PS 4 and PC Dominate As The Demo Platforms Of Choice Again At E3 2015

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece noting how frequent the PS4 and PC were as the demo options of choice for many developers at E3 2015. They noted that during their hands on sessions outside of Microsoft's area, that the PS4 was by far the most abundant console and many other games were shown on a PC using an Xbox One controller. This is a shift from the previous generation where the Xbox 360 was by far the most common demo platform at trade shows.

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Garethvk1270d ago

It was a suprise how abundant they were at the stations.

uptownsoul1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

The PS4 is becoming most Publisher & Developer's console of choice when demo-ing their games. It was pretty interesting that Bandai Namco showed Dark Souls 3 at Xbox's presser but showed the game on PS4 on the show room floor.

Brotard1270d ago

Well i don't think they have a marketing deal (yet at least) microsoft just wanted to fine a way to align with dark souls 3. Due to blood borne. Plus i don't think the Dark Souls series has ever had exclusive or timed content has it?

uptownsoul1270d ago


I pointed out Dark Souls 3 as an example of a game where its clear that Sony doesn't have a deal (since it was at the Xbox presser). And yet the game is still demo'd on a PS4.

In other words, the hardware that publishers & developers are choosing to use is very telling since they are trying to put their best foot forward with their demos on the E3 show floor.

ocelot071270d ago

To be honest I think MS just wanted to be the first to show that it is going to be on the XB1 as well. As when people think of souls series you think of PlayStation (in my personal view anyhow) considering the souls series started on PlayStation.

Same way Microsoft had Kojima come on stage a few years ago to show off MGS5. It was to pretty much say hay guys xbox is aslo getting MGS5 to.

But Sony actually have the advertising rights to MGS5. Also releasing a limited edition MGS5 console same sort of deal with Batman.

GameDev11270d ago


Its not really odd. Sony has to promote Blood borne has as it is a first party exclusive, putting a new dark souls title on their stage while still releasing expansion pack for Blood borne isnt a good idea. So Dark souls 3 was better off shown at the MS stage

Just like MGS5 appeared on MS stage first but later only on Sony stages, its the same type of relationship with Kojima and Fromsoftware

uptownsoul1270d ago


I agree that Xbox doesn't have a deal for Dark Souls 3…But since it was at Xbox's presser I think its safe to say that at this point in time, Sony doesn't have a deal for Dark Souls 3 either.

So I used that game as an example of a neutral game that the Pub/Dev decided to use the PS4 as the to demo the game

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Do we need any more evidence as to which is the best console?

The developers themselves love the PS4. That speaks loud. Given a choice. Developers will always show their work on PS4.

SteamPowered1270d ago

Its never been a better time to be a PC gamer.

Timesplitter141270d ago

on one hand, yes, but on the other hand, the PC conference was garbage

SteamPowered1270d ago

One conference isnt going to derail the good things going for Pc. There are so many Pc conferences nowadays: Computex, GDC, SVVR Conference, GPU Tech Conference.... news comes fast and furious for Pc tech.

cpayne931270d ago

I thought since they were bothering to do a pc conference there was going to be something big. I was really hoping for half-life 3, but nope.

That would have made this e3 the best ever, considering it would be on top of shenmue, ff 7, Last Guardian, and everything else.

Timesplitter141270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

eh, I don't care much about PC tech conferences. I look these things up on newegg every 4-5 years and that's enough. What we need is PC games conferences that don't suck

The AMD parts of the PC conference were especially boring

Somebody1270d ago

Considering that most of the devs there will be making mutli-platform games, it's not a surprise to see the PC conference turn to be a bit underwhelming. The PC offers a lot of room for them to experiment new stuff but not the big pile of money that Sony and MS has for consoles.

Still, it's a start. I still remember reading articles several years back saying that E3 is not for PC gaming anymore and now we get it's return.

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EvilWay1270d ago

Seeing that PC doesn't get good exclusives..... Xbox One and PS4 blow PC out of te water with its exclusive games

SteamPowered1270d ago

Star Citizen, Galactic Civilization, Pillars of Eternity, Divinity Original Sin, Squadron 42, Heroes of the Storm, Everquest, Kerbal Space Program, Starcraft 2:legacy of the void, Mount and Blade 2, Asylum, Wreckfest, Homeworld: remastered....

Pc gets lots of exclusives.

RIP_Cell1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

and PC gets lots of PC/PS4 exclusives and PC/XB1 exclusives

Garethvk1270d ago

Overwatch is PC only as well. Tons of PC AAA wxclusives.

starchild1269d ago

PC gets more exclusives each year than either console. It gets more games in general.

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ocelot071270d ago

Agreed but it is also a good time to be a console gamer. I have PS4/PC/XB1 but in the next year I can see my self getting a lot of use out of my PS4 and PC. I would like to say XB1 as well. But since PC is getting Gears Of War Ultimate Edition. I have no use for my Xbox until Forza 6 and RARE's new game.

Seafort1270d ago

If you mean Sea of Thieves that is also coming to PC as well.

PC platform has done pretty well at E3 considering most console gamers and the media don't give any credit whatsoever to PC gaming.

Except for 1st party exclusive most, if not all, games are released on PC.

You can't say that about consoles.

S2Killinit1270d ago

Makes sense. As to all those morpheus boots, i want to know what was shown.

Whitefeather1270d ago

They had twelve games in the booth you wouldn't get to pick. Among those games there were The Kitchen a terrifying horror game, the London Heist, and the new Playroom game.

I got to play HyperCube I think it's called it was a puzzler where you had to rotate different shaped cubes and make them fit through the hole.

They also had 6 player multiplayer booth for Rigs.

ocelot071270d ago

You make a good point @Timesplitter14 but Steam is not all good. It does have some floors. Like allowing a load of crap on to it. You have games that people have made in Unity in about 2 hours then farted it out onto steam for £20. But at least it has a refund option now.

But yer I know PC's are so much more powerful than consoles. But consoles will always be around. As will PC's.

S2Killinit1270d ago

Cool. What was your personal impression. Did you like it?

Whitefeather1270d ago

I really liked it at first you sit down and think it'll be okay. Then you start playing and you forget everything and lose yourself in the game.

josephayal1270d ago

Nothing can stop the PS4's momentum... Nothing

Timesplitter141270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

pretty sure Gabe's mass is great enough to stop a PS4's momentum

(real answer: Steam is already great enough to make consoles completely obsolete aside from 2-3 exclusives. It gives us tons of amazing non-AAA games that will never make it to consoles. Valve's plan of expanding PC gaming with the free Source 2, VR, Steambox and Steam controller will be in effect soon and will only make things better)

Steam is so immense compared to all consoles combined that they're not even comparable. That's why Valve wasn't at E3

G20WLY1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )


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