Hitman, Kingdom Hearts & Deus Ex Save a Poorly Produced Square Enix Presentation at E3 2015

A look back at the Square Enix Press Event at E3, some great games that should have been left to speak for themselves. Unfortunately, a poorly produced show that had a little too much talking and a vanishing translator. Thankfully some great gameplay saved the day.

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bixxel1218d ago

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, Division, Assassins Creed Syndicate saves a Poorly Produced Ubisoft Presentation at E3 2015. How's that sound?

rosscoffx1218d ago

I don't think the Ubisoft show was badly produced, everything ran smoothly, Aisha you either like her or you don't but overall the show was fine.

Squares was too slow starting and a lot of waffle and strange people with bobble heads on!

Ghost Recon was awesome tho, The Division looked less polished to me but may have been the steam.

starchild1217d ago

Square Enix's conference wasn't as well produced, but in terms of the number of games coming from them that I want to play I think they were probably the best. Ubisoft's was good too, though.

Sevir1217d ago

Square and ubi's show we're nice... I liked "For Honor"... Didn't get excited for the other stuff other than the Division.

Square's show was awesome. I enjoyed world of FF, Neir 2, Star Ocean 5, hitman. Was a great show

Baka-akaB1217d ago

Yeah it's probably the first year (or the consecutive second) the ubi didnt seem awkward , or incredibly cheesy .

I's a major evolution from the day of that "craaaazy" Driver presentation

The 10th Rider1217d ago

Umm...Did you forget the on stage dance with Jason Derulo? When he tried to get Aisha to say she'd dance? When she sat down next to the 'hot' guy dressed like the new assassin and tried to get him to make a meme?

Yeah, it had plenty of awkwardness.

Baka-akaB1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

And yet didnt seem awkward compared to their previous years .

you seems to forget that . It even tops the most ridiculous moments of "VGX" . Or that Battletag demo . Imo they've come a long way

And quite honestly , i didnt bother watching the Just dance sequence , i had audio and just kept waiting for them to move on

The 10th Rider1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

^His joke was pretty funny, she completely killed the humor and KEEPS going. Listen to the audience, they really laugh at his joke but only give a light chuckle to hers.

You could cut those moments and a few others together and it would make a pretty awkward cut. It may be better than previous years, but they've still got a ways to go.

KTF261217d ago

Ubisoft has nothing to do with this article
but if you want to compare between the two shows
then ubisoft did much better

at least ubisoft kept their surprises for their show: South Park, For Honor, Ghost Recon
Sequare Enix spoiled two of their surprises for the sake of sony: Hitman, FF7 Remake
they kept only Neir for their show

BTW, I'm not talking about the quality of the final products but Ubisoft sold words better than Square Enix in this E3
In face Ubisoft sell words better than anyone in gaming industry but the quality of the final product became worst and worst the last few years

BinaryMind1218d ago

Not even a mention of Nier 2. This article is not worth your time.

Baka-akaB1217d ago

Poorly presented yes , but the content of the conference , what ultimately matters , the games , were top notch .

blackblades1217d ago

Yeah what you said, the room was smaller then the rest but who cares. The weird thing there was the guy in the helmet who could needed guidance cause he couldn't see who cares. What matters are the games.

Haru1217d ago

you'd think that such a big company like square enix could afford a better stage

_-EDMIX-_1217d ago

I think they actually did pretty good for their first E3 showing. Its good to see them supporting E3 even with Japanese games as they need to be aware the west cares....if they care. They use to always save stuff for TGS (which is far) but they need to show some love to the west too with their announcements.

Square needs to show that FF matter and should be in the mix of the conversation. I feel they should have prepared a showing for it too (FFXV I mean). But over all, I liked it and hope they continue it.

Baka-akaB1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Compared to Besthesda , also doing their first , it was abysmal in presentation . But again they had the games , both for "eidos" and their japanese studios . And i was ok with skipping FFXV if they had nothing new to show or announce , with an updated demo in the wild

_-EDMIX-_1217d ago

Bethesda also has fewer games and less international developers. Square has to put this together with teams from around the world. I think Square had an ok showing.

I think they will show more FFXV content actually at TGS. They are not just showing it to show something "new" they still need to market its existence and I think they only didn't show it due to time constants. Consider at the ending where they announced a new team that only had art to show.

They still need to market themselves, even if they don't have footage.

Baka-akaB1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

I'm just criticizing the presentation , even by Japanese standards , you can tell that everyone on stage isnt used to public speeches.

Bare a few cringy lines Peter Hines and Todd Howard were showmen , and did fine .

On Square's side , we mostly had a few gasp moments were you thought Shinji Hashimoto was trolling once again by showing unexpected games , instead of much wanted footage like KH3 . Of course they did show it , but i bet people held their breath for a sec thinking back to the original FF7 presentation from last time

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