Did Microsoft really win E3?

Dan, Joe and Mickey discuss weather or not Microsoft won E3? Also is Backwards compatibility a game changer?

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StrayaKNT1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Ofcorse they did.
Backward compatibility is just unmatched. They also had two brand new AAA ip's.
Recore from the makers of metroid prime and sea of thieves from rare (my most anticipated 2016 game) there's nothing more I have ever wanted than a open world pirate game wow rare is back.

The elite controller is just on another level.

SpaceRanger1219d ago

I'll admit backwards compatibility is awesome and one of their best announcements! But it's actually matched if not better on the Wii u, sorry but that's a fact. It's not a new concept this gen.

All parties brought in new IPs and soon to be released games announced throughout the week.

And yes the elite controller is just on another level...for your wallet. At $150 it's almost half the price of the console. It doesn't play games hundreds of miles away from the system, it doesn't play its own games on itself, it doesn't have the ability to watch movies or listen to music, it doesn't have AR features, doesn't have cameras. Overall besides swapping and adding 4 small identical parts, it doesn't do much else to "revolutionize " the controller compared to other things you can buy at the same price.

StrayaKNT1219d ago

You're right I need a controller to play a hundred miles away from the system, that was like the most thing I didn't like from it. I also really hoped it would play games by itself because seriously why would I want to be there to play my own games? I'm also so SHATTERED I cant watch movies or listen to music on my controller because hey that's what controllers are for right? No cameras and ar either, dude you're right maybe this controller just isn't worth it.

SpaceRanger1219d ago

"You're right I need a controller to play a hundred miles away from the system, that was like the most thing I didn't like from it. I also really hoped it would play games by itself because seriously why would I want to be there to play my own games? I'm also so SHATTERED I cant watch movies or listen to music on my controller because hey that's what controllers are for right? No cameras and ar either, dude you're right maybe this controller just isn't worth it."

Glad you understand where I'm coming from(:
For $150, it really honestly isn't. At $80 it's make more sense. I would hope that someone paying more than twice the price for a normal controller that does the same as a $40-60 controller would realize how ridiculous the price is for that. And that for the same price other platforms actually offer so much more. Spend wisely my friends. We have more power as consumers than we actually imagine.

mikeslemonade1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

BC is unmatched and Horizon, Shenmue 3, FF7 isn't?

BC doesn't matter to everybody. Also you have to wait for the BC list to come. It won't be complete for a while.

I will take a new AAA game over BC anyday! But that's just me since I only want to play Dragon's Dogma and that's it.

zeal0us1219d ago

Neither MS or Sony won E3. We the gamers won E3. I never will understand why some sites turn E3 into a competition for companies they don't even work for.

justlikeme1219d ago


May I have your PS4 when you're done playing Dragon's Dogma?


Sureshot1219d ago

@ mikes
Ff7 remake is timed exclusive just so we're clear.

Ezz20131219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

How many times Xbox fans made fun of Sony bringing old games to ps4
by saying :
*We bought next gen consoles to play NEW games not OLD games and Sony have no games*

But now Xbox fans say BC is game changer ..and playing OLD games on next gen consoles is awesome again

i see..i see

amiga-man1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Backwards compatability is nice but in reality isn't the game changer it's made out to be, I had backwards compatabilty on the fat PS3 and hardly used it,

this is about a new gen and games and Sony was the clear winner in my book, I thought MS had a slick show but showed little we didn't expect and what they did was a little underwhelming, (could the Gears script and voice acting have been any worse)

If you have to call a winner Sony's easily claimed Gold

Nirvana315911219d ago

Microsoft won E3? Sure if 3rd place is considered winning...

NukaCola1219d ago

Fallout 4 won E3. If MS or Sony was your second place, then so be it.

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Gority1219d ago

I'm going to save you some time. Sony could have announced 25 exclusives and AussieGamer would still think MS won. There's no point discussing anything with the guy.

Bigpappy1219d ago

It all depends on who you ask. I think they were both successful at exciting their bases. Let see if either get a Bose this holiday and in to 2016. Those games shown are no good until people get to play them

MRMagoo1231219d ago

The gaming media are pretty much all saying sony won E3 so I dont even get the point in the articles question. I dont see anyone saying MS won E3 besides xbone fanboys, everyone else including media know sony won.

Septic1219d ago

It's all about opinions. MS had a very good show too. When you sit back and truly assess what was shown, it can go to either one depending on your tastes. It's not like who won is a question of fact.

BitbyDeath1219d ago

MS didn't pull off anything to the level of FF7, Last Guardian or Shenmue 3 though, let alone all 3 of them combined.

pinkcrocodile751219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

@BitbyDeath - Have to disagree with you on that. I know lots of people like Japanese style games.. I'm just not one of them.

For me, this E3 I loved the Black Ops 3 announcement from Sony (I thought that was a real coup). The Big announcements left me cold, it's just not my thing and I'm not taking away from those that love these type of games.

On the Microsoft side, BC IS a big deal as there is no cost involved to the customer as with PS Now (I might use it but I'm on the fense to be honest), but for me the games were great and Hololens was just plain spectacular!.

Personally I'd call it a draw.... Though come to think of is Sony didn't give us many dates for 2015, some 2016 and some that were "Whenever"

BitbyDeath1219d ago

Doesn't matter if you liked it or not, I've never even played Shenmue myself but I know how requested it is over most other games. After these their is only half life 3 and crash bandicoot that are close in terms of most wanted games.

johndoe112111219d ago


"MS didn't pull off anything to the level of FF7, Last Guardian or Shenmue 3 though, let alone all 3 of them combined."

And that's not even including Horizon, for which we saw actual gameplay and not cinematics, and Uncharted 4. The general consensus form the gaming press is that sony won. Many of them and the general public alike, have stated that sony's E3 was one of the greatest e3's ever seen. People who are claiming that microsoft won or it was a tie are the ones that can't bring themselves to admit the truth.

No one is saying that microsoft didn't have a great E3,it was one of their best in years, but the fact remains that Sony's E3 will be talked about for many many years to come while microsoft's own will fade into a distant memory. The impact of Sony's e3 this year will be legendary.

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LegoIsAwesome1219d ago

Hmm. Let's see bro.A company that look back at the past to expand their library with the help of old games AND introduce a OLD franchise like Forza, gears of war, HALO OR a company who experiment on NEW IP which is awesome and their BIG announcement which is FF7RE that had many people pick their jaw on the ground. I really wonder, who really won?

Septic1219d ago

"OR a company who experiment on NEW IP"

Yet TLG is the only new IP out of the 3 megatons which has been delayed for 7 odd years?

MS showed off new IP's with Recore and Sea of Thieves among others and you're still pedding the same old bs about it recycling all the past titles, past titles, like Halo and Forza that are at the top of their genres?

"I really wonder, who really won?" To truly wonder, you have to stray away from your predetermined conclusion prior to asking the question.

Ezz20131219d ago

"" Yet TLG is the only new IP out of the 3 megatons which has been delayed for 7 odd years? ""

I think he's talking about Horizon.

JimmyDM901219d ago

Or "Dreams" for that matter. Love it, hate it or be utterly confused by it but "Dreams" is undeniably experimental.

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fermcr1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Well, if we ask gamers in their teens and early 20's, that never played Shenmue, Final Fantasy 7 and ICO, ... Microsoft probably won.
Microsoft fanboys also think Microsoft won.

If we ask the "old" gamers (late 20's, 30's and 40's), that played games like Shenmue, Final Fantasy 7 and ICO, ... Sony probably won.
Sony fanboys also think Sony won.

starchild1219d ago

I'm so tired of this question. It's so obvious that Xbox fans are going to say Microsoft won and Sony fans are going to say Sony won. That's all I see.

JimmyDM901219d ago

And Nintendo fans will say that E3 didn't happen this year.

freshslicepizza1219d ago

exactly. we see it every year. the only thing that comes close to a clear answer is nintendo and ea didn't do very well.

Malphite1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Don't get me wrong bc is awesome but it doesn't come close to announcing 3 of the most requested games in video game history in one single conference. I've been watching E3 for a very long time but I've never seen something like this happen before. I've been watching with a friend of mine who own a PS4 yet and he also couldn't believe what was happening in that conference.

As a gamer that has played videogames for over 20 years those announcements have made me emotional. For me Sony's conference was the best I've ever seen with those games alone not to mention that they had the jawdropping Horizon and Uncharted 4 demos on stage as well.

I've just watched this reaction video of the gametrailers crew. It shows how much those games mean to a lot of gamers me included:

Unreal011219d ago

People downplaying these 3 huge announcements are just seeking attention, Sony obviously killed it at E3, never have I been so impressed by a conference. And Horizon...that game was the icing on the cake.

WellyUK1219d ago

"downplaying" or not interested in the them at all. Not everyone likes FF7 you know. Not everyone thought TLG looked good. For Sony only had Uncharted 4 and Horizon were any good the rest i just couldn't care about at all and i have seen plenty others with the same views.

No one's downplaying anything they are clearly big games hence the reaction to them but no one is downplaying anything, some people just don't care for those games.

johndoe112111219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

That video says it all. The guy said at the end of the video that the conference was LEGENDARY and would probably never be topped. I've heard many people say the exact thing.

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Rookie_Monster1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Great point Aussiegamer.

Xbox did win.

The BC reveal was the King of Aces and all the other stuff you had mentioned was icing on the cake.

Sony announced 2 games, Shenmue, FF7 remake, that are ways away like in 2018-2019 and are multiplat so I don't know how multiplat games announcing on a conference is significant in any way or form.

Uncharted 4 and Horizon , which looks good, but we already know those games would be at the show and not a surprise to anyone. They failed to mention GT7 or release any surprise AAA game this year is a bummer and very underwhelming.

In addition to the BC bomb, MS also revealed 2 new IPs in ReCore and Sea of Thieves and Sony got Horizon and somehow people still try to spin that MS has no new games while Sony showed another Uncharted, a niche old IP that wasn't even that successful in Shenmue that is also multiplat and not even being develop yet and also a old remake of an old game that is also multiplat and somehow Sony won? Who are you people kidding?

My score:
Sony B

KeeseToast1219d ago

Shenmue is only coming to PC and PS4 like almost every "exclusive" MS announced. Also Horizon wasn't clear to be shown the only thing we saw from that game before were some leaked artworks.

They also revealed Dreams by Media Molecule and World of Final Fantasy which is exclusive to PS platforms. And even though TLG was announced years ago it still was a huge announcement bc the announcement was years ago.

Also Sony still has Tearaway, Until Dawn and Everybody's going to the Rapture for this year.

And we haven't seen Quantic Dream, Sony Bend and Sucker Punchs new game.

My Score:
Sony A
Nintendo They didn't even try

GravelerMagnitude91219d ago

You said that everyone knew uncharted and horizon would be shown.
Everyone knew that forza, halo, and gears would be shown, so what.

Backwards compatibility is a good feature, but it's not required.
There's other ways to play 360 games , but it's good for convience of not having both the 360 and Xbox one plugged in at once.

The Xbox controller is an $150 option that is good to have, though not required.

Last of all you are downplaying the success of exclusive ps4 games, calling uncharted an old IP. but games like halo , gears, and forza are old, but successful as well.

All in all , stop hating please. We know you would take an Xbox to the grave with you. Just play your console and stop being so protective of the Xbox brand

Khajiit861219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )


Pretty sure E3 was considered a competition for a while. Showing the goods trying to win more customers and assure the current customers what they have coming.


Sony easily won. If you really want to play 360 games then buy a 360, X1 will never offer all the 360 games the 360 will. I have had BC on PS3 and PS2..... I dont think I ever used it, I want new games.

OrangePowerz1219d ago

While backwards compatibility is a good feature, for the moment it's a bit lackluster. Right now it's 27 (or something like that) games that work and a lot of those aren't great and when the feature launches it should be 100.

As for Recore it could be a cool game and he certainly has the pedigree from past games showing that he can create awesome games but it's hard to judge a game from a CGI trailer especially when it's a new IP.

It's Rare's first proper game in ages so let's see how it turns out.

The majority of people won't be interested in a controller that's 150 bucks and forbthe people that are there are already controllers like that on the market.

From all the stuff they showed Tomb Raider was the only thing for me that I thought was really great.

They had good announcements and a good show, but I don't think they had the best show.

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bouzebbal1219d ago

i would be curious to hear what you would say if Sony announced Recore and the pirate games and MS announced FF7 Shenmue 3 and TLG.
I think i have an idea but yeah... no surprise there!

2cents1219d ago

My opinion is that MS wowed me way more than Sony.

Sony had around 25 Games and a bit about TV.

MS had around 25 Games, Hololens, Backward Compatibility, Early preview program, Pro elite controller, oculus and valve partnerships.

So for me it was Sony Games vs. Xbox Games, Services and hardware.

Also, Xbox wins the exclusives for this fall.

There was NO contest.

GameForever1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I am amazed At how spotty at best Backwards compatibility and glorified tec demos Are mentioned by so many as what won Microsoft the best E3 conference.

I thought great games announcements is what excited most people. The games were the best announcements on all platforms. Sony and Microsoft had the best games announcements along with Bethesda, Ubi soft, and EA.

1219d ago
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Bennibop1219d ago

I am not sure Microsoft did have a good show. I already knew what they had install for Q4 2015 (they showed us last E3,) my concern is that we will have nothing much releasing Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2016 the same as we had this year. BC was a great announcement however it is not a big deal in the long run as games build new a library of new gen games and the feature gets forgotten as seen with X360 and PS3.

riverstars861219d ago

Don't they have Quantum Break, Scalebound, and Crackdown for 2016?

Why o why1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

No way, Im gunna have to see proof on the repeat drought. I doubt MS would do the same thing two years in a row. If so then the idiots who complain about the last months of this year exclusive-wise on the ps4 are showing their hypocritical rear ends again. How is a 6 plus month gap worst than a 2 to 3 month gap.....what, do we only play games during the holiday season or something.

The BC announcement was a top top announcement and surprise. E3 is mainly about surprises. Uncharted wasnt a surprise as we all knew it was coming but the 3 big game announcements, for me, were bigger collectively than BC. What did MS surprise us with this year... Hololens, ultra controller and BC. No multiplat steal, no dormant ip announcement, no aaa(sic) reveal. Not saying their show was better or worse, it just depends on each individuals bias and or perspective

riverstars861219d ago

For me, as someone with a huge backlog of digital 360 games and no 360 (sold it to buy PS4 and Xbox One), it was definitely the top announcement of E3.

With that said, I am a huge fan of Shenmue and have been looking forward to the 3rd game for years, never thinking it would come to fruition. As happy as I was to see Shenmue 3, still can't beat the BC announcement.

If someone doesn't have a bunch of 360 games, you would have to think Sony had the better conference. Just sucks that the 2 major surprises at Sony's conference are a long way from being released.

Hurry up Yu Suzuki!!!

Why o why1219d ago

pound for pound, some many would agree the BC was thee top announcement. Collectively, I'd say the 3 game announcements had the edge. Each to their own.

MasterCornholio1219d ago

Its a great announcement but I don't believe it's a game changer by any means.

INTOmyMOUTH1219d ago

Ah doesn't look like someone likes halo. Whaa Whaa baby.

Khajiit861219d ago

Halo isnt what it used to be....Halo 3 was the last great one I played, Reach was good. Personally Gears was way better than Halo for the 360.

Man I remember when I used to get excited for Halo, Its been downhill since 343i took it over, Hopefully Halo 5 will will be as amazing as everyone thinks it will.

WellyUK1219d ago

See i never liked Bungie's Halo i always thought they were average at best, but when 343i jumped in a actually preferred there game and felt like it was a much better improvement story wise as the MP just doesn't interest me on Halo.

"Halo isn't what it used to be" or people don't like change which Halo honestly needed along with ALOT of games at the moment Battlefield and cod for example.

I agree Gears was really the MP gem of last gen, Only the people who played the MP for hours know how good that game was online.

strickers1219d ago

Both Sony and MS had very good E3s. No one really loses. However, BC is not a game changer. Most metrics show BC actually doesn't get used that much. I used it twice on PS3, and once on PS 2. Total.
The interesting bit, is MS moving more and more to PC. I could see them folding Xbox into PC entirely. You may actually be looking at moves to get rid of a dedicated Xbox console, long term. Time will tell.
Plus, if BC is your biggest announcement, you maybe confused about the best bits of your hobby.