Is the new Doom too old-school?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Is the new Doom to old-school with outdated mechanics as some claim, or is it exactly what it is suppose to be and what the FPS genre needs?"

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DesVader1220d ago

Lets call it Retro and just go with it :)

ATi_Elite1220d ago

All they had to do was take Doom and give it a serious make over in the Graphics department.

Doom is Doom and it doesn't need perks or kill streaks or levolution or blast processing or mode 7.

Doom is proper and wonderful as is as long as it has that OMG im fighting hell demons then it's a winner.

Locknuts1220d ago

Blast processing bit made me lol.

Choc_Salties1220d ago

Doom is Doom, lets see what it looks like when it finally arrives. Pure id Software stuff hasn't been a winner for some time, even if it powers the back-end of other games...

Sillicur1220d ago

Yeh its been a long time since id has really put out something special, i think this might be it !

freshslicepizza1220d ago

maybe i'm the only one but i wasn't very impressed with what they showed at e3. i don't get that sense of fear and the variations in monsters and animations looks like it will get old fast. i kept thinking of how well the last alien game was and how they managed to get such a great atmosphere going and solitude with the fear of what's around the corner. mind you this was just a demo.

Sillicur1220d ago

True that. Will have to wait and see with the final game before a judgement can be fully made. But i am excited.

Becuzisaid1220d ago

Doom was not originally a horror game. Doom 3 made it fit into that category, but here they're trying to go back to the arcadey roots.

deadfrag1220d ago

Sorry to tell you but the real Doom was never about fear!Doom was first a tense gory mindless shooter;getting the tension from the packs or quantity of enemys that the game sends after you from everywhere.Its a game that keeps you on your toes due to the tension and intensity of the horde send after you not because of fear!

plut0nash1220d ago

Nope it looks good and very cool. If it doesn't hold your hand then that's a good thing.

Sillicur1220d ago

Well said completely agreed

schmoe1220d ago

nah, not at all, i think this is what doom 3 should have been! BRING IT

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The story is too old to be commented.