Forza 6 Dominates a Quiet E3 for Racing Games

Turn 10's series continues to impress... and if it wasn't for a trio of racers at Bandai Namco's booth, it would have no competition at all at this year's E3.

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Septic1222d ago

It looks really impressive considering all that its doing as well. Definitely interested in this one.

christocolus1222d ago

Yup. Thanks to the passion and dedication of Dan Greenwalt and his team at Turn 10. Playground and Turn 10 are super skilled at what they do.

3-4-51221d ago

* When you know what you are doing, you can make things look & play great.

* I hear 3rd Party dev's complain a lot about XB1 & Wii U, but I never hear the dev's like this....who Actually make a good game....I rarely hear them complain.

They just find a way to get it done.

Nintendo finds a way to make Mario Kart 8...on the Wii U, look amazing, yet other 3rd party dev's complain.

* I have a lot of respect for devs who actually TRY and figure out the problem and not complain about it.

Team_Litt1222d ago

That's how Forza do. Competition is irrelevant.

LackTrue4K1222d ago

There sales match there competition"

KarmaV121221d ago


Get your priorities straight

wegetsignalx1221d ago

There are many racing games on the market that are competitive with Forza.

Toiletsteak1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

I will most likely get hate for this but i wasn't that impressed, the weather effects wasn't the best but maybe they will improve it before it comes out.

tgunzz1222d ago

There should'nt be any hate. Are you basing your comments on just the weather or the total package?

LifeInNZ1222d ago

I thought the weather effects looked great! what was wrong with them?

Toiletsteak1222d ago

Look up a video that compares Project Cars to Forza 6.

RiseofScorpio1221d ago

Pcars has raindrops on the TV screen effect that's about it.

SonofGod1222d ago

The raindrops on the car is affected by g forces. And rain pools fills up over time on the road track, almost exactly where they would appear in real life. What more do you want?

KarmaV121221d ago

And they went to each track after a rain storm to take pictures and recreate each puddle! I don't know how people could call this "half-a*s".

SonofGod1221d ago


All the tracks in Forza 5 and 6 are laser-scanned. Which means the tracks are geometrically accurate. Which also means that any "holes" in the tracks will be displayed in the game as well. And since water in the game is affected by gravity, it would make sense for the water to react in the same way in the game.

Of course this won't be 100% accurate, obviously, but it will look somewhat similar.

mark_parch1222d ago

you are clearly blind. looks amazing 1080p 60fps as well

Rocky51221d ago

I'm not sure what videos you have been watching, but they have went the way of DC with water droplets having physics & moving direction based on how much force is being applied in the opposite direction. (ie, as the car turns they move the opposite direction)

They also went one step further & added water streaking for smaller droplets, again these are effected by opposite forces.

& then you have aquaplaning/hydroplaning, depending on how you want to word it.

One thing I did notice & I hope it's fixed or improved, is there is no water streaking/movement on the exterior of the car, ie, when in bonnet cam the water droplets are stationary at high speeds.

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corroios1222d ago

Its normal, if on every E3 there is some kind of Forza game. The impact will became less and less with each game.

I think that could have made Forza Rali before Forza 6. It could be cool to see diferent trails, ice, desert, mud on closed circuit.

Maybe in the future they try rali style.

mcstorm1222d ago

I have a feeling we will see a Rally game by PG next year rather than a Horizon 3. I think its the right time for forza 6 and 5 was lacking and not enough in it to keep people going 2 or 3 years. Really looking forward to 6 looks amazing and will make up for me getting project cars on the xbox one and it being a mess.

Patashnik1222d ago

Missed Seb Loeb Rally Evo - spiritual successor to WRC. That looks very nice too.

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