E3 2015-Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Hands-off Preview| PC Gaming Enthusiast

Matt Marinett of PC Gaming Enthusiast takes a look at Deus Ex: Mankind divided. He sat down for behind closed doors preview of the gameplay with the developers.

He writes:

"The demo was designed to showcase the game’s four pillars of play: stealth, combat, hacking, and social. These pillars describe the multiple avenues that can be taken to solving most of the game’s problems, and should be familiar to anyone who has played Human Revolution. However, a significant amount of work appears to have been put into the social pillar, opening up all new dialogue and NPC interaction options for progressing through levels."

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Takwin1401d ago

Square Enix back from the dead. Thank you!!!

S-T-F-U1401d ago

Game looks phenomenal. Can't wait to be playing this.

LaWiiG1401d ago

I sat in on a demo of the game at E3. Gat-dam it looks good. The animation of the overshield all black, crystallized looks dope.