Buy Xbox One - Choose Any Game For Free

New deal from Microsoft concerning the Xbox One. Players are allowed to choose a game they want for their new console.

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Kayant1217d ago

You know what that means for June NPD...

Septic1217d ago

Your mind instantly went to sales lmao.

Now that is an amazing deal considering you can buy the latest Batman game. MS are clearly footing the bill on this one.

christocolus1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Lol. This should move a few Xbox One consoles and some copies of the new Batman game.

uptownsoul1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Its Xbox co-opting PS4 bundles. I don't know if it will get them June's NPD though. I mean they had Witcher 3's exclusive marketing & advertising and that didn't help them beat PS4 on the hardware or Witcher 3 software side.

As far as June NPD's hardware, I think the Batman Bundle will be too much for XB1 to over come.

As far as June NPD's Batman:AK's software…This deal might make it very, very close. But I think this particular advertisement started a little too late to overtake PS4 on Batman:AK software…But this will definitely make June's NPD more exciting!!!

thrust1217d ago

That's all he has to play ;)

raWfodog1217d ago

Man, I really hope they still have these types of incentives going when I'm ready to pick up an XB1. I love getting more bang for my buck. That's why I wait a long time to buy games so I can get better deals on them (with DLC included even). Only time I don't care about the price is when I get my wife to buy them for me as gifts :)

LexHazard791217d ago


Lol...this is a an awesome deal. A gamer would be smart to shop for a Game bundle console like a Sunset, AC, HaloMCC and walk Away with another new game for free. This will move units. To many gamers on this site still focused on monthly hardware sales. Let MS worry about sales.

Only thing Im worried about right now is health, my kids and how im going to afford all these new games I want to play.

uptownsoul1217d ago


Who's worried about sales. I took 2 minutes to give my observation. And I'm not debating whether or not the deal is good. I'm just explaining my opinion as to why the deal is in existence.

nix1217d ago

After the announcement of BC i expect good sales of Xbox1. This is just the icing on the cake.

Saigon1217d ago

Yeah...and the question is how long can they keep doing this. We all saw what happened last generation with the 360; and though I figured they would have learned their lesson, it seems that MS is up to its old tricks again. Lets hope this method this time allows them to bring games at the end of this current generation.

700p1217d ago

Microsoft has been making some great deals, I hope they keep this up!

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Abash1217d ago

Microsoft is bracing for the launch of the Batman Edition PS4s

WellyUK1217d ago

it's hardly a console seller...

MasterCornholio1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

I don't know about that. There's that pretty sweet Batman Bundle with that special edition PS4 that's coming out in June.

RiseofScorpio1217d ago

Depends if Sony covers the cost of the game. How much is it?

MasterCornholio1217d ago


399$ on amazon

That basically the price of a PS4 with the game tossed in for free. Not to mention its a special limited edition Console which I'm sure plenty of people will pick up. Much like the Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition PS4 in Japan.

Kingdomcome2471217d ago

@mastercornholio- the $399 bundle is just the standard console with a digital copy. The custom console bundle is $449.

wegetsignalx1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Yes, it means Xbox might not lose by as much to PS4 when the Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 bundle orders are sold through.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1217d ago

I don't think it means much. The PS4 arkham knight bundle will see PS4 dominating June.

This does look like another sign of desperation from ms though. The mediocre reaction to there e3 seems to have forced them to come out and make this decision quickly

iTechHeads1217d ago

It means Sony is dominating them with that limited edition Batman PS4.

xfiles20991217d ago

Does anyone know what retailers are participating in this

ABizzel11217d ago


Well they had the same promo last September around the same time Destiny launched, with the PS4 having a Destiny bundle and exclusive Destiny content,but PS4 still smashed sales.

It does make me wonder if we'll see another price drop from MS this year down to $299. We already know both the XBO and PS4 have 1TB models in the works, but neither revealed them at E3, so I guess that means Gamescom for MS (which makes a lot more sense) and either TGS or Pairs week for Sony (probably $349 500GB).

So I would hold out a bit longer for the Holidays, because I'm sure with COD and Assassin's Creed both having exclusive / timed exclusive DLC to PS4, MS will be bringing this deal around again if not a better one (trade in your 360 and get at least $100 off XBO), and by then I'm sure the $299 base SKU will be out.

Just wait a little while longer.

Kingdomcome2471217d ago

Microsoft officially announced the 1TB model prior to E3 probably due in part to the Amazon leak. Retailers will have the new models next week as they started shipping on the 16'th. I'm sure that a 1TB PS4 is in the pipeline, but I've yet to hear any official news regarding it.

ABizzel11217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )


Thank you, went into pre-E3 black out so I missed that. But that pretty much confirms it for me.

$399 1TB XBO MCC collection bundle
$349 500GB XBO bundles

So the $299 500GB XBO standalone has to be consimg sooner or later.

Kayant1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

"Well they had the same promo last September around the same time Destiny launched, with the PS4 having a Destiny bundle and exclusive Destiny content,but PS4 still smashed sales." - I know that's what I was saying. This deal was introduced to reduce the impact of batman PS4 bundle/marketing because this will be another destiny 2.0 for PS4 like you said it will be huge although probably not as much as destiny did I feel but still very significant as shown by MS doing this deal.

"It does make me wonder if we'll see another price drop from MS this year down to $299. We already know both the XBO and PS4 have 1TB models in the works, but neither revealed them at E3," - XB1's 1TB was revealed already during E3 week before the main conferences happened (it's in this story) what we have left is Sony which is probably PGS. I do see that doing another price drop in the form of a limited bundle because it's very likely Sony will do a price drop with the 1TB announcement plus marketing with the big FPS's and bundles they definitely will need something to combat that despite having Halo 5.


"Your mind instantly went to sales lmao." - Well that is only one reason this deal was announced like with Destiny sometime ago ;)

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fermcr1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

No deals like this in Europe?
In Portugal the 1TB X1 is 450€... without a game.

Looks like Microsoft is intentionally trying the loose the European market.

christocolus1217d ago

They need to be more aggresive in Europe. Promos like these should be extended to Europe imo. Let's hope they have something planned,maybe we'll get an announcement at Gamescom.

baraka0071217d ago

they are and good for you figuring MS master plan out! I heard Phil the other day say you guys are a bunch of stupid faces... Just disrespectful IMO :( Why you gotta hate Europe Mr. Spencer?!

LexHazard791217d ago

Ok is that why he saving some of the best games for Gamescom. He know Xbox needs to do a better job in Europe.

christocolus1217d ago

Nice. I hope we get more deals like this towards the holidays. Great promos,amazing bundles and BC push this holiday should help get more 360 owners to move over.

Christopher1217d ago

Why don't they just pull the pug and reduce the price to $300 considering they're giving away free games left and right? Now it's any game for free (sure, only for a week, but this is much different than usual since there's no set publisher deal).

Just pull the plug, make it $300, take NPD for the rest of the year, be done with it.

criticalkare1217d ago

Now is the time to get the Xbox!

HawaiianDreads1217d ago

Nope. Going to wait around the Holidays when they are pretty much giving the console away for free.

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