These awesome niche Xbox 360 exclusives deserve the Xbox One backwards compatibility treatment

Dealspwn: Xbox One backwards compatibility was confirmed at E3 2015, and better yet, it works a treat. Unfortunately Microsoft has to individually bring games to the service with publisher permission, meaning that it's likely they'll start with the biggest and highest-profile third party titles before moving onto more niche games.

It's a shame, because the Xbox 360 has a host of incredible exclusives that came straight out of left-field or deliver totally unique experiences. Here are just a few of those wonderful niche games, whether released on disc or digitally, that deserve the backwards compatibility treatment eventually.

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Mikefizzled1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Losy Odyssey would be great but its not yet obvious how Microsoft will get around the multiple disc games. Would be greatly beneficial due to the texture pop in and long loading too.

urwifeminder1269d ago

I had my vote Battlestations pacific , Shadowrun ,PGR4 and Amped 3 my fave games last gen.

Mikefizzled1269d ago

I thought Shadowrun was online only and got shut down? I could be making that up though.

GusBricker1269d ago

It's already been said that all exclusives will be BC