IGN: DC Universe Online Super-Scoop

Cue the Super Friends starwipe and read the following with your best booming announcer voice: "Meanwhile, below the streets of San Diego, a famed comic book artist and Sony Online Entertainment plotted their San Diego Comic-Con assault."

Yes, just a few hours before the official start of Comic-Con, SOE and Jim Lee -- you know, the dude's who's cranked out defining images of Superman and Batman -- took over a San Diego bar to talk shop about DC Universe Online, an MMO the group is working on and Lee is executive creative director of.

Now, it was just last week that IGN brought you a Q&A sit down with SOE's John Blakely, but Lee, whose team of Wildstorm artists have been working on all of the game's concept art, has a bit of different perspective on things. Even the Q&A panel leading into IGN's one-on-one time with Lee was full of brand new information such as clarification on just how you'll build your character.

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whothedog3737d ago

Looking alright, I would need to see more gameplay and combat videos though.

Dir_en_grey3737d ago

But it still needs alot of work.
My main problem is the animation looks choppy and also the background just looks too plain. Hopefully Jim Lee will demand the game to look exactly like the comics. (like random lighting effects that makes the comic look cool)
Totally want this game and I hope it ends up to be an AAA title...

JAKESPLACE_3737d ago

cant wait for any console MMO, been following this one but cant wait for the AGENCY tho