Naughty Dog & Guerrilla’s Hermen Hulst Eager For Each Others’ PS4 Title

Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann and Justin Richmond express how excited they are for Guerrilla's new PS4 IP 'Horizon - Zero Dawn'. As a response Guerrilla Games's managing director Herman Hulst responds and adds that Uncharted 4 "looked insane"

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DarkOcelet1407d ago

Both looked incredibly amazing. GG and ND are awesome! Those two games are most definitely day 1.

VER1ON1407d ago

I heard about Horizon last year but didn't expect it to be this 'stellar'. Day one indeed.

Cindy-rella1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

The best looking upcoming games imo are uncharted 4 and horizon which are Playstation exclusive titles. Buying these games day one.

We have had some stellar exclusive games so far on the ps4 and its no coincidence that the two best looking games at E3 are ps4 exclusive titles. Sony has some amazing dev teams. The most powerful console is the Ps4 so with talented development team harnessing the power of the ps4 we will see amazing games that will look miles above other games on other consoles. Ps4 has games that looks better than the best looking games on high end pcs which are 10 times more powerful and expensive atm.

People say power doesnt matter or graphics doesnt matter trying to fool themselves and others. I laugh at people that try to compare tomb raider to uncharted when naughty dog is considered the best dev team by a lot of people.

subtenko1407d ago

Guerilla Games looking to become the next NaughtyDog, doo ittt :D Naughtydog + Guerrilla Games collab, do itttt!! ^_^ great people

fermcr1407d ago

Yep, both Horizon and Uncharted 4 impressed.

JBaby3431407d ago

I was blown away by both games. Both of these devs are top tier and it shows.

Majin-vegeta1407d ago

So am I.Just need a collectors edition for each so I can pre order.

VER1ON1407d ago

Indeed a collection for Horizon that would include the game's epic soundtrack would rock.

chrisx1407d ago

Its great to see mutual respect between PS devs. ND and Guerilla games are setting a new benchmark with their new games

SmokingMonkey1407d ago

Collector's Editions For Everyone!

Bathyj1407d ago

Candy and sodas for all.

Bathyj1407d ago

I really like Herman Hulst. He seems like such a cool dude. I wish he were my dad.

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