Until Dawn Preview – Slasher Flick Fear

Stephanie Burdo with writes:

"Until Dawn is certainly one of the most anticipated survival horror games of the upcoming year. With its crisp visuals, point-and-click style and cinematic quick time events, the game seems more like a film than an actual video game. There were moments that felt as though I could lift my fingers from the dualshock and allow the game play to itself —good thing I decided against that."

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rbailey1308d ago

Great preview. I'm still confused why Sony didn't show more of this game during their E3 presentation. Considering that the game is out in a few months, it definitley would have at least been smart to remind people that its coming lol

ziggurcat1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

or at the very least - confirm a release date...

Bennibop1308d ago

To be fair Sony use the E3 presentation to make new announcements (with a few exceptions.) I think this is the problem regards the perceived lack of games for the later half of this year. If you watched Microsofts E3 it was dominated by games that had air time at last years E3 and not much was shown for 2016, so I can see them having the same problem - no games for the first 9 months of 2016.

justlikeme1308d ago

I bet this game will be a sleeper. Looking soo forward to this game on August 25th.

HisRoyalFlyness1308d ago

It's great to see survival horror games coming back

GameDev11308d ago

with what? an imaginary mouse and keyboard on the PS4?

What a horrible driveby comment