GTA 6 Rumors Begin Circulating

GTA 5 Cheats writes "While we haven’t gotten anything vaguely resembling an official announcement, various Take-Two and Rockstar employees (or the boss, in one case) of varying importance have stated that, yes, GTA IV is coming. Considering the popularity of the franchise, this is hardly surprising."

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jv19911308d ago

I hope its gonna be even bigger then gta 5 and even more to do. But that you can earn money easyier then in gta5

Psychotica1308d ago

For frig sake, support the single player game like it used to be..

Lighter91307d ago

Red Dead sequel must come first!

B7uno1307d ago

The next GTA would be better than 5 if your player could dance at nightclubs. Have jobs. More people in an online session. 1000 people in a session. That's all for now.

Agent_00_Revan1307d ago

Well duh! I have no doubt they're already working on it. But at this point its still in the planning stages. These games take several years to compete.

Deathnote1281307d ago

Sorry accidently hit disagree.

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