The Thing That'll Ruin Too Human

Kombo writes: "It has been ten years in the making, and I have a prediction to make: Too Human's flawed camera will ruin game. The title might have other problems, but for many, the loudest complaint will be in regards to its camera.

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Montrealien3737d ago

Mr Phillip Levin (Editor in chief) said...

"Too Human's flawed camera will ruin game."

Besides the fact that he did not edit his own "prediction" I think he is putting a little too much on the camera. The way I see it is that if it was a free camera people would b*tch just as bad, it is a double edged sword imho. At least they are trying to do something with the camera. I got used to it and think it works well.

GiantEnemyCrab3737d ago

There are so many games that lock you into the camera at least Too Human gives you the chance to look around by holding the left button.

It has never been a problem for me.

morganfell3737d ago

I think they are right. The demo, as much as people refuse to admit it, uses a camera that isn't going to change in the final game. Not at that point. Such major features are locked by then. And the demo had a horrible camera.

Silicon Knights do not have the ability to implement an auto camera with the talent of a developer like Crystal Dynamics whose Legacy of Kain series demonstrated auto cameras are something they do better than anyone. Dyack should have stuffed his ego aside and used a manual cam. The game, like several message boards, is once again poorer for his inflated sense of righteousness.

The skill of Crystal Dynamics is without equal in the camera realm - and a few other areas as well. It is great they have fully assumed the Tomb Raider games responsibility.

skillednutter3737d ago

have to agree the camera sucks in this game however, i will still be buying this title after playing the demo.

Dark General3737d ago

They would make a new Soul Reaver game, hell any Legacy of Kain game i'd accept. Like you said CD made one of my favorite games of all time in Soul Reaver hell i didn't even notice that it was a automatic camera until you mentioned it just now.

On topic though, Too Human gameplay wise never looked too good to me but the story has always intrigued me. Specially since i'm a sucker for mythology. I say if the story is really good than i think alot of people will forgive a few other blemishes.

dan-boy3736d ago

i've never once seen you diss the 360 or it's games!!

the camera works fine for me! and i loved the demo...just hurry up and release the damn game.

ChampIDC3736d ago

I'm still waiting for Legacy of Kain Defiance to be backwards compatible on my 360 =(

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Xbox360 Mujahid3737d ago

ok guys ... this game sux i'm sorry but it's true
i downloaded the demo and i played for like 3 minutes and i hated it !
the game sux! this game is satanic ! it's one of satan's plan to destroy us loyal 360ians ! INFIDELS ! i'm sure juuken has something to do with this evil plan

X360 FTW

InMyOpinion3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

It irritated me the first minutes of gameplay, but once I got used to it there was no problem.

He's a retard if he thinks it will ruin the game. Looking for publicity I guess.

If anything will ruin Too Human it's all this undeserved, overly negative press it's been getting lately.

krakdol3736d ago

Maybe the press was negative because it was crappy ? Who knows...

MS can't buy every fansite after all.

green3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I learned to trust the camera while playing it and holding LB and moving the right analog stick allows you to look around.

The demo has convinced me that Too Human is worth me shelling out my money on.

Atomic3737d ago

if you learned to trust the camera then Silicon Knights fails at game design 101.

green3736d ago

Different strokes for different folks.

ChampIDC3736d ago

I didn't have a single issue with the camera in my time with the demo. Honestly, I prefer to not have to sit there and manage the camera. Instead, I can focus 100% on what I'm doing. That's one of the things I really like about games like Gears or any random FPS. No camera management, period.

Nevers3736d ago

I didn't have a problem at all with the camera. I was initially reluctant to trust the camera and just bash away; but, the camera definitely seemed smart enough to know what I (the player) needed to see to produce large amounts of carnage. After checking the demo out twice (2nd time for more than 30min) I'm buying the game.

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