Destiny: The Taken King - Why It's The Biggest Expansion Yet

Nathan talks to Bungie's Luke Timmins about Destiny: The Taken King and why it's the biggest expansion yet.

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DanteVFenris6661217d ago

This "big" expansion sounds like what the other 2 should have been

brokenbracket1215d ago

LOL @ the vault space question. I literally handle my vault like a puzzle. "Ok, if I put this weapon here, and take this weapon out, then put this one on my Titan and this one on my Hunter, maybe I can fit this one in and move it to my Warlock." The vault should have endless space in my opinion. What's the point of getting all these cool weapons only to have to dismantle some because of vault space??? And sure, you won't ever use all of them, but maybe you will with the new etheric light system. I've been upgrading weapons that I know I'll never use, but then again, if there's a buff to certain weapons, maybe I'll start using those again *cough cough, auto rifles, cough cough*

pompombrum1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Well after the other two expansions, calling this the "biggest expansion yet" doesn't really say much. HoW was certainly a huge step in the right direction but by "expansion" standards, it's still very small when you compare it to what other companies refer to as expansions.