Shuichi Kobayashi Explains Why Star Ocean 5 Will Not Come To Xbox One, It's A Technical Challenge

PlayStation gamers enjoy these kind of games, says Shuichi Kobayashi.

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SaveFerris1219d ago

I understand not releasing an Xbox One version, but I would think a PC version would be relatively easy for them.

ShugaCane1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

PC gamers are not really familiar with the Star Ocean series. Plus, releasing on PS4 and PC but not X1 would make no sense. Not to mention that the previous episode was released on X360 and not on PC.

SaveFerris1219d ago

No Man's Sky and SFV will be coming to PC as well as PS4 so it isn't unusual. Also, when was Star Ocean 4 released on Xbox One?

ShugaCane1219d ago


I meant 360. It was a mistake, I edited my comment.

Army_of_Darkness1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

They want to achieve 1080p @60fps and they know xbone will hold them back from that goal, that's why it's ps4 exclusive. It's in the article.

1219d ago
freshslicepizza1219d ago

most of the people buying it will be from playstation fans, which is true. so to me that is a fair evaluation but to say it's because of technical reasons isn't a valid excuse.

NewMonday1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

"when we did a survey about the PS4 release, there are more PlayStation gamers enjoying these kinds of games. We wanted to make this game primarily for the people who are eagerly awaiting a sequel"

its simply because of the divers install base of the PS4

pinkcrocodile751219d ago

If it was something "Western" I could see people being up in arm but to be honest I'm not sure most Xbox owners will care.

I know it's my opinion but am I the only one who find Japanese games utterly unappealing?

I'm european, I prefer western games to eastern games, just the same as the Japanese do with Western games.

Am I the only one?

itBourne1219d ago


Lol, fanboy much? So the X1 is going to hold the game back more, performance wise, then the ps3 version does? Do you even realize the X1 is more similar to the PS4 then the PS3 is to the ps4? Yes it is more resources for every version, not specifically the X1 though that causes them to not reach 1080p/60fps.

tiffac0081219d ago

Star Ocean situation is the same as Tales Of games from Bamco. Most of the fans of the franchise are on Playstation.

The tech issue is just an excuse. They just don't want to spend money on the community with the lesser fanbase for the title.

never4get1218d ago

Star Ocean 5 probably using PS3 proprietary code library, making it legally "technical" impossible to port it onto other than Sony Platform.

Zero1091218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

PC gamers are never going to get familiar with Star Ocean (console rpgs in general) if no one releases any on PC. As told by several devs, it's relatively easy to port X1/PS4 games to PC (they use the same architecture after all and almost every multi plat game gets released on PC) so that's really no excuse.

@Army of Darkness
It's being released on ps3 so it's a cross gen title (so the ps4 version is a port). I hardly doubt the X1 wouldn't be able to achieve [email protected] (maybe 1080, RPGs aren't really that taxing on hardware).

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MightyNoX1219d ago

S-E has been pretty bad with PC programming (see Lightning Returns)

You'll get SO5 on PC but I give it 2-3 years

DonkeyDoner1219d ago

no its not coming, SO never touch PC

chaos9991219d ago

It's that kind of game which is not popular enough (See FF) but a niche good game neither (See YS games)

Probably will stay PS4 exclusive.

Magicite1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

And this is one of main reasons why I always own only PC + PS. Xbox and Nintendo systems simply don't cater to my needs.

Canary1219d ago

The first thing I learned after I was given a Wii was that Nintendo did cater to my needs, I just hadn't realized it.

PlayableGamez1219d ago

Well at least he didn't rule out the possibility for a PC/XB1 release, but I do understand where he is coming from.

NatureOfLogic_1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

This longer this gen goes on, the more the sales of PS4 hardware and software greatly exceeds Xbox One at a ratio more than 2:1.

My point, don't expect PS4 exclusives to release on Xbox One later, Especially jrpgs.

MWH1219d ago

"Square Enix had a decent E3 showing and although it was no way close to what Sony, Microsoft and Bethesda showcased in their respective presentations"

you got that wrong pal, Square Enix > Microsoft.

fermcr1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Yep, and Square Enix > Sony.

Unreal011219d ago

Nope. If you hadn't realised Square Enix = Sony.

Square Enix conference was basically Sony conference part 2.

G20WLY1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Horizon and Uncharted 4 ate everything else for breakfast.

It was a great E3 across many conferences, but all considered, these two games took 1st and 2nd place for me. I couldn't tell you which one was 1st though!

The clutch of RPGs for PS4 was the icing on the cake and Star Ocean is the very welcome cherry!

italiangamer1219d ago

Well said, the author must have been drunk during Square Enix conference. As you said, it was better than MS.

1219d ago
tulholdren1219d ago

Yes Star Ocean 5 can't wait to give this a play thru. Now get it over here and if you don't i'll still get it. Playstation my go to spot for JRPG's.

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