Here's How Square Enix Can Avoid Ruining The FFVII Remake

There's a very simple way the developers can avoid the backlash of the century. They just have to make sure that Final Fantasy VII REMAINS FFVII. That's it.

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smashman981245d ago

People are crazy if they think square isn't gonna change the combat system to something more in line with 15. Just look at who the director is. Nomura doesn't ever direct turn based games. With that being said it isn't the combat system the made 7 great it's so much more

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Yi-Long1245d ago

No matter what they'll do, they can never please everyone, so instead they should just focus on making it the best game they can, in their own way.

Some people want the old combat-system, others will feel that didn't work and is outdated, and others will feel the art-direction should have stuck closer to the original.

Personally, I just want the game to have the Japanese voices to be included in the western release.

starrman19851245d ago

True true!

However the one group they really should try and please are the people who have been waiting for this for 10 years!

I don't think Final Fantasy games really pull in many new players now, that is why many of the FF13 games didn't do very well - they were trying to target a new audience, but all they ended up doing was turning off their true fans.

FFXV is shaping up to be a very good game, god knows we need a great Final Fantasy game again, but we don't need two games releasing so closely to both follow a very similar formula.

We will see though!

pasta_spice1245d ago

If Square do decide to go with an English-only game, I hope they make the characters slightly less stereotypical-sounding this time around. I couldn't stand Cloud and Aerith's voices in Advent Children and Vincent's stilted monotone in Dirge of Cerberus, though Cid and Yuffie's voices eventually grew on me.

NoctisPendragon1245d ago


I am a big FF XV fan but i agree , every Final Fantasy should be innovative .

They maybe have a new type of gameplay which can please everyone , we never know (^.^) .

3-4-51245d ago

* FF7 allowed you to turn off ATB right???

Why wouldn't they include a similar option ?

Did you all think of that or no ?

Why do people always argue like things can only be one or the other. So arrogant.

* This game is going to be awesome, and I don't think they dare mess with anything they could truly peeve the fans.

* Expect this:

Updated Visuals, Additional combat system similar to FF15, Added side story elements to either the beginning, end, or possible veer off in the middle for an extra side story.

* I don't expect them to change the important plot elements but I do expect a few extra hours of gameplay in there and even some extra cut scenes to help flesh out the story.

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knifefight1245d ago

Please keep it turn-based,
Please keep it turn-based,
Please keep it turn-based,
Please keep it turn-based....

chrisx1245d ago

I would prefare they keep the battle turn based,but its not a game changer for me.really I'm just glad that this is happening

PaleMoonDeath1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

C'mon now people, I've been arguing with many of you about this for the past few days, I doubt very much they are going to keep turn based gameplay, why? because of how well recieved FF15's gameplay has become, I want a remake, not a HD make over with the same old gameplay.

As incredible and heart pounding as it was back in the day, I don't think I'd get much of a sugar rush from playing turn based again, if I want turn based I'll play the old FF7 on my PS1 y'know? fingers crossed for a proper remake.

@ Knifefight: Sure, but surely after playing Episode Duscae or hell Crisis Core.. or even Kingdom Hearts, you'd much rather play a Final Fantasy 7 with that gameplay style in hand? turn based FF games are over with dude, thank FF13 for killing that for many of us. Out with the old in with the new.

knifefight1245d ago

"Still turn based" doesn't mean "same old."

There are many different turn based systems.

But sadly, I believe they will remove the turn based system instead of just modifying it. Modification, I'd love. Complete removal seems like making a different game instead of RE making one. To me.

pasta_spice1245d ago

The problem with making it like Kingdom Hearts or FFXV's gameplay is that we would then only be allowed to control Cloud and nobody else. The remake doesn't neccessarily have to be turn based, but not allowing us to control more than one character would be a big mistake IMO. If Square could somehow make it a fast paced battle system where would control all the characters, then that would be great.

kmeck5181245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

I have enjoyed FFXV's battle system. But I can see reasons for both sides of the argument. In an action RPG you don't really have to time to control more than one character. But hopefully they don't change it to an action RPG.

Skizelli1245d ago

It's cool if you like hack-n-slash gameplay, and it looks like that totally works for FFXV (seriously, that looks awesome), but I'd still prefer turn-based for a FF7 remake. The strategy involved in turn-based games is similar to that of chess. And like chess, it's a proven gameplay mechanic that remains timeless. There's absolutely nothing wrong with or outdated about it. Many of us grew up with it and that's what many of us want.

Adrian_v011244d ago

Turn based isn't really that strategic. It's easy comparing it to chess cause in both games people line up to perform their task, but other than that, turn based is rather easy. The materia system- now that's where you needed thinking and trial and error, but the materia system is not the battle system. It could work with any other battle system as well.

Skizelli1244d ago

What you're saying has less to do with the mechanic itself and everything to do with the difficulty of the game. I only made the comparison to chess because there's usually several pieces on the board with unique purposes.

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