim was nearly unplayable for the first six months after its release for an enormous amount of fans, specifically on the PS3; saved games were corrupted, freezing/crashing were a common element and overall bugged gameplay. I've been playing W3 for the last 3 weeks on PC and have not noticed a single problem except for a CTD the very first night I played after the dream sequence. Since then, nothing. And CD Projekt have been diligently patching the game and fixing bugs on a weekly basis! With Skyrim, patches were months apart, and in some cases, glaring bugs were left behind never to be fixed. So were you as critical with Skyrim as you are with this game when it released? Probably not, or if you were, you've forgotten how much of a bug-riddled mess that game was after the first several months of its launch...

Canary1243d ago

Uh... the unpatched release build was plenty stable. Even with all the issues it had, it was still much more stable than the average AAA open-world game.

If you want to see examples of a terrible, broken game that shat all over its fans AND got nothing but glowing, ringing endorsements from the games media, look up Rome II: Total War.

UKmilitia1243d ago

i didnt have any big issues on ps4 on launch,just frame rate a times.
sold the game though because its just to big.

but when a game is so big like this u have to allow bugs.

clouds51243d ago

You are correct and wrong at the same time :) you can't trust them in general because even if they were completely unbiased, it's still their opinion of something. And when I read the reviews I don't want them to talk about bugs all the time, because in 9/10 cases bugs eventually get fixed - in case of the witcher 3, very fast.
From what I understand different hardware causes different problems on pc. I personally never had any issues with the gtx970. Zero problems! And I bought the game day one. But different gpus can cause crashes from what I've read. For me this was a very guy free experience and it runs extremely well given the size and quality of the world.

nitus101243d ago


I have Skyrim for the PS3 and one of the most glaring bugs occurs when you get to a 6MB save file (5 to 8 hours into the game). The game can crash or in the majority of cases freeze while the auto-save is operational which can be as much as a minute. The only fix is to turn off all auto saves at this stage.

Of course you can still get the odd crash but they don't happen that often and it's always a good idea to manually save before you enter into a dangerous (cave, castle, dungeon, ruin or dragon attack) situation.

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medman1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

Not only that, but who cares if a dev prefers pc? It's a more open platform and not as restrictive as the consoles. The bottom line is, the ps4 version of The Witcher 3 is the best selling version of the game...the devs are not trying to intentionally ignore that many gamers. People need to relax just a bit and realize game development, and bug fixing, isn't an easy thing. Everybody wants everything yesterday, and that's just not possible.

Lighter91244d ago

Todd Howard prefers M$, and is why I think that PS3 gamers got the shaft with Skyrim. Timed DLC, and it seemed Bethesda was reluctant to fix the PS3 version.

wsoutlaw871244d ago

Skyrim had serious ram problems on the ps3 and if you think they were just to lazy or didn't care enough to fix them then I don't know what to say. The game was very broken but it's stupid to think a company would ignore an easy fix for fanboy reasons when they have paying customers. They just weren't good ps3 developers and didn't take the extra time needed to improve. I would agree that they seemed to have pc/xbox as lead platforms but everyone needs to have a lead platform. It is despicable that they would even sell a game in that condition or in the condition of new vagus. I agree that thier work with skyrim ps3 was embarrassing and shouldn't have been released, but I wouldn't say they were reluctant to fix it.

joab7771244d ago

Of course they prefer PC and that's fine. Bit they have pit in the hard work and time to support all platforms, and we are fortunate for it, b/c this game is unbelievable.

Hats off to CDPR and I don't care if you prefer PC, or release patches 1st for it. It is easier to do so. Why hold back a patch for one platform until all of them are ready.

Irishguy951243d ago

Not their choice to release patches on PC first, the patching process on consoles is dreadful. Costs alot of money too.

showtimefolks1244d ago

For a game of this size it's amazing the game launches so well with out any major issues. Now they are fixing it so calm down, these are little things. Also their communication with its fans is awesome.

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KaMaHKaZiE1244d ago

People need to chill and be honest PC is the overall ruler of gaming for the simple fact that the only restriction devs have when making a game to PC is to not surpass market available gfx cards and such. Consoles literally limit everything. Now as to these problems in at aw because I've yet to Experian e any problem at all with witcher

Sashamaz1244d ago

Lets be honest, most PC gamers don't have GPUs capable of the awesome graphics they hope for, they are just vocal. Why make a game that runs well on a Titan X when very few will have that, lower end cards are what most have so it's more like lowest common denominator, and PC gamers have the lowest.

I have a GTX 690 which was amazing at the time but now it's pretty average and will not offer me the experience I would hope for.

freshslicepizza1243d ago

and most people don't have 4k tv's. does that mean they shouldn't strive to provide that content? the pc is able to scale accordingly depending on how much you want to invest. on consoles you can hook it up to a CRT display or a 4k display and the game will not run any faster or smoother.

baryonyx1243d ago

I got enough horsepower in my love to play witcher 3 in 4k and 60fps average, but i still understand that most people won't be able to and it sucks that they will miss out on the experience just because of that. Games needs limitations to suit both budget gamers and high in gamers.

Zhipp1243d ago

Hot damn that must be an expensive rig! Care to share specs?

Intranquill1244d ago

So first PC gamers cry that they favored consoles for "downgrading the game", and now we have console gamers saying that they favor PC because it's getting updates first?

Come on people, stop being whiny babies. Just play the game on your system of choice and enjoy it. The fact that they're updating the game at all is a step above most failed launches.

Feralkitsune1244d ago

Devs don't have to wait on anyone to update their games on pc. On consoles they have to wait for their patches to be authorized.

Intranquill1244d ago

I'm well aware of this fact. Which proves my point even more, that they can't just magically upload the patches and bypass quality assurance from Sony and Microsoft respectfully. Last gen games got updated much less because of the fee Microsoft charged developers to even send a patch in. Since that policy is no longer in play, gamers are benefitting.

Immorals1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

Pc should be the lead platform this generation, no excuses .

Both the ps4 and xb1 are basically PC's anyway, so shouldn't be such an issue to scale down from the PC version. This way PC gamers won't have an issue with 'downgrades', and consoles still get their game!

NCAzrael1243d ago

Yes. Considering the fact that every game has to be developed ON a PC, why not develop FOR a PC first.

RIP_Cell1244d ago

they can patch PC version as many times as they want and it costs nothing, patches on consoles cost them money and need to be certified

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