Reggie indicates that NX is a home console

NE: "Nintendo announced a few months ago that it’s working on a new platform called “NX”. The company hasn’t elaborated any further, and never confirmed if we can expect it to be a home console or new portable system."

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Moonman1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

THANK YOU! This will stop all the speculation on whether it's software or hardware when Iwata said it was hardware.

I sure hope this helps cool down the hate. This will take at least to 2017 to release. So you can wait and hate on Wii U...or leave Wii U alone and wait...or enjoy the awesome Wii U software while you wait like me. :)

Peace_Love_and_FPS1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I'm really hoping for a absolutely killer console from them. I loved Nintendo, but it's just lacking in 3rd party games in the home console department. Not hating, I still play brawl on my wii, or at least for until recently and I used my DS to the bitter end last month, just not enough incentive to buy a WiiU for me PERSONALLY. Hopefully this will achieve UHD (2k) or 4K, or at the very least outdo the competition, then I would buy an NX in a heartbeat. I need my smash bros fix, the disc crapped out at the E3 party I had few days back, but I'm willing to wait for Nintendo to really make a comeback push rather than buy a console that could get dropped in support

mikeslemonade1215d ago

Yes! I win my bet against my friend. He said it would be a tablet and it wouldn't replace the WiiU.

Now it clearly does. They can't have to home consoles at the market. They will need to phase out the WiiU eventually.

eagle211215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

"You can't have two home consoles on the market"...

Where have you been the past 15 years? LOL
Sony and Nintendo have had multiple home consoles and multiple handhelds on the market at the same time.

s45gr321215d ago

I'm still hoping is a hybrid between a handheld crossed with a console.

fr0sty1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

I bet this is why Metroid was a no-show, and why there still isn't a proper 3d mario game for Wii U. Development focus for the major AAA games is shifting to NX. They're bailing on Wii U. They realized that to have average power hardware, you need to have stellar quality software, and they weren't ready for this generation. It took them too long to get their biggest titles ready, and now Wii U is beginning to show its age against the newer consoles. It makes more sense for them to just start getting ready for next gen.

LexHazard791215d ago

@ Mikelemonade, they can have two consoles if they can support both. But im glad to hear its a new console. Now Nintendo should have a console oN par or more powerful than Xbox One or Ps4. We will have to wait and see.

rawrock1215d ago

At this point, even if Nintendo makes a super powerful system, it may not matter for 3rd party games. People who buy Nintendo lately have not supported the 3rd party games when they did come. It will all depend on early 3rd party games selling really well on the NX, which is doubtful...

Peace_Love_and_FPS1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )


Valid point, but think if they could one-up the graphics of something like Uncharted 4 or Halo 5, or bring that next gen Zelda to NX. A photorealistic metroid or smash bros (of course traditionally cartoon characters would stay cartoon), would have gamers screaming "TAKE MY MONEEEEY" and 3rd party support would be huge after that. E3 2016 reveal with a 2017 release, a new gamepad, a new spiritual GameCube and a stacked 1st party lineup with some possible new IPs to show off the hardware would be a slam-f******-dunk.

Or in fewer words...

Build it.. And they will come
(Gamers, in their pants. Developers, just to build games)

N4g_null1215d ago

If you want to talk power then let's talk price what are you willing to pay for a console that is uhd or 4k ready? I know the video card for that is at least $400 with stacked ram at 600-1000 mbs of bandwidth. The ps4 has like 150 in comparison. Then a new 3ds attachment could be bought separately for the game pad turning that old wiiu controller into a possible new 3ds XXL.

This would be nintendo first $700 console. Just like the ps3.

The only way for this to work is for Nintendo to fully use the nx as a pc like platform running linux. There could be other solutions also. Skylake was suppose to be compatible with cafe like cpu like in the wiiu. If you didn't know it was an apu that let's another chip sit on the die as an extra core.

Or what if the nx just let's you run your game on pc like steam using nintendo controllers. This would also be idea.

The jury is still out until I see a device kit.

Neonridr1215d ago

@scissor - you also have to take into account that in two years time, prices for this sort of hardware will be considerably cheaper because PC's will have graphics cards pushing 8K instead..

Ab-NoR-maL-1215d ago

It's hard to commit to a Nintendo home console because of the almost non-existent third party support. Buying any and every console I want isn't in the budget for the foreseeable future, so I'm left to make sacrifices. I'd love to play all of Nintendo's first-party greatness, but not at the cost of giving up first-party games for Playstation AND pretty much every third-party game to be created.

If Nintendo stopped trying to sell gimmicks, and made a console straight up that is going to offer all of the third-party games that Playstation and Xbox offer without any gimmicky changes like motion control, then things definitely get more interesting when I'm making that decision on which console to buy. Can't say for sure that I'd choose it over Playstation, but it'd be much closer.

N4g_null1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

@Neonridr which is why nintendo should hold off on a new console if it is going to replace the wiiu.

The mk8 team is ready, the xenolade team is ready, the Zelda team seems ready but every other team shiggy included doesn't need or want to use more power. Their games can stay on wiiu, it's shiggy baby anyway.

Older gamers and development teams want power.... 3-6 more years of wiiu lol. Then release a 300 dollar nx and a 700 dollar one. One HD one 4k. Then let the consumers and development teams decide.

I say $700 because that is probably what a true fusion console and handheld would cost. Stack dram will take at least that long to be game ready. 3 years at the earliest in a true affordable price structure.

dcbronco1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Lemonade if I were your friend I wouldn't pay up just yet. This console isn't coming out until 2017-18. At that point the chips should be 10nm. So you're talking powerful but low power consumption. AMD is making the parts so you could get a Zen APU with stacked memory and GNC's next architecture. If you add AMD's power boost when docked ability you end up with a Wii U tablet that pushes much more power than a PS4 or Xbox One when docked. And would still be cheap to make. They could still probably price it at $350 for a small profit or go $300 for a slight loss. They could also go dual GPUs at $400 and guarantee they are the lead console on third party games and pick up Nintendo casuals as the price drops.

Scissors you're still thinking previous generations cost. APUs are far less expensive than separate parts. Stacked memory will be a normal part of APUs at that point. And you're forgetting the console manufacturers own the design and shop them to the cheapest fab. They don't pay nearly what we would buying parts. Plus AMD is adding everything they have learned from Xbox and Playstation on Zen. Probably the biggest problem with APUs was bandwidth on chip which stacked onboard memory fixes plus Zen cores will probably be closer to 4ghz almost double this generation. Zen is several generations beyond Jaguar and the gpu will be also. And without the memory holding the APU back it could hit 4k.

SilentNegotiator1215d ago

No wonder Nintendo Direct was so weak. I bet a lot of the software that would have been on Wii U is being put on NX instead.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1214d ago

Really like the intelligent, well thought discussion about the market here. I'm really hoping AMD will push the next generation of consoles in every way and make 4k affordable in 2-3 years.

Interesting thought, I wonder if the NX, having N in the name, could be a Nintendo-Nvidia console. Would have made more sense though before Nintendo silenced claims of NX running on Android, like the Nvidia shield does, and before Nvidia revealed the shield console running on Android as well.

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MrAfrika1216d ago

Im certain the NX will be released Holiday 2016 or First Quarter 2017 judging how the Wii U was barely present in Nintendo Direct Conference. They are abandoning that ship as soon as possible.

3-4-51215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

* I'm guessing they have a few games to justify keeping a Wii U throughout 2016 and into 2017, before releasing the NX or whatever it is in 2017.

* I'm just hoping it's at least slightly more powerful than PS4 & XB1. Not for me, but just so 3rd party dev's don't have an excuse.

s45gr321215d ago

Wouldn't you prefer to have a Nintendo system that allows you to play Zelda both at home and on the go.

Mega_Volnutt1215d ago

When will you guys learn, that Nintendo has a bad image problem when it comes, to 3rd party. Gamers just don't like playing 3rd party games on Ninty and that's a fact. The NX will have the same problems and all due to Nintendo policies. The Senior Manager of Marketing and Licencing stated months ago regarding 3rd party:

”We\’re in a unique position. Some of our more popular content this past year was from Warner Bros. with the LEGO games, Skylanders from Activision, Disney with Disney Infinity, Ubisoft with Just Dance, even Sega with Sonic. We also want their shooters, sports games, but we want them done right on the platform. So we are going to continue focusing on quality and things that make sense with our audience. I think one of the most interesting things is toys-to-life

So that quality control requirements is what's keeping Nintendo from getting all the dump software, that 3rd party gives to Sony and Microsoft. The NX will be no different. So time to wake up guys. I think we might see the end of an era in Nintendo home consoles. Investors are losing confidence with Nintendo stocks, because of their recent fuck up, on exploiting the Wii.U to their full potential...

kakashi811215d ago

The problem is that you guys keep saying Nintendo should make a system slightly stronger not 3-4x stronger???
I want the cpu to be stronger than the Xbox one and the GPU better than the PlayStation 4.

Madock1215d ago

Nin fans will buy 3rd party games if they were 4k supported on a NIN console, and so will the developers release those games given they r currently workin on 4K PC games anyway

If that happens then the XBOX and the PS are in trouble

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higgins781215d ago

Enjoy the awesome Wii U software while you wait...yes, thats what I'm doing, but I fear the majority have NO interest in doing that, rather as the would dismiss and knock a console and games - which they have not ever sampled - from a far. Thats what the angry do nowadays.

Movieworld1215d ago

I genuinely hope this console doesn't flop like the Wii U.

RiseofScorpio1215d ago

If its a traditional console with full 3rd party support it won't be.

MSBAUSTX1215d ago

The problem is that Iwata said it wouldnt rival the Wii U. If that is the case then why would it be a home console? If it is in fact definitely a home console, is it their next high end console or a streaming machine for their VC titles? Will it be an extension of the 3DS, something to play 3DS games on a large tv? Those are the important questions. Just because it is a home console doesnt mean that it is the replacement fort he Wii u and Nintendo's new powerhouse home console.

It would be ignorant to think they would do something like that. They just pissed the world off with their E3 Direct. They would literally nail their own coffin if they announced a big new console next year to replace the Wii U. Only thing that would save them is if somehow in the next 2 years, before the NX releases, they produce and release 20 or more big title games on the Wii u to actually give it an extensive library and show some love to its fans.

If not then I bet a minimum of 1/3 of the Wii U supporters dump on Nintendo. If they do produce that many big titles for the Wii U then what are they supposed to release on the NX? They are screwing themselves either way. Without properly supporting the Wii U they burn too much of their fanbase. Without fantastic support, graphics, and launch titles for the NX they will loose a good portion of their fanbase. My god how much different I soundt han a few months ago.

Prior to e3 I felt I could trust these guys. Surely they wont release a new console before they finish backing the people who supported the Wii U I used to think. Now I dont know what to expect. I know that I will not buy the NX day 1 if it is a Wii U replacement. Of that I am sure.

Neonridr1215d ago

not really 5 years is almost a standard life cycle for Nintendo consoles. Think about it, by fall/holiday 2017 the Wii U will be 5 years old.

SNES 1991
N64 1996
Gamecube 2001
Wii 2006
Wii U 2012
NX 2017

Excluding 1 extra year there between the Wii and Wii U it has been 5 years between consoles.

DrRobotnik1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Nintendo is now officially SEGA. Check the history, its undeniable. Only three years in your current console life cycle and you're already cashing in the chips to a new console. Wow...just wow.

Coachkeys1215d ago

I'm pretty sure all the companies start working on the next system as soon as the other is out. It takes years of planning. Ps5 and X2 are most likely in the planning stage at this point. I guarantee Nintendo was planning NX as soon as they saw that the wii u didn't sell 90 million like the wii did.

deafdani1215d ago

Except nope, they aren't. Not even close.

3-4-51215d ago

* Actually if you read it again, all he is saying is that a Home Console is being worked on.

He never states that NX is the Home Console.

We still don't know if they are going to release Console + Handheld + NX.....NX could be a completely different thing, or it could be the regular console.

brewin1215d ago

Well said OP. I do play mostly on my XBOne right now, but I love being able to jump on my wii u every now and then. There truly are some gems on that system! It may not be the most powerful, but neither were the ps3 and 360 compared to now-gen and there were some pretty great games on those systems.

Im just sayin...

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stuna11216d ago

This definitely would explain why their E3 showing was lackluster. Probably due to shifting focus/resources over to the NX, but Nintendo shouldn't even consider leaving their current WII U fanbase lacking in the support department. I don't see any reasoning why they couldn't support two consoles for at least a limited time! It not like it not possible.

Moonman1216d ago

They hopefully will give Wii U a full five years of first party software. I mean the console is still $299. If you want it to sell you must produce games. But third party games outside of cool upcoming games like Yooka-Laylee will get scarce as they shift over hopefully in new-found excitement for Nintendo and NX.

1216d ago
MrAfrika1215d ago

The thing is still $300?!? You mean for 50 or 100 extra I can get a way superior console? I think Nintendo isn't dropping the price is too maximize profit from this failed system. If they really wanted this console to go the distance like the Wii they would of dropped the price long time ago.

Madock1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

$299 to actually make profit, but if we break it down, it doesn't cost $150 at this point
I did a hardware screen in terms of pricing and they can def get away with a $399 4K capable console in 2016, no loss per unit either (in fact u can get away with a PC for that price, I'm counting in packaging and distribution and marketing -not like they do much of that anyway- as well mass production discounts)

jmc88881215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Only the ignorant will downvote you Madock.

A GTX 970 is capable of 4k gaming. Not completely well, but doable.

If people don't know, the GTX 970 is not a big, hot card. In fact it pushes about 165watts. It's built off the OLD 28nm node, which of course the next ones will be a TWO NODES JUMP.

This means they can literally double all the little tech on the chip like cuda cores for instance, raise the clock speed, and use less power.

Throw in DX12 and HBM2.0, and yes, next-next gen is pretty much going to start on PC next year or the year after.

In fact THIS YEAR, if someone puts three Fury X2's in their PC, they will have >50 TFlops of performance. That's ~40x an Xbox One.

Sony and Microsoft released consoles about 30-40 percent as powerful as they released in 2005-2006 when compared against PC's. In other words they went REALLY cheap, which is testament to the fact these consoles were CHEAPER, yet all these years later... which is amazing with the 8-12 percent inflation we have every year.

What this means is simple. Sony and Microsoft by going cheap (which I understand the strategy, which did get them alot of sales), left a window of opportunity open for Nintendo.

Now I don't know if Nintendo will make a powerful console, they have really bought into the green fascism of Kyoto, but if they want to survive, they need a console that will get 3rd parties on board.

Now will the games always run at 4k? Probably not. But they could develop a system that could have games on it, especially indies, and they can always drop the resolution to 1800p or 1440p. My guess is that long term 1440 would be the best bet, but it would be 4k capable.

5-10 TFlops is definitely possible for Nintendo for cheap if they want it. By 2017 the cost of a 5-10 TFlop part probably wouldn't be much more then the gamepad at Wii U's launch.

People just don't understand that for PC's this gen started around 2009-2010 with DX11. Now with DX12, HBM, a two node shrink jump, on top of their already big lead over the consoles, a new generation is coming.

Nintendo might not be able to get quite to that next-next gen level..., but they can get to very high end this gen level.

It's all up to Nintendo, and we don't know if they want to do it. If they don't, people will lose all faith in them, and they will fail. They cannot survive by only appealing to the Wii U crowd.

If you are a Nintendo fan like me, but unlike me you think Nintendo can survive with Wii U like console after Wii U like console, then I have some beachfront property to sell you in Arizona.

In fact, if they release another Wii U like monstrosity, it will be even worse, because probably about half of the Wii U owners, won't trust them and won't be burned yes, it can get worse then it already is.

If you want and enjoy Nintendo games, like me...then you should be wishing that Nintendo doesn't act like morons, and they actually release a console people want. Because otherwise, you won't be playing Nintendo games on consoles very much longer. They need to grab the mainstream, or the this side pocket will dry up.

If you want Nintendo to survive, you should want a great system. Because Nintendo consoles won't survive if they put out another stinker or two. If it's low power, it's a stinker.

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Stringerbell1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

'I don't see any reasoning why they couldn't support two consoles for at least a limited time! It not like it not possible.'

Sure its indeed possible. Sega did it for a time with the Dreamcast in the west and the Saturn which was quite popular in Japan.

Bobby Kotex1216d ago

Yeah... both of those consoles did well.

LOL_WUT1215d ago

The console has yet to reach 10 million i'd say the main focus should be the NX so that it has a proper lineup at launch. ;)

MEsoJD1216d ago

Sadly like the Wii, Nintendo out right kills support. I'm afraid the same will happen with the Wii U. Hell 360 and PS3 still get software.

jcnba281215d ago

True but they also have 3DS to support as well.

rawrock1215d ago

They are still supporting the Wii U. They just released Splatoon and are working on Star Fox and Zelda. Not to mention Fatal Frame is coming. But one company can only make so many games at a time for a console. Without 3rd party support, it feels like a drought all the time.

stuna11215d ago

I'm not saying they're not supporting the WII U to some extent, but you got to admit the support it's receiving could have and, should have been much better. Hell the WII U should have a fanbase far exceeding the PS4 and Xbox1 combined! Especially coming off of the success of the original WII. Not only that the WII U should have received support for every major multiplatform game that has dropped since its inception.

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Majin-vegeta1216d ago

They damn better still release Pokkent tournament on Wii u,Hell why not add a full fledged Golden Sun and Advanced Wars title for it.

MSBAUSTX1215d ago


TXIDarkAvenger1216d ago

Knew it.

Now its pretty safe to assume it will be announced next year. I'm looking forward to it as long as Nintendo fixes their mistakes.

wonderfulmonkeyman1216d ago

They've said they would discuss it next year, not release it next year.
Given the 5 year cycle, you're gonna be waiting till mid-2017, at the earliest.

1216d ago
JimmyDM901215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

I'd be surprised if NX doesn't come out holiday 2016 with a port of the new Zelda and likely the main-series 3d Mario people have been waiting for since Galaxy 2.

The longer Nintendo waits to release their next console the more likely they'll be caught in the same generational gap they were with the Wii U. Nintendo needs to pump out a console that's affordable (300-400) and at least on par with current systems so that they can get back into the Third Party game. If they wait too long the NX will be eclipsed power-wise by PS5 and X2 shortly after release (1-2 years) and they'll be right back where they are with the Wii U in terms of no third party support.

Nintendo just doesn't have enough first and second party devs to support a console all by themselves as proven by Wii U.

ritsuka6661215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

you're gonna be waiting till mid-2017, at the earliest. ''

Lmao stop be in denial buddy....Now its pretty safe to assume it will be announced next year and released.

wonderfulmonkeyman1215d ago

@ Ritsuka
Stop trolling, "buddy".
You've only got hopes and suppositions born from an irrational dislike of the Wii U.
Which mean nothing in the face of bald, clear statements by Nintendo that directly contradict the notion that they'd kill it off before the 5 year cycle is up.

Assumptions make asses out of everyone.

ritsuka6661215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Nah, remember the end of the Wii's life, when there were no games and we all assumed they were focusing on Wii U, and then Wii U came out and barely had anything? Yea , NX for sure will be released in fall 2016.

wonderfulmonkeyman1215d ago

Nah Ritz, the wii got its full life cycle and a very nice selection of gems between all the third party shovelware.
Wii U will be the same.
NX mid 2017, no earlier.

TXIDarkAvenger1215d ago

Hence why I said "announce" and not "release".

deafdani1215d ago

He said "announce", not "release".

And I used to think the NX would get released by the end of 2017... but now I'm starting to think it's, in fact, possible that Nintendo actually releases it by 2016's end.

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MEsoJD1216d ago

They have a lot to fix. I hope people are more cautious this time.

LOL_WUT1215d ago

A traditional console is what they should aim for one without gimmicks and a good online infrastructure with all the bells and whistles ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

@ Chubby

That depends on a few factors.
First and foremost, it MUST have free online multiplayer.
If they charge me to be online, I'll stick with older systems till they wise up no matter how much I want the new games.

Second, I highly value native BC with the most recent past gen console.
Native BC with Wii U games would be highly desirable, and would expand my controller options as well, saving me much money on purchasing spares to play local multiplayer with others.

And finally, though this is more optional than the first and second, I want the launch announcement of the console to reveal at least one game I want.
In every case prior to this, except the PSP which I could not afford to support long term, when I've found at least one game for a console that I want, I have ALWAYS found even more games down the road that made me glad I purchased it.

If the console can fulfill the first condition, but does not fulfill the second or third, then I will definitely have a bit of a wait, to see if something catches my eye in its software.

If it can fulfill the first, and simultaneously clears either the second or third condition as well, it's a day 1 buy.

Bigpappy1216d ago

That's big news, if it is more powerful than PS4, could actually sell very quickly and turn this gen on it's head

wonderfulmonkeyman1216d ago

It takes more than power, though.
Crap ports of multiplats aren't gonna move the NX.

Qrphe1216d ago

That's what a lot thought when the first Xbox came out.

sonic9891216d ago

ps4 didnt sell because of its power look at PS3 and now look at the PS2 .
many factors come to play nintendo needs to fix a lots of issues the game cube wasnt weak yet it received far less 3rd party support than the ps2 .
and to make matters worse ps4 will be at 40 million units approximately at that time i dont know but i think nintendo should have waited for a fresh start and not think about making the first move too quickly look at sega for example .
plus playstation vr and games will be at full speed and xbox is doing good on its own .
if anything i was expecting microsoft to do such a move but they contained themselves and fixed the problems nintendo could have done the same rather than having their own cycle again i dont know lets wait and see .

Skate-AK1215d ago

Since PS4 is ahead in sales world wide, it would be interesting to see Microsoft in last place.

LexHazard791215d ago

Except you wont. If it comes out a yr or two from now it will not have a chance to top Xbox. So its fair to say Nintendo will be in last place all generation.

Moonman1215d ago

Holiday 2017 is a full cycle for Nintendo. Past and present, its always been 5 years. In fact, Holiday 2018 would be a full cycle for PS4 in North America. Sony supports for 10 years but PS4 to PS5 will be a faster transition. That 10 year stuff is out for Nintendo and most likely out for Sony this time around.

Nintendo has to come with that fresh stuff. Games running not like on PS4 and Xbox One. Better. Looking brand spanking new. Making jealous eyes wander to the Nintendo section. 9th generation

ABizzel11215d ago

Sony doesn't have to drop a console until 2020, and the only way they'll drop the PS5 sooner is if MS forces their hand and drops the XB4 early (2018), and even then it would be wise for them just to hold off 2 years and have a much better console.

All 3 are already contemplating their next consoles, and all they're thinking about now is how to evolve the systems to be even more encompassing.

Things could get really messy next gen if we have 3 consoles launching at 3 different times.

2016 NX
2018 XB4
2020 PS4

That would be an awful scenario and would turn the console war and sales war on its head. We would have 3 different consoles each a good deal Kore powerful than the next.

$299 - $499

2 - 3 TFLOP NX 2016
6+ TFLOP XB4 2018
8 - 10+ TFLOP PS5 2020

That would be awful for developers and a nightmare for the industry as a whole and honestly we might even lose one of the big 3 if this happens.

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