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Before Batman: Arkham Knight, I didn't think I needed to play another Batman game. Blame the sour taste left by Arkham Origins, blame plain old Batman fatigue, but I didn't have a burning desire to don the cowl again.

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PaleMoonDeath1243d ago

That's four perfect 10's thus far, and I thought The Witcher wasn't going to be topped so easily, straying away from videos, they show far too much for story purposes, get hyped!

hades071243d ago

Twiggy, looks like im not the only one looking at the different Arkham Knight reviews haha.
This is one of the better reviews for the game so far.

PaleMoonDeath1243d ago

Haha! can't help it dude, I'm scrounging every score and review summary I can grasp, three days!

Ezz20131243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

You guys better follow every review about my game and praise it
I will be coming for you.

showtimefolks1243d ago

Amazing game and we can add this to what will surly be one of the most compete to be goty voting

Khajiit861242d ago

So far Bloodborne, Witcher 3, and Arkham Knight.... Ill give it to all 3 in my personal awards show.

UKmilitia1243d ago

they must be something negative we can find somewhere

Takwin1243d ago

Normally I just check Polygon and Gamespot for clickbait, negative, and SJW crap.

hades071243d ago

I hear you and I have to wait an extra day or two as I preordered it online and the mail here isnt the fastest. Thankfully I am still knee deep into the witcher and loving it to keep me occupied. Once this hits my doorstep though I am going to have a hard time choosing what games to play each time my Xbox boots up.

Magicite1243d ago

HOLY SAUSAGE ON THE STICK! Polygon gave 10/10 to game that actually deserves it? Dayum!

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AudioDop31243d ago

Yes! I'm so hyped for this game!

wolf5811243d ago ShowReplies(1)
die_fiend1243d ago

Polygon are giving this 10/10? Doesn't that mean it's probably awful?

NukaCola1243d ago

Poly is notorious for underrating so it's a 12 out of 10 game.

hangdang1243d ago

Lol so you guys cry and call polygon un-credible on most of their reviews, but when they have one you like, there's no issue and polygon is fine?

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