Media Molecule's Dreams Is A Game Creation Tool - And More

The game will also ship with traditional game experiences, as they secretly teased in the initial trailer.

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ThichQuangDuck1270d ago

Seemed like a movie creation tool to me. I can't tell if we will be able to interact with other people dreams or not. I know we will hear more soon

acdramon1270d ago

I'm pretty sure they said, you can make your own movies, games, music videos and so on. Pretty exciting stuff!

AgentSmithPS41270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

This seems like it will be easier than trying to make a 'movie' with flash animation. I assume we'll be able to add voices etc. Edit added - "There will also be more traditional gameplay modes bundled with the final product." "Finally, Media Molecule plainly confirmed Project Morpheus support. No idea if it will use the Move controllers as Media Molecule has demonstrated in their earliest PS4 demos"

If that's true I'm even more excited for it since I don't have one of those "drawing pads" for PC.

medman1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this game, and just how much freedom it will give to players. As usual, Media Molecule is experimenting, but I love it. Morpheus support? What I saw on screen for this experience would look nuts in VR...hope to see it soon.

Elda1270d ago

I figure you pay $60 for playing a game not making one I leave that to the developers otherwise I would try & make money developing a game.This game was the my only dissappointment of Sony's E3 show,if there is a campaign with some gameplay footage I might be swayed if not I'll pass.

Spotie1270d ago

This is for people who love creating, and people who love experiencing what others create. I may or may not buy it. Though I'm the creative type, I'm not very good with games like this. Some of my friends are, though, and I love playing through stuff they've made on other games.