Hold the ‘Shenmue 3’ Hype – Weren’t the Earlier Games Actually a Bit Sh*t?

The reveal of 'Shenmue 3' turned men into runny-eyed babies, but don't they remember how bad these games could be?

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bunt-custardly1312d ago

Some folks aren't going to like the opinion in this article but nostalgia's a bitch sometimes.

Spotie1311d ago

The guy never played the games, making his opinion- or his claim, at least- suspect to begin with. Until last year, anyway, and then claims he enjoyed them.

He's basing the notion that the games sucked on the fact that not all reviewers LOVED the game, which is a flawed and stupid thing to do.

His opinion is all over the place. Not exactly something people should "like."

NeMo_HeauxZ1312d ago

Ok so let me get this straight. Your judging a game that you've never played and basing your opinion off of what reviewers said? Well I had a Dreamcast and I can easily tell you that the game was a classic. Sometimes you have to try things on your own without trusting the opinion of a reviewer because what if his or her taste in gaming is different than mines or yours. If the game is the quickest game ever to meet its Kickstarter goals than there must be people that agree with me that Shenmue is classic. The people and their wallets have spoken.

Moe-Gunz1312d ago

What? The Shenmue games were amazing. I still play Shenmue 2.

pwnsause_returns1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

Vice...cause they are too hip for FREE games... -__-

Shenmue is such an amazing game for what it did back in the day, and it still is, it's a goodman breath of fresh air from all these shooters that have come out recently. I still remembered when you walk out of the hazuki residence for the first time and your walking through sakuragaoka and the first FREE song starts to play, I knew I was in for such a special game.