Don't hold your breath for PS4 backwards compatibility

Microsoft's most eye-catching E3 2015 announcement was the addition of backwards compatibility to the Xbox One. It means some Xbox 360 games will be playable on the console.

When it made the announcement, Microsoft used BioWare's action role-playing game Mass Effect to demonstrate the technology.

"It was surprising," Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida told Eurogamer editor Oli Welsh when asked for his reaction.

"I didn't think it was possible. There must be lots of engineering effort. They talked about 100 games, but what kind of games will be included? Is it smaller games or big games? We don't know."

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kassler1222d ago

I'm not holding my breath, my PS3 is next to my PS4.

Marked1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

Yeah, I just dont get it. If someone is so desperate for a PS4 that they trade in their PS3....I'm sure they are trading in all their games with them!

Seriously, what percent of users are going to use BWC? Who>? retro youtube accounts?!? small children? Your cool uncle that you havent seen in years that wants to reconnect with black ops????

BTW...I have an old 60gb fat with BWC and take some guesses how often I used the feature?

Edward751222d ago

When gamestop had the 125 or 175 off a ps4, if you trade in a ps3 or Xbox, many people traded in systems with no games.

sonarus1222d ago

backwards compatibility is overrated big time. I paid 600 bucks for original ps3 so i could play ps2 games. I only ended up playing 1 ps2 game in the 8 plus yrs since i had the ps3.

You buy new console to play new games not old one. This feature will probably be forgotten by year end

ShowanW1222d ago

I use it. and love it. I have the OG 60GB PS3 (which recently YLOD'd on me) When my PS2 died on me, I still played my games on the PS3, since it had full back/compat and all.

When Microsoft allowed select OG Xbox games on the 360, I went right back to Jade Empire instantly still love it to this day.

There is no Mass Effect or Red Dead Redemption series for the current gen yet, so to be able to still play them without having a ton of boxes under the tv is convenient.

I can now take my 360 and either trade it in or just make it a Xbox Live Arcade box for my daughters. Either known they don't play games like that.

ceedubya91222d ago

Speaking for myself, personally, It is more of a convenience factor. While I won't spend a lot of time playing 360/PS3 games at this point, It would be nice to go back and play certain ones that I loved every now and then. That list might only include probably 10 games or something, but I would definitely love to be able to play those 10 games without having to hold on to an older console that is mostly taking up space in my home.

Of course, I could just hold on to my older console, but if I don't have to, then I'm happy about that. This is especially important for me in regards to digital games that I bought last gen. I just like the convenience of BC when its available.

InTheLab1222d ago

I'm of two minds for this.

Why wouldn't you want this feature. Surely there's the convenience of having two systems in one like the ps3 fat. In the case of the fat ps3, God of war 2 and DragonBall z came out 6 months after the ps3 launched. Was pretty cool to play those games on my ps3.

On the other hand, I still have the first console I've ever owned and even though I have a few NES games on newer Nintendo platforms, nothing is more satisfying than watching my kids play on the same console I did at their age. So basically, I don't give away things that have given me years of enjoyment.

Why throw away an old friend?

someOnecalled1222d ago

the spins is funny especially since a lot of these fanboys stay asking for last gen ports. and you know it would be a different tune if sony announced this instead of MS. they fact that yall are saying yall dont want BC and that gamers dont use it speak in volumen and i hope Sony is listening so they can do the same with PS5. if they have dumb blind loyal customers like yall i incourage them to rip yall off. i love being able to play my old games whenever i want, instead of saying its not needed until master throws me a remastered bone.

gotta love PS fanboys they are the plague of gaming. SONY no more BC for future consoles just remasters and PS NOW they ll love it. no one plays old games thats why console games are short lived. me? im off to play STALKERS still on of the best wasteland open world games.

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OB1Biker1222d ago

And Hd full of last gen games I dont want to fill my PS4 with

svoulis1222d ago

Thank god this was the first comment. I feel the same way. No reason to not keep your PS3 or 360 if you still play games with it.

Sayai jin1222d ago

BC is a good thing. It gives gamers an option to play games from the past.

It's If playing older games on a new system wasn't a sweet feature then Sony wouldn't have ever started PS Now. The only difference is that it's not true BC and you have to pay for games you already own.

USMC_POLICE1222d ago

As is mine with the old PS2 before the PS3, I still play them both!

UKmilitia1222d ago

i thought i wanted it but i dont,i have games in my memory of how amazing they are but in past generations i never want to go back and do them because i live in the NOW.
igot in th beta of psnow and it was free for months,yet i played about 20 minutes of 1 game,i logged back into it a few days back and they want £4.99 to rent a 7 year old game for 3 days.

jerethdagryphon1221d ago

Its a possibility via gcn possibly but the 3.2. Ghz speed is a pain to handle at half speed the rsx nvidia chil is less of a issue but who knows it might be possible xb1 was a tri core powerpc chip so not too disimilar from x86 stuff

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PaleMoonDeath1222d ago

At the very least, make PS1 and PS2 games BC for the PS4, I don't own a PS3 anymore, like many who have upgraded since the new consoles came out.

Tyre1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

For an insignificant feature Sony puts a lot of effort in providing us with the Sony back-catalog: PS1 games on PS/PS2 in PS store...PS1 BC on PS2 and PS3 and they removed PS2 hardware BC on PS3(because of expenditure), but later added PS2 Backwards Compatibility via emulation in a PS store purchase. Sony cares a lot about their back-catalogue, they offer it now via PSnow, they CAN make an emulator just like the XB1 version with recompiling to x86 of PS4 (Cell is a PowerPC just like the Xbox360 CPU)..the PS3 differs as much from the x86 architecture (XB1 & PS4) as the Xbox360. They could also offer us a disc-based/previous purchase entry to PSnow, if you have the retail disc or bought the PS3 digital version, previous purchase gives you entry-right, stream that game without a fee. That would be the same as the MS offering BC for already purchased games. Why not? People who didn't buy them before can purchase them (commercial value), but for Playstation gamers it will be a service. I think it's wonderful that MS has done this, besides the difference between PS2 and PS3 games/XB Original and XB360 is that we now have Trophies/Achievements and it is mighty cool that the validity of those Throphies/Achievements remain intact, we will always be able to get that special Throphies/Achievement via BC, it makes a huge difference. BC is also a given on PC. I'm still able to play that game from '96 for example. It keeps the value of your purchase in check...less like junk- food like as if disposable more like culture/art (surplus value).

Sayai jin1222d ago

I do not see Sony doing anything like free BC, because it would somewhat render PS Now useless and hurt that business model.

comebackkid98911222d ago

You realize those PSX/PS2 titles use an emulator (they're not built ground up for PS3)? All Sony has to do is license that emulator to the PS4 and BAM! PSX/PS2 BC.

ShottyatLaw1222d ago

Hopefully they are able to work something out. When people say competition is a good thing, this is exactly the kind of result they are referring to. Sony's huge success is continuing to push MS in a way that is beneficial to the consumers on both platforms. Hopefully these X1 features push Sony in a similar way.

Personally, having access to my digital titles (especially the smaller Arcade games) is what I really appreciate. I purchased a lot of XBLA and PSN games last gen. Turning on the X1 this week and seeing four of those old titles queued up on my games list was fantastic.

MS has received a lot of flack from the gaming community in recent years (a lot of it deservedly so). I have to say, though, they really have become more consumer friendly in the last few years. Rather than re-releasing XBLA and 360 titles as remastered ports, they're giving us the option of simply playing our purchased content. It seems like a no-brainer, but we all can imagine how 2013 MS would have done things. Considering the 360 GwG offerings and sales, we will be able to get free to very cheap content from a huge back catalog.

And as much as I absolutely loath third-party marketing deals, and all of the stupidity they embrace, I will say that utilizing back-compat as a "bonus" is a great idea. I couldn't care less about early access to DLC, "exclusive" missions, preorder bonuses, etc. But Fallout and Rainbow 6 including free copies of the past games? Yeah, I'll support that one.

Saijahn1222d ago

Well according to most PS4 owners they don't want the feature to begin with. They'd rather pay for PSNow, so I doubt they're holding their breath.

paul-p19881222d ago

Judging from the PSNow articles on this site, and opinions from beta testers, not many people are willing to pay for PSNow and just want native backwards compatibility.
If they dropped their subscription price to Netflix levels then I might be interested, but not at the prices coming from the beta testers. I just wanna play my PS1 and PS2 games on my PS4 (I have my PS3 set up next to my PS4, and I already know it's not really gonna be possible to emulate PS3 on PS4) but I wouldn't say it's an essential feature imo.

OB1Biker1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

PSNow is not aimed at playing games you already own, its more aimed at playing games you never played on PS4 or Vita or other devices. Not that Im interested in it though but theres some misinformation going on here

Skate-AK1221d ago

I don't see why people don't think outside the box. People that only own TV's will have access to PS Now, without having to own any console. The service is not targeting PS4 or PS3 owners. They are just letting them have the option also.

NixonMonoxide1222d ago

Oh I'm certainly not. That's why I won't be buying a brick with less features, more remasters than games, and a forced PS+ policy. Wake me up when the PS4 is worth anything more than hype and remasters.

wegetsignalx1222d ago

Playstation 4 is not a brick.

Playstation 4 does not have more remasters than games.

Playstation 4 does not force PS+.

Playstation 4 is worth more than "hype and remasters".

More sad trolling on almost every PS article these days.

Death1222d ago

There is nothing wrong with the PS4 and it has had it's fair share of excellent games this gen already with more to come. If you can only afford one console, both the PS4 and Xbox One offer excellent value to gamers. If you can't see new games like Bloodbourne, Infamous and Driveclub as great games to have, you simply don't want to look.

I'm not a big fan of being forced to pay for Plus to play online with the PS4, but you are paying on either console if you want multiplayer. PS4 has Plus and Xbox One has Live. It's not like you can play free on Xbox, so pointing out Plus today is a pretty moot point. We've been paying more and for much longer on Xbox.

I do agree Microsoft is killing it with added features on the Xbox One, but truth be told they have to. Microsoft is trying to retain their customer base while Sony has been quickly adding to theirs for the past couple years.

kenshiro1001221d ago

How are you forced? Its optional. Everything else is uour opinion and not fact.

Please stop spreading misinformation.

Skate-AK1221d ago

Hopefully you have a PC. If you have a Xbone and are spewing that nonsense, it would be disappointing.

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