Fallout 4 Devs Have 'No Plans' For Paid Mods

German publication Spiegel Online, the digital version of Der Spiegel, asked game director Todd Howard about paid mods towards the end of their interview.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: In the Microsoft press conference was announced that created by PC Fan extensions to run on the Xbox One. If you have to pay for some mods? In “Skyrim” Bethesda has experimented with a Mod-payment option , which was withdrawn after fan protests.

Howard: How long was the online payment system? 24 Hours? I can only speak for the present time, but currently there are no plans for a payment system.

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Freddy_Millz11399d ago

Thats great! Let this be one of the few times that I say "They should be focusing all efforts on outstanding DLC/Expansion packs."

Kingdomcome2471399d ago

I'm always leery of the phrase, "don't have plans for", as it's incredibly open ended with lots of wiggle room.

Nero21421397d ago

Sure, when skyrim came out they also didnt have ''plans'' for paid mods.