And The Average Age Of A Canadian Gamer Is...

From NextGen Player:

"...40.3 years old. That statistic comes from a new study by Ipsos-Reid commissioned by our good friends at the Entertainment Software Association of Canada.

Just as interesting, the study found that a majority of Canadian parents (57%) claim they play video games with their kids (Yes, I said majority!) Also, a growing number of parents (41%) actually prefer their kids play video games rather than watch television."

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paulhunter3738d ago

I was surprised to hear it's over 40. Last time this survey was done the average age of a Canadian gamer was 33.

Smacktard3737d ago

Surveys are unreliable. They can define gamers as anyone who has ever played a game on a console, or people who play something such as Solitaire on the computer once every 6 months.