From Wii U to NX: Nintendo's Future

Thoughts on the Wii U and its future, as well as the upcoming NX

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ritsuka6661406d ago

Nintendo will screw up the NX

Nintendo have expressed difficulties in HD development. What in the hell makes you think the NX will be a turn around?

MSBAUSTX1405d ago

I am pretty sure that Mario Kart 8 disproves your theory of them having difficulties in HD gaming. Their games have the steadiest FPS for being HD than any others. However that doesnt mean that I think the NX will be a success. The NX will fail without killer hardware, third party support, and BIG NAME first party launch titles and exclusives. It MUST have all three of those components to be successful. Take one away and 80 percent of the gaming world will over look it.

kneon1405d ago

I think it will need more that, due to the poor reception of the Wii U and it's short lifespan people are going to be more wary about buying a new Nintendo console.

They need to break out of their comfort zone and show they can do more than just the typical Nintendo game. They need to surprise and astonish us if they are going to go beyond the hard core Nintendo fan base.

ritsuka6661405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

The next console will of course be HD. But the technical work will raise devs cost even higher than what it is now for the WiiU. And what has Nintendo really learned? Nothing...

Moonman1405d ago

Why even say that??? You have no clue what NX is. You have no clue who is help making it. The technology going in it. Do us all a favor and STFU. Don't start coming in NX articles to just spread hate, I am going to start blocking the pessimists.

-Foxtrot1405d ago

As long as it's powerful "enough" so third party developers can work on it or at least the majority of them AND the console has a normal bloody updated Gamecube one since the adapter is so popular (tells you something) then I'll be fine

No gimmicks. I don't want to see like 4 circles on the top of the console only to realise that it's for up to FOUR Ammibos.

Tradtional Controller
No Gimmicks
Good launch games

Not that hard

N4g_null1405d ago

If you believe that then the wiiu should stick around until the have a team that needs better hardware.

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lemoncake1405d ago

I personally like the wii u because Nintendo make great games but it just hasn't done well and is really dragging Nintendo down. It is a huge gamble bringing out a new console so early and they really need to hit all the right notes with it. Interesting times ahead for Nintendo.

Moonman1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

I like Wii U as well. :)

So early? Holiday 2017 is 5 years. Nintendo has always brought out a console every five years...with the only two exceptions being Wii to Wii U (6 years)...and I think NES to SNES was 6 years but it felt like 5 because it wasn't until 1986 that NES got super popular.

But SNES to N64 was 5 years. N64 to GameCube was 5 years....and obviously Wii U to NX will be 5 years...maybe 4.5 we'll see....

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DeusEx-Machina1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

If I were Nintendo, I would regarding to the NX,

a) stick to 'Nintendo NX' as a name. It doesn't sound so bad, but most importantly people are already familiar with it.

b) bite the bullet and make it significantly enough more powerful than the X1/PS4 and sell it at a very competitive price (and accept loss on hardware slaes) to buy back market share, like i.e. MS is doing with Windows 10.

c) also go with x86, to insure compatibility for multi plats. (this would negate the option for BC though)

d) emphasize on everything that positively sets Nintendo apart from the competition. ie. Quality software, free online MP, Mii-verse, ...

Moonman1405d ago

And revolutionize again. Miyamoto has said that he wanted the next 3D Mario to be fresh and new...

superchiller1405d ago

While I agree overall with your ideas, item "b" on your list is never going to happen. Nintendo is extremely conservative when it comes to hardware design, specs, and features; their goal for over a decade has been to keep manufacturing costs as low as possible, to keep their profits high (look at the Wii, 3DS, and Wii U). They are a very risk averse company, and simply wouldn't make the sacrifices necessary to make cutting edge hardware anymore.

And unfortunately, I'm afraid that the NX will follow the same approach as previous systems from Nintendo, opting for a gimmick to reel people in. I hope that they don't approach the design of the new hardware this way, but their history suggests otherwise.

BenRage31405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

The term Gimmick being cast as an aspersion toward Nintendo is a term created by the misinformed gaming community.

Nintendo doesn't, has never, will never look at it from that perspective. Nintendo has always tried to be at the forefront of innovation; sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn't (Virtual boy, Wi U). Nintendo as a company philosophy doesn't want to mimic their competitors. It's all about the long term business plan which is something many westerners do not understand.

Western companies plan ahead a few years at a time and if something isn't working short term, they change it immediately. Japanese companies as a culture simply do not think that way. They stick to their guns because it's all part of a decade long term plan.

Nintendo wants to evolve and revolutionize the industry, because resting on your laurels leads to a dead end. I'm not saying they are right or you are wrong per say. I'm simply saying Nintendo doesn't do gimmicks period. They are a very smart company who takes risks, people who say they are a risk averse company don't see the big picture. Any way sorry for the long post, but I can almost guarantee they will do something new with NX for better or worse, but it won't be a gimmick.

baraka0071405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Games not gimmicks. Whomever understands this will get my money. I'm really getting tired of all the money being spent on crappy games and motion VR whatever crap. All we want from Nintendo is for them to make good games again :(

mcstorm1405d ago

I have to disagree with you on Nintendo not making good games.
Pikmin 3, Splatoon, Mario 3D word, Mario Kart 8, DKTF, Super Smash Bros are just a few of the best games this gen and also some of the best looking too.

The reason why the WiiU has not sold as well is because it had poor ports at the start, The name of the console made people think it was a Wii add on and now lack of 3rd party support.

The console its self is a great device and Nintendo have showed off what I can do and the start of them pushing out DLC too is a sign that Nintendo are putting out quality IP's and also Quality DLC unlike a lot of the 3rd party ip's.

eagle211405d ago

I look at those big huge VR goggles as a big fat gimmick. Sorry. I will not spend $200-$300 on that. I rather buy a NX or anything console related with quality games for that money.

BenRage31405d ago

This is why you do not run a video game company. If Nintendo followed their competitors and released a system that mimicked their competitors, you could put the nail in the coffin right there. Nintendo is smart enough to know that they need to come up with new ideas in order to stay relevant. Nintendo has a history of hiring tinkerers, hobbyists, inventors etc as opposed to simply hiring people with computer science degrees.

How bored would their creators get designing the same old same old? It doesn't mesh with their philosophy as company. Miyamoto doesn't have any formal computer training; what does that say about Nintendo's philosophy? He would be bored stiff making a game on a standard controller for the rest of his days.

You may not like it or agree with that philosophy and that's totally fair; you like what you like, and Nintendo isn't delivering the experiences you want. But they do not create gimmicks. Nintendo tries new ways to reinvent gaming, because they want people to have "new" experiences as opposed to shinier graphics.

And Nintendo still makes good games; they always have and they always will.

superchiller1404d ago

@ Ben_Rage_3 - Unfortunately for Nintendo, the bulk of the gaming community (minus the Nintendo diehard fans, who are a tiny minority), do in fact view all of Nintendo's recent gaming hardware as based on gimmicks. You can try to spin it or make excuses otherwise, but the reality of their philosophy is really quite clear. Nintendo's goal has always been to set themselves apart, and differentiate themselves from the competition, simply because they are unable to compete when it comes to hardware design and quality.

These gimmicks are Nintendo's way of trying to compete, without offering gaming hardware of similar quality to the competition. They design the cheapest possible hardware, keeping manufacturing costs as low as possible, then toss in a gimmick to reel people in. They can't compete, because they are unwilling to invest the necessary money in hardware design and manufacturing. So the gimmick approach is their way to avoid a substantial investment.

I understand that you're one of the tiny minority of diehard Nintendo fans who make excuses for everything that the company does, but that doesn't change the reality, which is that Nintendo does indeed create gimmicks for their gaming hardware, and those gimmicks are their only way to compete.

Unfortunately for them, that approach no longer works, and fad-based gaming has been rejected by the bulk of the gaming community. The Wii U just didn't offer a solid foundation for games development, the gimmick didn't work this time, and people have moved on.

Moonman1405d ago

Yet they make more profits than Sony and MS game divisions....

deadchucky1405d ago

Really looool lots of profits if you are hardcore gamer you will know thats the console is dead every years they release two or one good exclusive game come on i have the wii u but there is just three games coming up to play zelda , xenoblade and fire emblem x thats it nothing more

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