E3 2015: Kitchen (Project Morpheus) - Hands-on by Gamesradar

Imagine Silent Hills on PS4’s Morpheus VR… oh, that’s new horror game Kitchen.

Its name is Kitchen, and it’s currently the talk of the E3 show floor. Tucked away in Sony’s invite-only room, and then further hidden in an appointment-only booth, this mysterious new virtual reality concept by Capcom is fast becoming the breakout star of the show.

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corroios1307d ago

Nice, always going forward Sony, but it will need to have a good price to reach the mass market...

medman1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

I have a feeling these new VR systems are going to cost as much as a new console would cost. I also think Hololens may be significantly more expensive than the VR systems, simply because unlike the VR systems, Hololens is self contained and not dependent on a pc or console for any processing power, which basically means it's a wearable computer with optics and memory on board. That will not be cheap.

joeorc1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

i found the best way to give a person a best way to kinda experience how VR is like is a wargaming periscope, with a few toys across a table the periscope gives you a view from the Toys perspective!

Like the above picture, you can build one with .

Two mirrors, hell cut 2 small squares out of a CD disk, angle both in 45 degrees one at the top facing down to see the mirror, the other 45 degrees slanted forward in a blacked out card board box. With a hole facing you and another down at the bottom facing out away from you so as the bottom 45 degree mirror can see out table level.

look up war gaming periscope on YouTube..

This way I have found is the best way cheaply to give a person a good way to see how a simple Change of view from looking out to now being able to see from a perspective of a toy allows you a way to see from a perspective of another's objects point of view. Picture in an RPG dungeon crawl, you can only see from your characters point of view in a 3d environment looking outward instead of you trying to look in!

1st person view does that but instead of you again looking at it from your self looking at a TV and viewing it only from your focal point of direction facing . Your instead switching focal points with your character! Like putting your self in his/her feet instead of looking in your field of view, now is instead from your characters point of view but your view is from his eye level now looking outward.

Very simple plans to build