E3 2015: How Microsoft's HoloLens could impact Fifa, Call of Duty, eSports and more

Undoubtedly one of the best moments of E3 2015 was the HoloLens demo at Microsoft's conference. Live on stage, with help from a specially designed camera, they showed off their augmented reality (AR) headset with Minecraft. It blew people away.

Used in tandem with existing versions of the game (presumably on PC and Xbox only) HoloLens will allow players to take the Minecraft world out of the screen into the real world, where they can inspect it in great deal and influence it to help or hinder players on their server.

Seeing the blocky creations of the demo world rise up from that table, the fellow player walking through it and the ways HoloLens allows players to see inside buildings and below the surface – it was unreal to see the concept hinted at in the headset's reveal video brought to life.

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kingdip901308d ago

Apparently the field of vision is rather small, if they can't fix that issue I'm not so sure it will impact those games a whole bunch.

PistolsAtDawn1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

This rumor is getting blown WAY out of proportion. Not only is the FOV not really that's not 180, but it's not nearly as small as many are pretendeding. Also I keep seeing articles saying that there will be no difference in the final hardware. Even though he's been quoted as saying it's not final, and in this video he ALSO says it's not final...I also like how in this video he basically confirms (without making an actual announcement) that Occulus and Valve Vr will do more than just stream on anyone assuming at this point that it's ALL they will do should check out the video.

Either way, even when people say that they would like a bigger FOV, they say the tech is people shooting it down without even trying it shouldn't be so quick to even if first gen has a smaller FOV, bet money the second one will have a wider one...if people support it. I know I can't wait for one. wzd-jY

@jmc8888 what did MS lie about?

kingdip901308d ago

I'm not shooting it down or writing it of merely remaining skeptic. We will see when it releases and like I said, if the field of vision is a problem it will not effect the games mentioned much at all.

Being defensive doesn't make my point any less legitimate

GrieverSoul1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

This is one of those things I have to try myself to believe.

Any type of visor you put in your head to see through is awkward.

One thing that bothers me about this all VR stuff (sony, MS and others) is that I move my eyes regardless of my head position. Perspective is not due to your head position but your eyes. The visor seems to detect head position. FOV "awkwardness" and headaches will ensue.

jmc88881308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Yeah, the FOV really matters, and this is what Microsoft's lies does....

Articles come out and influence the minds of people based on the fallacy that Hololens is capable of all these things based on a wide FOV it simply doesn't have.

Microsoft errors, and then our idiot media errors, leading the average Joe to plunk down money they may barely have on something it's not all cracked up to be. All because they were promised lies.