At E3, Sony shows what Project Morpheus’ actual VR games will look like

In previous demonstrations of its Project Morpheus VR technology, Sony has primarily shown demos that were more technical proofs of concept than actual games. At E3 2015, Sony finally seemed ready to show more demos that could form the basis of actual games that might be released for the headset when it launches in early 2016.

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TLG19911271d ago

the chances of me getting the morpheus are pretty high regardless because im a sucker for brand new tech.

im really glad to see in the pics the move controllers are still being used, hoping that thats all that needed and they don't release new ones. i bought 2 move and a navi controller and never used them. well ont for sports champions but thats it.

freshslicepizza1271d ago

i'm going to wait at least a year after it's out. i was so excited with playstation move only to be let down by software support. this is the problem whenever you have a peripheral, nobody wants to fully commit to it and sony's reluctance to give a firm date or price isn't helping.

Sora_19941271d ago

your in luck shu said the move will be the only version.

UKmilitia1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

i want to get it and i prob will but im worried it fails.
kinect,ps eye etc all failed imo and thsi is gonna be very expensive kit and it needs the software support it.

I need to make sure im ok using one first though so i hope a local shop gets one in to use.

3-4-51270d ago

I'm sitting VR out this round.

I'll wait until it's truly awesome to jump on board.

It could be the best thing ever....I still just want to play games the normal way with just a controller.

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ps4fanboy1271d ago

I've heard the morpheous experience is pretty mind blowing , if that is the case with demo material...

ABizzel11270d ago

It should do big things for the first person genre (shooter, Adventure, horror), RTS, and several others.

It's also very possible to patch many games that have already released with support which IMO is what Sony should really be doing right now to give Morpheus a good amount of content, and better yet games people already have to try it out with.

There's already a fairly large list of games that support Rift, so Morpheus needs to collect many of these titles too for Day 1.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1267d ago

They need software to allow VR 3D simulation for every game, hopefully it won't be just VR games that are compatible (similar to vorpx on PC)

LifeInNZ1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I hope we see some actual games soon, and not just tech demos come Eyetoy VR games.

Love the way I get a disagree with this comment. Look what happened to the EyeToy, it went nowhere becuase the rich gaming experience just was not there. If Sony doesn't nail it with Morpheus then it could put VR gaming on consoles back a few years....or longer! Novelty experiences are short lived. For Morpheus to truly succeed it needs a stream of rich and deep gameplay experiences.

strickers1270d ago

RIGS is a game. The Heist looks like it's becoming one.
I don't think we should underestimate make power of 3+ viable formats in VR. Less risk to do multiformat games

aerisbueller1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Oh god, I've been waiting for this moment since I first saw Lawnmower Man as a kid. The fact a real VR headset is coming to home consoles means it's going to go mainstream even quicker than I would have dared hope when I first heard about Oculus. Kudos to Sony for having the vision to recognize this is the future and having the courage to move forward with this so early instead of waiting until it's proven.

On a side note, I'd be ridiculously surprised if Oculus support didn't eventually come to XBox One, seeing as how it's 'built into Windows 10' now, and XBox One is listed as one of the devices in the Win10 family. Also Microsoft has been making all the right choices since Satya and Phil took over.

playstation4epic1270d ago

Not gonna happen Morpheus is heavily optimized for the Ps4 and with the Xbone being weaker it will be unlikely

ABizzel11270d ago

Regardless of the disagree Oculus isn't coming to XBO in the same vein as Morpheus is for the PS4, simply because the system requirements are way too much for XBO to handle.

NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater
Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
Compatible HDMI 1.3 video output
2x USB 3.0 ports

The CPU and GPU requirements are far better than what the XBO has to offer, and the PS4 as well. On top of that games need to run in at least 1080p for clarity sake, which neither console has a 100% success rate with. On top of that games need to run at 60fps preferably 90Hz, again neither console has been 100% successful at.

Finally according to the the architects of Oculus it takes nearly 3x the GPU performance to make a game work for Oculus. So even if a game is currently 1080p @ 60fps (like Forza 6) the XBO would still need to make up nearly 3x more performance to have a true Oculus experience in Forza.

This is why XBO Oculus support is simply their VR room. If the XBO was to get full Oculus support we would have to look at Xbox 360 games that ran in 720p - 1080p @ 60fps and those games would be ideal candidates for what games could run on Oculus on XBO.

aerisbueller1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Just like Morpheus games have to be toned down graphically, the same can be done on XBox One. Also I doubt any triple-A non-vr games will be ported to morpheus because of power concerns. So you are correct that forza wouldn't work, but a more basic looking game built from the ground up could.

The specs for Oculus are because they want it to work with PC games coming out now and in the near future.

That doesn't mean you couldn't run a less demanding game like TF2 or Portal 2 on a much, much, weaker machine and still achieve the framerate and resolution required for 'presence'.

ABizzel11270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )


The scale down between Morpheus and Oculus is completely different, because Morpheus is using software to co-create the VR experience which allows the hardware to function more freely and under less strain. Oculus VR is purely hardware bound and neither the PS4 or XBO has the specs to run a current gen retail game with those specs on Oculus.

On Morpheus we know they can at least get away with games looking like AAA indie, and they have the benefit of games that run at 30fps, still being viable for VR thanks to their VR emulation.

Oculus is literally stuck with 360 level games that ran at 720p - 1080p @ 60fps, which is still acceptable IMO, but a good deal behind Morphues if we're talking pure graphics, and unlike Morpheus this is best case scenario for Oculus on console, where as Morpheus has all been proven.

And TF2 and Portal are all examples of games I was talking about, but again on console those games are best case scenario especially on XBO whose GPU will have to make up for the lack of CPU performance for Oculus and unlike the PS4 it doesn't have the extra oomph to push through.

You'd need at least 2x the GPU power to move those games up to 1080p, then 3x that performance to get the game running in 1080p @ 60fps locked in Oculus.

Which would require almost 1.44 TFLOPS of performance even for those games that ran on 360 to be suitable for Oculus. The XBO is anywhere from 1.31 - 1.441 now after all the updates, so it's just barley in range for even those games which again is why I said at best you can get 360 games that ran 720p - 1080p @ 60fps on 360, and there were less than 5 AAA 360 games that I can think of that ran in 1080p @ 60fps Native.

Oculus is just too demanding for console, but the Valve games would be the ideal candidates for it. Left for Dead, Half Life, TF2. None of them are lookers, but they're all fun and at least acceptable looking games, but with VR immersion is everything.

jukins1270d ago

Give me morpheus an enhanced move a nice tech demo collection and 1 compelling piece of software and I'll buy it day one. I know I may get burned but I loved my experience with morpheus and that was before the latest upgrades

AgentSmithPS41270d ago

My only concerns now are the price and the durability of the move controllers since people will be waving them around, ramming clips into guns, etc. Hopefully they'll include a durable shell or something.

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