Bizerta Silent Evil Screenshots Reveals Mansion

NN writes: I recently had the chance to sit down with Edrox lead developer of Bizerta Silent Evil hailing from the land of Germany currently hard at work on the biggest indie horror game on Nintendos bad ass home console. He confirms the title is still under heavy development and provided new details about the games expansion. These new details illustrate the fact Edrox aims to provide multiple endings to the players who survive to the end of Bizerta Silent Evil. Edrox also described how currently he is processing various voice over work with open casting for the role of the titles lead character. I got the chance to offer my opinion on some of the lines actors have provided and I thought what I heard sounded promising!

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Maybay1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

This is what Nintendo needs to do to get better 3rd party support. Foster relationships with indie developers (who are competent).

Have them create the ''games'' we wouldn't normally see on Nintendo hardware (sports, GTA's, Fallout's, RDR's, LFD's, COD's, Fighter's, Racer's, etc.).

Help with development of large scaled ideas.

Promote titles as if it's a retail release.

Release quality indie titles as a retail release.

Nowadays, the industry is becoming too AAA publisher-centered by coercing Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, to pay for timed exclusives, or exclusive DLC's. I still believe in the Wii U, and with the NX (rumored to be a new console) coming around the corner - I won't be a Nintendo supporter if they decide to pull Sega by ending the Wii U's lifespan short.

5-6 years is realistically all I ask.