AMD's Radeon Fury X: the new leader in graphics tech?

Digital Foundry at Eurogamer:

"AMD has revealed its new top-tier performance graphics line - Radeon Fury. Three different cards based on its new silicon, codenamed Fiji, have been revealed - led by the ultra high-end watercooled Fury X, due for release before the end of the month. Later on in the summer we can look forward to a slower, cheaper, air-cooled Fury along with Fury Nano - a small form factor iteration."

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TacticAce1219d ago

Even with the lack of hdmi 2.0 for my UHD tv and only 4gb of vram I'm still very tempted to snag this one. Guess it'll just be 4k gaming at 30 fps, but it will make the next upgrade all worth the while when they finally use hdmi 2.0.

awi59511218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

I bet it has display port most amd cards has it. And display port can do sound now and you only need one port for up to 3 screens now i think. Also alot of 4k displays need more than one cable to run them also so its a win to me.

T9001218d ago

Well even the best of hardware is useless without driver support. AMD first needs to start working on driver support.

Testfire1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

I don't know man, I haven't had any issues with driver support so I don't know what everyone is on about on this issue. Granted, I rarely play games on release day, so issues may have been ironed out by the time I play but the last games I've played are currently The Witcher 3 (about a week after release), The Witcher 2 and GTA V (on release) and all these ran excellent.

I'd sure like people to actually point out some examples rather than the same tired line of "driver support" every time an AMD article comes up. At least then there can be a healthy debate.

Psygnosis3331218d ago

Its better 1080P with 60fps...4k is overrated

Twignberries1218d ago

It's a shame AMD's driver support for 4k sucks ass...

TheBrownBandito1218d ago

There's always one, so congratulations. Now can we discuss it like adults?

Twignberries1218d ago

It is quite unfortunate that AMD's GPU driver support is lacking in the necessary and consistent support needed to uphold high visual fidelity at ultra resolutions.


So can't handle the truth, sprinkled lightly with mild profanity?.. Hmmm yes I'm the one who isn't an "adult"..

Lon3wolf1218d ago

Well it does AMD driver support or lack there of is why went over to NVidia late last year after having AMD cards for years.

brainfart1218d ago

I've never had driver problems and if i did it was user error,so stop texting B.S!!!

Lon3wolf1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

You are lucky then, the driver support is lacking for most other people look how long you wait for game specific fixes and even then the driver is in Beta, how many actual non beta releases do AMD provide in a year?

Oh and no one said issues with the driver, just how lacking driver support is lol.

Khajiit861218d ago


I think Nvidia has game specific updates before the game comes out, if not then they have it the day the game comes out. Seems like every game I have bought day 1, Nvidia was ready.

darksky1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

It's only the Nvidia fanboys always going on about AMD drivers. I have a 7950 crossfire setup and the new leaked drivers give a huge 10-15% boost. Witcher 3 and Farcry 4 run at 60fps solid with Hairworks on.

Lon3wolf1218d ago

I was AMD until late last year (from 2003 with the 9800 pro)when I had enough with their slack attitude toward drivers, I had 2 x 7850's last before I sold them and got a 970.

It could also be said only fanboys can't see the truth.

cigi1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

@Twingberries - you are living in the past. We are moving to win 10 and da dx12. AMD has superior drivers here with the knowledge of mantel.

So do like the rest of us and move on.

Twignberries1218d ago

@cigi excuse me?? Living in the past?.. My last cards before my current ones were two r9 295x2's in quadfire. The driver support was average at best. I now have 2x titan x's... Slower cards but yet they still absolutely wipe the floor in performance due top notch driver/software support.

And yes, I did move on. To nvidia.

Dude4201218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Like how Kepler cards were performing terribly in Witcher 3 compared to AMD? Yeah, top notch driver support Nvidia :-\.

Maxor1218d ago

AMD's hardware are fantastic, and they're the best deal in gaming. But until they solve these 3 problems I simply can not buy an AMD card.

1. Drivers and support, still second best to be generous.
2. No answer for Nvidia Gameworks. Everything is Nvidia these days. Take Dying Light for example, Nvidia PhysicX, Nvidia Turbulence, Nvidia cloth simulation...everything Nvidia all over the damn game.
3. Bundles. Nvidia is murdering AMD on bundles again. Buy a 960 GTX and up and get the Witcher 3 and Batman AK for free? Hell yeah! Unless AMD bundles Fallout and Tomb Raider then this Nvidia's bundle is going to be hard to beat.

Lon3wolf1218d ago

Exactly, nothing wrong with the hardware just driver support is lacking.

TheBrownBandito1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

"It is quite unfortunate that AMD's GPU driver support is lacking in the necessary and consistent support needed to uphold high visual fidelity at ultra resolutions.

Better? "

Yes, much better thank you.

But you've already shown your hand, by talking about "sucking ass" rather than discussing the new, and unequivocally innovative hardware that is about to be made available.

Excuse me if I take a rain check on furthering the direction you were hoping to take the discussion.