Nintendo’s Stock Dropped Fairly Significantly After E3 2015 Digital Event

This year’s Nintendo E3 2015 Digital Event wasn’t quite the event that fans were hoping for. If you’ve visited various message boards and social networks you will have seen that Nintendo fans have been very vocal about the event, and rightly so. This event has also had a significant effect on Nintendo’s stock which has dropped fairly significantly since the event was broadcast on Tuesday, June 16th.

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DarkOcelet1402d ago

LOL! After that E3, i am not surprised.

Cindy-rella1402d ago

People never learn, especially mature nes fans. Theyll be lined up to buy the next Nintendo consoles and itll be the same as previous generations. Game Drought, weak hardware, abysmal third party support, lacking online arena, etc. Nes fanatics will spin and spin

Moonman1402d ago

NES fanatics? They saved the game industry or you wouldn't get to play whatever you think is so precious (and really ain't all

Mega_Volnutt1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Yeah, that's what I've been saying. But not for me. Ninty has lost my trust on them. I rather upgrade my PC, than dumping my money on a new console, from a stubborn company who doesn't want to learn from it's mistakes and too proud to admit it. Just like japanese culture basically. So the NX will be just an echo in my ears, nothing more. I'm not falling twice.

UnwanteDreamz1402d ago

Nes fanatics didn't save the gaming industry. Gamers saved it. Sure Nintendo did their part but that was 3 decades ago. Gamers are now leaving NES for green pastures.

Highlife1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

The problem for Nintendo to me is that they didn't grow up with me. The average age of a gamer is older now than it was years ago and they do very little for that crowd. I grew tired to Mario years ago and while I will play smash or mk8 from time to time with my kids that's it the system just sits there. Games like the Witcher, Fallout, and Uncharted where can I get these type of games on a nintendo console. It's like they don't want me around. Also what the hell is with not having a proper controller bundled with the system. There is no company out there that lives off its nostalgia more than Nintendo I just wish they would focus on the future and expand there ip's outside of what they have already done. Where are the new characters. Why couldn't Nintendo come up with a game like horizon or uncharted or halo because they are stuck in the past.

I don't care if you saved the gaming industry 30 years ago because you are doing nothing for it now.

deafdani1402d ago

I'll make it simple for you: I buy Nintendo consoles (and will likely buy the Wii U's sucessor day one) because I love Nintendo's games.

That doesn't mean I'm oblivious to their shortcomings. Actually I give Nintendo a lot of shit for their nonsensical antics - while also aknwleldging the quality of their games.

Locknuts1402d ago

I think this might be the straw that broke the camel's back. At least it was for me. Enough is enough. Nintendo were and are still a great SD developer. But in an HD era it's painfully clear that they can't keep up. Playstation, Xbox and PC are the future of traditional HD gaming. Nintendo has no place there anymore. They should stick to mobile and SD hardware now for their own sake.

NintendoSonyfan1402d ago

I did grow up with NES, but as of the SNES generation I left Nintendo behind all the way up to the Wii and Wii U. I go with the consoles I believe are the most fun and for many years it was not Nintendo but the last couple generations it has been them.

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Brotard1402d ago

Yeah it was even worse then EA's, Who clearly doesn't know who goes to and watches an e3....

answer.... not sports gamers. core games. They should have brought out mark hammil instead of hoop god that would have gotten the crowd going! I would love it, it sony takes this as a chance to do some ip sharing with nintendo or something!

1402d ago
_-EDMIX-_1402d ago

Agreed. I feel many are just of now really seeing just how much this publisher has feel off. I mean...many have been saying this for YEARS!

I've been seeing this with Nintendo all the way last gen, just so many bad choices. They sold the MOST consoles, yet bought the least teams, they also sat back and I feel they felt a bit to comfortable with 3rd parties making certain titles for them yet never capitalized with the new install base to start making a series of new ips, yet Move and Kinect released and all those would be default exclusives went along with them.

Then the wonder why 3DS and Wii U has such slow launches and droughts with no games. I'm sorry but buying 1 studio doesn't solve that issue. Whats even sadder is they don't even fully wholly own Monolith. They are playing it safe, Sony bought and opened up many studios last gen (The most actually) MS opened up and bought studios last gen....

BOTH INVESTED in PS4 and XONE BEFORE PS4 and XONE released, thus they are reaping the benefits to the investments they made with building new teams, buying certain ips etc.

Nintendo needs to either diversify or die...

pcz1402d ago

im glad the stock dropped, maybe they will learn.

post e3 is supposed to be an exciting time where we talk about all the amazing things we saw and all we have to look forward to. and that is the feeling i get when i look at the ps4/x1 pages. but for nintendo fans, we got nothing. literally, nothing but disappointment and fear that it may be the start of the ending.

and @ciny-rella, you are right, the nx will be no different, nintendo will continue their trend of sparse game releases, poor third party support, obsolete technology and severely stripped back games. in fact, i think its going to worsen with their move into mobile gaming.

i have been predicting this for years, its time for other nintendo fans to wake up to the reality that nintendo just arent what they used to be

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iplay1up21402d ago

All Nintendo had to do is include Fatal Frame, Fast Racing, and Devils 3rd, to the event. It would have been much better.

Nerdmaster1402d ago

Did Nintendo show any third-party games? I've been thinking about it... Sony's show was good for me, but it was mainly because of two third-party games that are not even exclusive (FFVII and Shenmue). Other games, like Kingdom Hearts III (which I don't care about but a lot of people like) and No Man's Sky also fall in this category.

themonado1402d ago

Yeah... they talked about Skylanders... Like, seriously? You're gonna show Skylanders during the presentation, but you can't show Devil's Third or Fatal Frame?

Nerdmaster1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

To be fair, they didn't really talk about Skylanders per se, but the amiibos that will be released for the game.

xKugo1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

FFVII is a console exclusive, similar to SFV, according to Squennix insider on neogaf. I would be incredibly surprised if it came to Xbox, especially seeing as Sony and Enix seem to have renewed their strong relationship.

pcz1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

you conveniently omitted metal gear solid, last guardian and uncharted.

prior to e3, if anyone would have suggested we would get a ff7 remake AND shenmue 3, you would think it was april fools day.

you should give credit where it is due- for me, sony put my faith back in gaming this e3. and i didnt even watch their conference! just hearing the news of the games coming is enough to excite me.

we should also not hold back on criticism or be blinded by our admiration for a company- nintendos e3 was atrocious.

you know a show is bad when it actually makes you question if you are even into gaming anymore, and that is what nintendo achieved. if i want to continue being a gamer, it will have to be without nintendo.

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Moonman1402d ago

And will go back up when Super Mario Maker arrives (September), a Zelda Wii U date is set and when NX is unveiled.

Maybay1402d ago

I'm counting this as a blessing.

I get to buy Nintendo stocks low, and reap the benefits when (as you stated) Super Mario Maker and Animal Crossing launch.

UnwanteDreamz1402d ago

I pity these guys. If you only game on Nintendo hardware I can't relate. Stuck in the past with no innovation just gimmicks.

Moonman1402d ago

Delusional??? It dropped only 60 cents!!!! You 1 bubble Bob! lol

Concertoine1402d ago

Iwata's got some 'splainin to do at the investor meeting!

-Foxtrot1402d ago

Probably not. He'll just go round and fist bump everyone like a frat house, sit down, put his feet up and talk about who's banged their wifes recently

Then they'll laugh, forgive his mistakes and give him another chance as "bros".

You know something they've probably done for a while

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