"Dreamcrushed" Sega Shirt

The news has been announced that Sega has absolutely no plans to get back in the hardware business. With that, is offering up a shirt design to commemorate the crushing blow dealt by Sega to all the Dreamcast 2 hopefuls.

If enough fans are interested, the site will apparently make the shirts and give them out to readers.

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gynecologistcobra3741d ago

Look Sega, at this point, I will settle for a next-gen Crazy Taxi. Just give us something.

Nostradavis3741d ago

It's not about the game...I just want another damn Dreamcast. I am about to go and make one myself. In fact, I may make a skin that you can apply to your 360/PS3 that just makes it look like a Dreamcast 2.

Playstation Man3741d ago

lol @ trolling Sega Saturn. Sorry, but this article alone should be dedicated with fingers pointing and laughter ensuing for his obvious blatant flamewar starting in earlier PS3-based threads. That over-obsessed Sega/ Microsoft-to-avenge-their-deat h supporter deserves it.

Nostradavis3741d ago

I have no idea what the hell you just said. Good for you!

Playstation Man3741d ago

Most likely because of my name rather than my comments. Meh, your loss.

Nostradavis3740d ago

Nope. You are not on my ignore list. I don't take the time to ignore people.

Mcrmarcher3741d ago

i just want them to make shenmue 3 adding shenmue 1&2 with it, that would be fcking amazing! Do is SEGA!

NoxiousD3741d ago

If Sega were to get into the console wars again, It would be utter chaos. More fan boy battles will take place and who knows? Sega may come back out on top? But how would they? most of their games have been sold off to nintendo and other companies... how would they get Sonic back to be an exclusive and others... sonic and mario together is a sin... i wished sonic never even went to nintendo...

mistertwoturbo3741d ago

Well the only way SEGA could become competitive again is 3rd party support, plus mind-blowing exclusives. A new Sonic game isn't exactly a mind blowing exclusive (not anymore that is).

Secondly they have to match the online offerings of XBL and PSN. PSN being free, and XBL being a premium service. And not only that, but it would at least have to have much more advanced hardware than the PS3/360.

But having more advanced hardware = more costs, and more costs = longer developement for the games. Which would instantly scare away any potential developers.

I don't know man, but in order for SEGA to come back. They'd have to wait for the next generation of consoles. But even then, the PS4 and 720 will have all the features of a PS360 plus more.

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The story is too old to be commented.